If you are looking for a great place to stop for some bagels in Melbourne, there are a few places to check out. Whether you want a traditional New York bagel or something a little different, these places are the ones you need to try.

Mile End Bagels

If you are looking for a bagel store in Melbourne Victoria, you may want to consider Mile End Bagels. This bagel bakery is inspired by Montreal bagels and New York bagel shops. They offer a variety of different flavours, including Honey Oat, Sesame, and Everything.

The bagel shop is open from 9am until 2:30 pm, and is located at 1 Wilkinson Street in Brunswick. It also offers coffee, sandwiches, and takeaway options. During the week, they are open until 8pm.

Mile End Bagels are made in a wood-fired oven that’s built by Canadian stonemasons. Despite their name, they’re actually made in a city that is not far from Victoria.

In addition to the bagel, you’ll find sandwiches, pastries, and a variety of other baked goods. A selection of cold pressed juices and coffee are also offered. You can also order catering through the website.

5 Points Specialty Coffee and Bagels

There’s a reason why Melbourne is renowned for its love of coffee. Aside from the obvious, many cafes and roasters are trawling the world for the best single origin beans, which they then brew in their own custom made coffee machines.

One of the best examples is a simple yet effective brew of espresso. However, for a really snazzy drink, you’ll have to head to Circa Espresso, a small hole in the wall cafe located outside the CBD. This small but impressive coffee shop serves some of the best cups of coffee you can find.

Another noteworthy example is the bagels at Five Points. They have a variety of bagels to choose from, including their classic New York-style bagel. Besides their bagels, the Five Points cafe also offers some other things to try. You can opt for a bagel with a choice of spreads and fillings, or you can get a sandwich instead.

Schmucks Bagels

A Polski bagel may not be everyone’s idea of the perfect breakfast, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. The team at Schmucks Bagels in Melbourne, Victoria proves you don’t have to sacrifice quality to enjoy a good ole’ bagel. You can order them via Uber Eats or just pop in and see what all the fuss is about.

Aside from their traditional bagels, the crew at Schmucks also provides some unique eats for the lucky few. They are known for their savoury and sweet delicacies. If you’re in the mood for something more than the usual ham and cheese, try their smoked salmon or cheese and egg sandwiches.

While a reuben on a bagel isn’t new, the reuben bagel in a box from Schmucks Bagels in Melbourne, Victoria is a fun twist on the traditional. Their reuben has a tangy mustard based sauce and is served on a mini bagel.

Lawson’s Bagels

A bagel is a great way to fill your hunger pangs in the morning or afternoon. They are also delicious with salty deli meats and sweet jams. This is especially true of the ubiquitous New York bagel, which has the most satisfying texture.

While it might be hard to come up with an ideal bagel, there are a few out there. You can get the old fashioned variety or you can try out their latest invention, the pocket sized. For those with more than a few calorie restrictions, there are some vegan varieties on the menu. There are also several interesting looking bagels on offer. One of my favourites was the Nutella s’more inspired creation.

Lawson’s Bagels on Caroline Street is just a hop, skip and a jump from Melbourne’s trendy Toorak Road. The place has a hip look and a clean vibe. It also has a solid selection of cold drinks to complement its menu.

Dan’s Deli

A new deli in Toorak Village is bringing New York-inspired sandwiches to the area. Dan’s Deli focuses on creating the finest ingredients. It’s also dedicated to flavour. You can order a turkey and avo brioche sandwich or a muffuletta-inspired roll. The sauces are all homemade, too.

In addition to bagels, Dan’s Deli offers baked goods, dim sum, and dim sum. It’s also one of the most popular bagel stores in Melbourne. And it’s not all that far away from you.

There’s a lot of competition in the Melbourne bagel market, but this one is definitely worth a try. Dan’s Deli is also available on Uber Eats in Melbourne. This means that you can order a smashed avo bagel without even leaving your house.

Dan’s Deli has a range of New York-style bagels. They have classic pastrami and smoked salmon varieties. Some of the toppings on these bagels are pretty unusual, too. These include a spicy horseradish mayo, and pickles. Another is a muffuletta-style roll with green salsa.

Poppy & Seed

The Melbourne Jewish community is a melting pot of Israeli-born Jews, Middle Eastern and Indian-Jewish families, as well as displaced refugees from the Soviet Union. In the past two decades, this multiethnic community has found its home in Melbourne’s culinary mainstream.

Bagels are a beloved staple of many Melbourne cafes. They provide a quick and filling snack, which can satisfy your hunger for lunch or breakfast. These rings of boiled bread are chewy and soft on the inside, and lightly crisp on the outside. You can enjoy them with a spread of salty deli meats, sweet jams or a yoghurt-tahini sauce.

A good bagel needs to be both soft and chewy. If you want a light, soft bagel, you can steam it at 100degC for six minutes. Alternatively, you can add more moisture to make it softer.


If you love bagels, then you’ll definitely want to try Glick’s Bagel Store in Melbourne Victoria. The store offers a range of boiled bagels, challah, and other tasty treats.

The company is an Australian family business that manufactures high quality breads and pastries. It also has retail stores and supermarkets across Australia.

Glick’s is famous for its boiled bagels, which have been a crowd pleaser since its inception. They’re available in both sweet and savoury varieties. A bagel is the perfect bread for breakfast or lunch. You can make almost anything sandwiched between one.

This Jewish bakery in Melbourne specialises in bagel making, and they offer a huge variety of flavours. Their bagels are boiled in honey water.

Glick’s is an Australian company with a rich history. It was started by Mr Mendel Glick in the late 1960s. He revived an old European recipe for boiled bagels.

Brown Bagels

If you’re craving a hefty bagel and don’t have the time or inclination to cook, consider the options at BROWN BAGELS. They offer the best of both worlds, serving up classic BLT bagels, coffee sourced from Coffee Supreme and tasty snacks. You can take them home via the Uber Eats mobile app, or opt for the more traditional web ordering. Alternatively, the Uber One program, a delivery only service, can handle your order at no extra cost.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for the best bagels in Melbourne, look no further than Brown Bagels. In addition to their takeaway offerings, they have a small, well-appointed cafe where you can indulge in a good ol’ fashioned breakfast. The best part is they have a reasonably priced menu that will please your palate without breaking the bank.

Huff Bagelry

If you’re into your bagels, then the Huff Bagelry has got your back. In fact, they’ve got over a dozen different varieties. Plus, they’ve got a great range of toppings to choose from. And, they’ve also got coffee and tea on hand.

The Huff Bagelry’s cafes, which are run by a family, are located around the city. One is in Mentone along the seafront. They also have one in Carnegie. Their cafes are reminiscent of humble bagel shops in New York.

You can get a pretty nifty chicken Katsu bagel if you really want to go for the gold. It’s stuffed with Panko crumbed schnitzel and Tonkatsu sauce, and topped with a schmear of Kewpie mayo.

Besides the usual suspects, the best way to enjoy a bagel is to snag one from a local bagel specialised bakery. These outlets are scattered throughout Melbourne’s western and northern suburbs.

Migrant Coffee

Bagel has become a popular food in Melbourne. Many cafes and bakeries are serving them. This is particularly true in Melbourne’s Jewish community, which includes Israeli-born Jews, as well as South African and Zimbabwean transplants.

There are a number of different varieties of bagels in Melbourne. Some are savoury, and others are sweet. They can be topped with salty deli meats or sweet jams.

One of the most popular bagels in Melbourne is the classic pastrami bagel. It contains cream cheese and swiss cheese. You can also get a vegan version. Sable also serves vegan lox, egg, and cream cheese.

The Elsternwick institution makes some of the best bagels in Melbourne. Their bagels are perfectly dense and chewy. They have a sesame seed topping.

Glick’s is one of the most famous bagel stores in Melbourne. It is owned and operated by a family. It has been in business for more than 40 years. A former Holocaust survivor, Mendel Glick started the bakery in the late 1960s. Since then, the family has expanded to five stores, including a cafe.