If you are looking for the best dance classes in Melbourne, there are some great places to check out. These classes will be taught by professionals who are experts in their field. Some of the places that have these types of classes include Bindaas Bollywood Dance Company, MarShere, and 5Rhythms. All of these are some of the most popular and fun dance classes in Melbourne.

Bindaas Bollywood Dance Company

If you’re interested in Bollywood, then you’ll want to check out Bindaas Bollywood Dance Company’s classes. They’ve been delighting audiences for years, and are based in Melbourne, Australia.

Their classes include a wide variety of Bollywood choreography. These workshops are designed to be fun and physical, as well as informative. And, they can be tailored to suit adults and kids of all ages. There are also private lessons.

Bindaas Bollywood Dance Company has been dazzling audiences across Victoria, and even Sydney, for many years. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding or other event, they can entertain guests with a performance that’s bound to impress. But that’s not all. The company also offers dance classes for adults, children and teens, as well as workshops for all levels.

No lights, no lycra is a dance class that’s been making waves for some time now. This no-frills, no-reservation event runs in 75 sites nationwide, and combines dance with music and special guest DJ sets.

Bindaas Bollywood Dance offers classes for all ages, including Bollywood, Latin, Latin dance and salsa. They also offer a range of children’s programs, including Bollywood dance for kids and a mini Bollywood class. They even offer a valid Working with Children Check.

Those looking for more serious dance classes in the city may want to check out the likes of Hoops, Thighs and Buttocks, or Booty Poppers. Both companies are run by 80s dance fanatic Jane Fondle, and offer a number of fun dance classes, from booty stomping to hula hooping.

Deep Soulful Sweats

Deep Soulful Sweats is a participatory contemporary dance event that celebrates the joy of physical activity and encourages participants to participate wholeheartedly. No dance experience is necessary. The events are open to everyone, including children and families. Presented in a variety of venues, Deep Soulful Sweats engages participants in creative, energetic and fun activities.

Deep Soulful Sweats combines dance, theatre, yoga and breathwork in a series of events. These are led by a rotating cast of Elemental Leaders. Each event focuses on group movement and breathing, incorporating elements such as yoga nidra. This form of event has been featured at a variety of festivals, from the Melbourne Festival to the City of Melbourne Sunset Series.

Founded by Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Aiken, Deep Soulful Sweats is a unique participatory art project. It has been presented in a number of formats, from small iterations at festivals to large-scale spectacles for up to 300 people.

Since its inception in 2013, Deep Soulful Sweats has been hosted in a range of venues. The company has also presented performances at festivals such as the Melbourne Festival and the Meredith Music Festival. Their work has been nominated for the Greenroom Award for Best Production and the Melbourne Festival Discovery Award.

They have also been recognised for their work by the Australia Council for the Arts. They have received a Cite International des Arts residency in Paris.

Morning Gloryville

A new age club concept called Morning Gloryville started in the ‘hood and has since spread to Australia, Japan, Europe, and the U.S. The premise is pretty simple – provide attendees with a gimmick a la caffeine and free yoga, and they’ll come.

Although the name might suggest the nightclub is located in a dank basement, a visit to its flagship location in Notting Hill yields a surprisingly uplifting environment. In addition to its dance classes, the venue features massage stations, trampolines, and a plethora of energizing visual and audio stimulation.

One of the more impressive aspects of the event is its non-alcoholic bar, which features smoothies and juices from Brooklyn roasting company. Another plus is its no-cover policy, which means all guests can sip on drinks while they dance the night away. There is also a spa and a full service cafe, which features organic coffee and a nifty cocktail menu.

For a relatively small fee, attendees can participate in the world’s largest yoga class. And while it’s not for everyone, it’s well worth the effort. Afterwards, you can take a stroll around the aforementioned ostentatious gym, or just kick back with a cocktail, and enjoy the ambiance. Ticket holders get a free plastic lei as a thank you for their time. Compared to its predecessor, the party has lost a little of its luster, but that’s part of the charm.


There are many dance classes in Melbourne. Dance is a pleasurable way to exercise, and it can also help you gain health benefits. You can find these classes at a variety of different locations.

The first 5Rhythms dance class in Melbourne was taught by Meredith Davies. Her husband, David Juriansz, established a big dance clan.

Vehllia Tranne is an experienced and certified 5Rhythms teacher. She has worked in a variety of settings, from hospitals to detention centres.

Vehllia’s teaching style reflects her natural and organic movement. It also reflects her deep love for life.

In addition to being an experienced and certified teacher, Vehllia is also a member of the 5Rhythms Teachers Association. This is a professional network dedicated to the practice of Rhythmic Movement Therapy. Rhythmic Movement Therapy combines elements from many dance styles, including yoga, tai chi, and aerobics.

Henya is a community organizer, event producer, and 5Rhythms facilitator. As a co-founder of The City Waves in San Francisco, Henya has led hundreds of events and workshops.

Morning Gloryville is one of the first places to offer sober morning raves in the world. These events have been attended by hundreds of people. They provide a healthy and energizing environment to dance, along with uplifting music and personal motivation from trained artists.

No Lights No Lycra is the most popular dance class in Melbourne. Their events take place in Fitzroy and Footscray, and feature genre-spanning tunes. With a large sound system, they play special guest DJ sets.

Salsa Foundation

It’s no secret that Melbourne has a rich and varied dance scene. The latest and greatest from the hippest to the most seasoned of the lot can be found at the Space Dance and Arts Centre. With a bevy of hip-hop centric classes to choose from, the options are limitless. You’ll also be hard pressed to find a more cosmopolitan crowd. Even better, they’re a cinch to navigate. Whether you’re a sassy sexy or a sassy schlep, there’s a class out there for you. Of course, you don’t need to pay for a membership to take classes; they’re free to the public. Just check out the website or drop by on a Tuesday or Friday. So why not try your hand at hip hop dancing? Besides, you’ll get a better tan.

They’ll even teach you to do your own boogie! If you’re in the city, check out the Salsa Foundation’s classes – Monday through Sunday! There’s no better time to learn a thing or two. Especially with the city’s newest studio putting the fun in funky, you’ll definitely have a good time! Besides, they have some pretty sweet discounts! So check out their list of weekly specials, and you’ll be stomping the competition in no time. Besides, there’s something about taking a dance class that makes you feel alive and inspired. Whether you’re looking to get a little sexy, or just want to shake the blues away, they’ve got a class for you.


If you’re looking to start dancing, you might want to look into taking a MarShere dance class. They’re not only a great way to improve your skills, but they also provide a fun, social environment for you and your family.

MarShere has been in business for more than three decades. The company may be more famous for their wedding and corporate dance offerings, but they also offer dance lessons for children, adults and special needs individuals.

The MarShere Studio has many locations around Melbourne. Their South Yarra location offers dance workshops, workshops and private lessons. They also host events, such as the popular annual MarShere Dance Fest, as well as offering membership packages.

The MarShere dance studio has been a family business for many years. You can expect to see some familiar faces at your local studio. However, you’ll also find a range of new faces.

The MarShere dance studios are dedicated to preserving the hip hop culture while providing a safe and fun place for you and your family to learn. During your sessions, you’ll learn about Latin American dance, Ballroom dancing, and more.

The company has developed a patented system of dance tuition that is designed to keep you on the move. It’s no wonder they’re a leading name in Ballroom dance classes in Melbourne. Unlike most other dance studios, they even have a kids and family program, so you can enjoy the fun of learning how to dance with your kids.