The Best Preschools in Melbourne

When you want to send your child to the best preschools in Melbourne, there are a number of things you should know before you choose. You should make sure that the school you select has a proven track record of preparing children for their school years, and you should also consider the environment the school is operating in. For example, is the school certified to use the Montessori method? If so, what is the philosophy behind the program? The answer will determine whether or not you’ll be satisfied with the choice you make.

St. Kilda Steiner

St Kilda Steiner Preschool gets a nod in the children’s category of the annual Childcare Awards of Excellence. This is a testament to the quality of the team of early childhood educators, many of whom have been with the organisation for years. As such, the team is well equipped to provide top of the range childcare and learning experiences to meet your every child’s needs. The team are not short on commitment to excellence as evidenced by their commitment to providing you with all the information you need to make the best possible childcare decisions.

In addition to the above ground quality childcare, St Kilda Steiner Preschool also operates an in-house training centre allowing parents to attend training courses in an environment conducive to a productive and rewarding work-life balance. Indeed, in the words of one of the aforementioned team members, “It’s not just us, many of our staff are also parents themselves, making the school a valuable resource.” Those with families of all sizes will no doubt be grateful for this and the many other benefits that come with it.

Sentia Early Learning

Sentia Early Learning Preschool in Melbourne, Victoria is a lovely, child-centric learning environment. Its beautiful architecture and rooftop playground provide a great place for children to discover and explore the world.

Sentia’s program is based on the values of the National Quality Framework. This framework is an agreement between all Australian governments to improve the educational outcomes for young children.

The ELC program provides a rich learning experience for children, based on contemporary early childhood theory. Educators use an inquiry approach to teach, which encourages multi-modal in-depth investigations and subject integration.

Children at the centre are supported to develop their world understanding, confidence and social skills. Throughout the year, each child has goals to reach. Teachers share the child’s goals with the family through an online portfolio.

Educators also provide a range of enriching activities for children to enjoy. These include dance and music.

Children also participate in regular excursions, which strengthens their connection to the community. The center provides fresh, healthy food to ensure that children are well-nourished.

Sentia has a very high staff retention rate. They are all dedicated to providing a positive learning environment. Their programs are tailored to meet the needs of each child.

Parents can feel safe and secure when putting their children in care. Sentia is accredited by ACECQA. In addition, the centre has an Exceeding NQS rating.

The program at the centre has been carefully designed around the needs of children and educators. A team of specialists work together to create an environment that inspires and supports all aspects of early learning.

The centre is licensed to provide Centre-Based Care for up to 124 children. In addition, parents are eligible to apply for a subsidy from the Department of Human Services to cover the cost of childcare.

La Petite Academy

La Petite Academy is a well-rounded, multi-faceted child care provider. It’s got a full-time program for toddlers, infants and preschoolers and part-time options as well. For parents with work commitments, the company even offers flexible hours, educational programming and meals. Besides, their classrooms are well-appointed and their teachers are patient and tolerant of young ones’ quirks.

Among the many offerings of La Petite, the company’s most exciting and impressive program is the School Readiness Pathway. In addition to the usual infant care, the school also provides a specialized curriculum, in-house mobile app for parents, and comprehensive security measures. These include a standardized health and safety program, as well as a proprietary monitoring system that alerts parents of unexpected changes in their children’s activities.

The most important thing to take away from this specialized education program is that it’s a place where kids can have fun while learning in a safe, secure environment. They’ve even implemented a prepaid Flex Care card to make the experience more affordable for working parents.

Among the La Petite Academy’s more laudable feats is their incorporation of a real-time, interactive video feed. This gives families a ‘virtual tour’ of the campus. And of course, the school boasts a low teacher-to-student ratio.

Aside from the above-mentioned aforementioned, the La Petite Academy also boasts a ‘corporate partnership’ program. Parents can request financial assistance from directors. On top of its educational programming, La Petite also provides balanced and nutritious daily meals. Unlike most childcare centers, the staff here actually knows how to cook and serve.

When it comes to the top preschools in Melbourne, FL, La Petite Academy is one of the best options.

Northwest Montessori Preschool

If you want to give your child the best possible start in life, consider enrolling your child in the Northwest Montessori Preschool. This school has been providing high-quality education in the Seattle area for over 50 years.

The Northwest Montessori School focuses on social and intellectual development. It also prepares your child to make a positive impact in the community.

Students at the school are evaluated using the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. They score above the 80th percentile in the nation. In addition, all students receive Spanish.

Northwest Montessori Preschool offers both full-time and half-day programs. They also provide after school care. Throughout the year, they offer summer sessions, before school programs, and even a preschool prep program.

Northwest Montessori School is accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale. As a member of the AMI, they are committed to upholding Maria Montessori’s vision and upholding the highest standards for teacher training.

Northwest Montessori School has been recognized by the AMI for the past 16 years. The school is dedicated to preparing thousands of children for meaningful participation in the community.

Children in a Montessori classroom are encouraged to develop their creativity and imagination. The materials in the classrooms match the interests and needs of each child. These activities serve as a foundation for self-expression and innovation.

There are many Montessori schools in the Seattle area. Check out a few of the options before you enrol your child. You can get more information about a particular school by speaking with the admissions director.

Observe the classrooms before enrolling. A teacher will be able to tell you about the school’s philosophy and the types of activities and materials they use.


OSHClub is a family owned business that has been in business for over 20 years. They offer a range of programs aimed at Pre-School and Pre-K students. These include the Pupil-Free days, the Vacation Care, and the aforementioned M-Menu. The best part is that the quality of the service is up to par. For example, the facility is licensed to care for up to 100 kids. In addition, the staff are a plethora of qualified professionals. This makes it a top-notch option for anyone in the Melbourne area.

If you are looking for a smorgasbord of educational activities, then look no further than the Aur Child Care. As part of their commitment to educating children, they also provide their residents with a selection of finely crafted and nutritious snacks. Moreover, their rooms are set up in a way that ensures the needs of the occupants are met. Some of their amenities include a gym and a garden. Their other notable features include a state of the art pool.

One of the many reasons why Aur Child Care is a must visit for parents is the impressive range of activities on offer. Specifically, the facility offers programs such as the After-Care and Before-Care, and a range of enrichment and extra-curricular options for pre-K and Pre-School students. Additionally, parents who are looking for something more than their school’s curriculum can choose to enroll their kids at one of the many clubs affiliated with local and national organizations. Furthermore, the aforementioned credentials come at a reasonable price, making it a great choice for families in the city. To top it off, the facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, including the latest in touchscreens, cameras, and security systems.