List of the Best Bakeries in Melbourne Victoria

If you’re in Melbourne and are looking for a bakery that’s worth checking out, there are many that you’ll find in the city. From the more traditional French-style pastry shops to the modern-day bakeries, there are plenty to choose from. But how do you determine which of these places will give you the best of the best?

Lune Croissanterie

Lune Croissanterie is a popular artisanal patisserie in Melbourne’s inner north. Founded by former Formula One aerodynamicist Kate Reid, Lune is known for its classic French pastries.

In addition to its renowned croissants, the pastry shop also sells a host of other goodies. The store offers a variety of traditional French pastries and a few non-traditional items, like the Matcha Almond Croissant Slice.

It’s hard to beat the incredibly flaky and buttery croissants from Lune. These are made in a climate-controlled lab, which is what makes the flavours unique. They’re also crafted using the traditional three-day baking method.

You’ll also find a small selection of sourdough, breads, cakes, and escargots. The restaurant also serves a sit-down, three-course menu. And for the perfect ending to your meal, you can enjoy a coffee, which is a great way to finish a croissant.

There’s also an impressive pastry box. This looks more like a scientific device than a gimmick. Designed to be functional, but still stylish, the box is an impressive showcase of the bakery’s commitment to quality.

The patisserie has been around for ten years, but it’s only recently that the name has started to make a splash in the Melbourne food scene. Kate Reid, who founded the business, studied aerospace engineering, and honed her baking skills at the renowned Paris boulangerie Du Pain et des Idees.

Cremorne Street Bakers

In Melbourne, Australia, there are plenty of bakeries to choose from. If you’re looking to stock up on sweet treats, you can find a variety of bakeries and cafes in the city and outer suburbs.

These bakeries vary in price, location, and quality. It’s important to read the descriptions of each bakery to find out if it’s worth your while. For example, Cremorne Street Bakers is a family-run business with over 30 years of experience. Using organic and homemade ingredients, they create tasty and delectable baked goods.

One of their best-selling items is their dark chocolate and berry muffin. They also sell a number of other delicious baked goods, including chocolate-filled croissants and an Anzac Caramel Slice.

The team behind Cremorne Street Bakers is highly skilled. With their own baking kitchen, they can churn out their creations to order. This means they can deliver the sweets you want within 50 kilometers.

Their selection includes the classics like a cake and macarons. The shop also offers a unique range of products that include gluten-free and vegan options.

Whether you’re looking for a gift or a treat, Cremorne Street Bakers has something to fit your needs. You can order online and pick up your treats at a local store or café.


Bibelot is a high-end patisserie and chocolate shop located in South Melbourne. Its menu features a delectable range of freshly baked desserts.

The menu offers macarons, chocolate-filled eclairs, and multi-hued macrons. For special occasions, Bibelot offers birthday cakes.

Bibelot also has a gelateria and coffee bar. You can enjoy a glass of wine with a praline or a scoop of artisan gelato.

The cafe also serves sandwiches, coffee, and pastries. One of the best cakes in Melbourne is the Red Velvet Cheesecake Pie, a mound of cream cheese frosting topped with crushed Oreo cookie crust.

Aside from cakes, the bakery has a wide variety of other baked goods. Breads, sandwiches, and savoury scrolls are among the items you can find here.

The store also sells groceries. Several items can be ordered online.

Aside from a large selection of sweet treats, the store also makes its own jams and puff pastry. They also offer cakes that are vegan and gluten free.

They have several locations in Melbourne, but their first is in East Hawthorn. This bakery is a favorite of the local foodies.

In addition to its tasty food, the store has excellent customer service. It uses real tea leaves for its bubble teas.

Nat Paull’s

Natalie Paull’s Beatrix Bakes in Melbourne Victoria is a small corner bakery that’s becoming famous for its cake-making prowess. Nat’s signature cake, the Sour Cream Chocolate Cake, is one of the city’s best chocolate cakes.

Nat’s love affair with baking began at a young age. When she was seven, she learned to bake her first solo recipe, a butter cake. She was also fascinated with food magazines.

Then, at the age of 18, she began working in professional kitchens. Nat has been baking ever since. Her passion has led her to work with some of the best chefs in the industry, including Stephanie Alexander and Maggie Beer.

Natalie opened her own bakery, Little Bertha, in 2005. However, she pushed back plans for expansion, as her love for the art of baking wasn’t going away. And so she opened Beatrix, in 2011 in inner-city Melbourne.

Nat’s passion is evident in the creative and inventive recipes she dishes out at Beatrix. Using the finest local ingredients, she creates bespoke chocolates, cookies, jams, tarts and birthday cakes.

She offers a range of cakes and confections, from salted dulce de leche cheesecake to sour cream cheesecake with fresh strawberry sauce. Nat is a MAGGIE beer protege.