Best Public Relations Companies in Melbourne

Choosing the right public relations company in Melbourne can be a daunting task. The competition is fierce and you want to ensure that you are making the best choice for your business. There are a few things to consider, though, and you need to make sure that you choose a company that has the experience and skills that you need.

BlueChip Communication

BlueChip Communication is a PR and marketing company that offers a diverse range of services. It focuses on helping clients succeed by delivering goal-driven strategies, evidence-based insight, and a focus on brand objectives.

BlueChip has been a finalist for the PR Agency of the Year award in the past two years. It also has a team of 67 experts.

The agency is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive range of communications services in the market. They specialize in social media, PR, and marketing. A significant portion of their client base is B2C companies. However, they also work with government and energy companies.

BlueChip Communication has been in business for many years, and has a track record of success. They were able to orchestrate the entrance of BlackRock into the Australian market. They have also provided PR work for ASFA.

BlueChip Communications was founded in 2004. In addition to providing a range of PR and marketing solutions, they also offer content marketing solutions.

Their award-winning campaigns have garnered a lot of attention. Last year, they produced an integrated campaign for the Hyperion Global Grown Companies Fund. As a result, they won the PR Agency of the Year award.

Adoni Media

Adoni Media is an award-winning PR company with offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. The firm offers a range of services from digital marketing and event management to media training. Their clients include ASX-listed companies, Fortune 500 firms and a variety of nonprofit organizations. They also specialize in the advertising and marketing, and produce videos and thought-leadership articles.

With 80 years of experience in the media industry, Adoni Media is more than just a public relations agency. It also provides digital marketing and media training to national businesses. By using its expertise, its clients can increase their online visibility, improve their brand and improve their bottom line.

The Adoni Media team does more than public relations, it’s a well-oiled machine that helps brands achieve their business goals. They offer a variety of services, from media training and video production to digital marketing and advertising. You’ll find that their impressive client list and proven track record make them one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Leisa Goddard founded the firm, and it is her expertise in PR and her commitment to helping businesses grow that sets her apart from her competitors. She was a television journalist for Network Ten and Network 9 before she turned her attention to investigative reporting for A Current Affair and Today Tonight.

Good Talent Media

Good Talent Media is one of the most trusted PR agencies in Melbourne. They help clients improve their business and brand awareness. With their knowledge and experience, they can run successful campaigns. This includes developing strategies for your business, media engagement, and crisis management.

The company can also provide public speaking training in Melbourne. By engaging with stakeholders and your target audience, Good Talent can ensure that your message is clear and effective. It can help you build your reputation as an industry expert and get you the coverage you need. You can even use the agency’s complimentary crisis media support.

Good Talent’s expertise in digital marketing means that it can also help you plan your social media strategies. Their award-winning Head of Social has a background in strategy and paid media, as well as an in-depth understanding of the fashion and beauty industries.

Good Talent Media has a team of talented people who can help you plan your media engagement, rebuild your brand after a scandal, and help you achieve your goals. They are a team that knows how to run successful campaigns and break big goals into manageable steps.

The PR agency has a range of services and specializes in the health, travel, beauty, fashion, and entertainment industries. It has a reputation for its earned media success and its ability to partner with emerging brands.

Firecracker PR

Firecracker PR is a technology and media relations firm. It is known for its commitment to getting clients great press. The agency provides a wide range of promotional services, including SEO, content marketing, and social media.

The company’s clients are in a variety of industries, including consumer products, technology, health care, hospitality, and more. They have a track record of securing results for enterprises of all sizes.

Firecracker PR has received the IABC Heritage Silver Quell Award and the Hermes Award. In addition, they have been named a Top 2021 B2B Provider in California by Clutch.

Firecracker PR has a team of 10+ employees in Brea, Calif., and offices in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and New Delhi, India. They have worked with companies such as Sonata Venture Solutions, Otus, Blanc, Big Fish, and more.

Their team has extensive experience in both PR and SEO. This combination of expertise has resulted in strong revenue growth in 2021.

With their focus on success, Firecracker PR has achieved great results for a wide range of technology companies. They have also secured results for Fortune 500 enterprise clients. As a result, they have been able to increase their client base.

Believe Advertising & PR

Believe Advertising & PR is an advertising and public relations firm. Founded in 2002, it serves midmarket companies and other large organizations. It specializes in branding and advertising.

Using its many resources, the agency develops strategies to maximize the impact of client campaigns. The company uses transformative angles, unique angles, and creative ideas to achieve its clients’ goals. Whether the goal is to gain visibility, drive traffic, or protect the reputation of the firm, it is committed to providing its clients with innovative solutions.

Aside from its traditional services, the company also offers social media marketing. With its extensive knowledge of digital marketing, the company can help clients establish and maintain a strong online presence.

Believe Advertising & PR’s director, Adrian Falk, has been in the industry for over 20 years. He is a skilled marketer who possesses an impressive track record. This makes him a good choice for his clients.

Aside from its strategic approach, the company is known for its ability to deliver quality results. For instance, it was able to raise millions of dollars for its clients. Moreover, it has helped clients promote the importance of reading to children and provided assistance for families in need.

Sequel PR

One of the top public relations companies in Melbourne, Sequel PR has the right mix of creativity and technology to execute a brand marketing strategy for a large or small business. They have the ability to create and implement the latest and greatest in digital media and social media campaigns. The agency has also proven their tenacity when it comes to responding to crisis.

Sequel’s oeuvre is largely the result of a small team of marketing and media experts. Their ability to translates complex information into easy to understand messages has been the key to many of their successes. This includes the creation and management of marketing efforts for a historical resort. As a result, the company has become a trusted partner for many of Australia’s biggest brands.

With the help of a good PR agency, your business could reap the rewards of a boosted SEO ranking. A well-crafted strategic plan could ensure that your company’s name is on the tip of the tongue for consumers. From website design to online media management, the company’s seasoned professionals can craft a strategy that is customized to your company’s needs.

The best public relations agencies are those who know the field of work and have the capabilities to deliver the best of the best to their clients. Whether you’re looking to expand your brand or get the word out about your latest project, the team at Sequel is ready to tackle any challenge.


Flourish is a Melbourne-based public relations firm that creates and implements creative and smart campaigns. The agency specializes in branding, digital marketing, and design. They help their clients reach their objectives by leveraging media and social networks. This includes using earned media, paid media, and creative services.

Some of the firm’s clients include Bonds, Jaguar, Kathmandu, and RM Williams. The firm has also created content for brands like Lego and Netflix. Its work has won it several awards.

The team at Flourish understands the importance of storytelling and developing campaigns that create the highest impact. The agency has worked with clients to raise awareness about climate change, protect individuals, encourage children to read, and save animals.

Another one of the agency’s successes has been with KFC. The restaurant partnered with Edelman to create a campaign that shows the public that the company cares about youth in Australia. With every purchase, a donation was made to the KFC Youth Foundation. To promote the event, the firm designed limited-edition KFC merchandise. These included chicken-scented surf wax and enamel pins.

Aside from Flourish, there are other excellent Melbourne PR firms. One of them is Believe Advertising. Like Flourish, the firm focuses on designing personalized campaigns and helping clients to achieve their goals. Their staff is comprised of senior executives and seasoned journalists.