If you are looking for the best business consultants in Melbourne, there are a few to look at. Some of these include Equilibrium, Korn Ferry, Makao, and Chase Consulting Group. So, which one is right for your company?

McKinsey Melbourne

In Australia, McKinsey & Company is one of the best business consulting firms. The company is known for their services to public sector organisations and private businesses in Australia and New Zealand. They are also known for their global reach and impressive experience in a wide range of industry sectors.

McKinsey Melbourne is a top consultancy for many different types of business consulting. Their team is skilled in multiple areas of business strategy and sales pipeline management. It is also a favorite among multi-national corporations.

There are several boutique and large global consulting firms operating in Melbourne. Each firm can provide business guidance and help your company implement changes. However, some smaller firms can offer a more personalized approach. You should choose a firm that suits your specific needs and provides value-driven guidance.

One of the largest and most trusted business consulting firms in Melbourne is Accenture. With more than 120 offices worldwide, they offer a variety of services to clients in the corporate, government, social, and nonprofit sectors.

Another leading business consulting firm in Melbourne is FTI Consulting. With over 250 professionals and a five-star rating, this firm has an extensive staff and global reach. They can help your organization develop strategies for change, manage customer lifecycle management, and transform your marketing and sales strategies.


Clarit-e is a management consulting firm with a strong focus on change management. It has a wide range of consulting services that include business transformation, technology consulting and business process management. This Melbourne based company has a very experienced team and is ranked as one of the best consulting firms in the world.

A top business consultancy in Melbourne, Clarit-e offers a wide array of services. From change management and business analysis to virtual training on Office 365 tools, they have the experience and expertise to guide you through successful changes.

Another good value-adding business consultancy in Melbourne, BCG Melbourne, offers a diverse range of consulting services. Their team has extensive experience in a variety of areas including customer insights, product manufacturing, and organizational strategy. They work with their clients to develop a digital framework that supports their business objectives.

For smaller companies, there is also the Chase Consulting Group. With a five-star rating and a staff of over 2,000, this boutique firm has an impressive history of providing pragmatic guidance to its clients.

There are many other great business consultancy firms in Melbourne. Some specialize in multiple areas of corporate operations, while others are more focused on technology or economics.


In Melbourne, there are many top business consultants. Choosing one that offers you the right services can help your business succeed. They can help you optimize your operations and improve your performance.

Some of the best business consulting firms in Melbourne include Korn Ferry, Clarit-e and Chase Consulting Group. Each company has a specific approach and experience that can benefit you.

Korn Ferry is a global consulting firm that helps businesses deliver meaningful change. With offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Singapore, it has a team of over 7,000 professionals. It works with companies to develop effective organizational structures and manage people through change.

Clarit-e has a proven track record of success in managing change. It offers expertise in several areas of business strategy and business process management. The firm also provides technology and training.

One of the largest business consulting firms in Australia, FTI Consulting Melbourne has a strong team of experts and resources. It offers a range of services that are not available at other Melbourne consultancies. Unlike many other companies, FTI Consulting Melbourne is able to provide a complete solution for your business.

For over 20 years, Chase Consulting Group has provided exceptional outcomes for clients. The firm uses a collaborative and pragmatic approach to address your needs.


Equilibrium is a boutique firm that specializes in sustainability and environment management. They offer unique insight and value in this area. This includes policy advice, grant applications, and political lobbying.

The firm has completed over 200 leading-edge projects across Australia. These include contracts with Jetstar and Qantas.

Their team has a great deal of experience in environmental and sustainability processes. For example, Nick Smith, the firm’s VP of Sustainability, has a background in product stewardship, corporate affairs, and regulatory development.

They offer some of the most innovative technology solutions available on the market. For example, Makao provides simulations of energy efficiency and indoor air quality. It can also help companies build healthier, more efficient spaces.

There are other firms that provide similar services. However, few can match Equilibrium’s extensive suite of capabilities.

Some other consulting firms specialize in the management of multiple areas of corporate operations. Others can provide comprehensive marketing strategies. In addition to these, there are smaller boutique firms. Choosing the right business consultant can help your company improve operations and performance.

To find the best consulting firm for your specific needs, compare each firm’s credentials and case studies. Be sure to look for a consulting firm with a solid cloud and cybersecurity strategy. Using the right technology solution is essential to your business’ success.


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Korn Ferry Melbourne

Korn Ferry is a multinational consulting firm that focuses on talent acquisition. Its services include recruiting, executive search, career development, business transformation, and organizational consulting.

The firm’s leadership and talent consulting solutions are backed by research-based intellectual property and market-leading methodologies. These tools help companies develop strategies to achieve high performance.

Korn/Ferry has a strong presence in Australia. The company has over three hundred employees, and a presence in the cities of Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. Mr Nelson, who joined Korn Ferry as financial services partner in 1998, launched its Recruitment Process Outsourcing business in Australasia. He also built a strategic plan to grow the firm across the ANZ region. In 2016, Mr Nelson was appointed Managing Director of the firm’s Advisory business unit.

Korn/Ferry International was the first major global executive search firm in the Asia Pacific when it opened its office in Tokyo in 1973. Today, the firm operates 18 offices in key business centers throughout the Asia Pacific region. A specialist consumer and luxury team is also part of the company’s global team.

One of the most recent additions to Korn Ferry’s leadership and talent consulting team is Louise Hogan. She has spent 25 years in commercial roles in healthcare, life sciences, and marketing.

Chase Consulting Group

Whether you are looking for a business consultant to help you improve your performance or to resolve a conflict, there are a number of excellent Melbourne-based firms to choose from. Choosing the right one can ensure that you get the best results for your organization.

Chase Consulting Group has been providing pragmatic guidance to businesses for more than 20 years. Their team helps organizations to optimize processes and innovation. They also assist clients in finding new opportunities.

McKinsey & Company is a globally recognized name in business consulting. With offices in Australia and New Zealand, they have more than 50 years of experience helping businesses grow. The firm’s services are tailored to meet each client’s needs.

FTI Consulting Melbourne is a large, global firm that offers a wide range of services. With their large and diverse team, they are able to offer clients an unparalleled depth of expertise. Among the many services they provide are project management, change management, and marketing strategy transformation.

Indigo Bridge is another renowned business consulting company in Melbourne. Their mission is to help companies transform and achieve exceptional long-term success. They use a systematic approach that involves developing effective solutions and coaching their personnel.