List of the Best Casual Dining Restaurants in Melbourne Victoria

If you’re looking for a list of the best casual dining restaurants in Melbourne, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find some of the top spots for enjoying a good meal, including a hotpot, a deli, and a wine bar.


Embla is a casual dining restaurant in Melbourne Victoria. It is located in a heritage building and has an open and polished atmosphere. The menu features a variety of fresh produce with a focus on seasonal ingredients.

With a wine-friendly menu, Embla is a great stopover. Its charm is part of its popularity. You can book a table at Embla on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from midday to 3pm.

Embla offers an exciting variety of wines, as well as hot and cold drinks. A limited number of menus are offered, but the main focus is on fresh, produce-driven meals.

The Embla menu is influenced by southern France and Italy. The kitchen is run by chef Dave Verheul, who specialises in flame grilling and fermented small plates.

The menu changes regularly to take advantage of the season. There are a number of dishes on the menu, including veal tartare, zucchini fritters with basil pesto dip, and ile flottante.

Il Bacaro

Il Bacaro is a Melbourne institution that continues to impress diners and critics. It’s a stylish Italian restaurant with Venetian-inspired good looks and sophisticated service. The menu boasts innovative fare and decadent dinners.

In addition to the classic Italian dishes, Il Bacaro offers a variety of sweet and high-quality wines, whisky and cocktails. You can also enjoy desserts such as chocolate fondant and orange pudding.

Il Bacaro opened in 1995. Originally, it was geared toward fine dining. However, it has adapted to its surroundings over the years and now serves modern Italian cuisine in a clubby space.

With its Venetian-inspired good looks, stylish interior, and warm ambiance, it’s no wonder the restaurant has gained cult status among locals. Guests can enjoy a selection of wine, champagne, and grappa.

The menu at Il Bacaro is helmed by Chef David Dellai. He has curated a selection of dishes from Venetian cuisine, including traditional Venetian pairings. There’s even a dessert menu featuring pumpkin and ginger gelato and balsamic pearls.

Gray and Gray Bread and Wine bar

In a town where ramen is king, a wine bar has become a trendy addition to the culinary scene. This establishment isn’t just a hole in the wall; it’s a 28-seat dining room combining Eastern European and Georgian-Russian cuisine.

The dining room is a study in style, featuring tiled floors, marble counters, and sleek lighting. You’ll enjoy a degustation menu, which promises no two visits will be the same.

The food is what sets this restaurant apart. With its signature boat noodles, you can enjoy braised pork in a broth.

Aside from its cuisine, this spot has an impressive cocktail list. You can order an Iced Vovo, an old-school Aussie biscuit. Another dish you’ll want to try is the Emu Liver Parfait.

Gimlet has been named Australia’s best restaurant by the World’s 50 Best awards. It’s also known for its caviar service and its sustainable produce.

The restaurant has an a la carte menu and also offers tasting menus. They’re a perfect spot for a date or a catchup with friends.

Hector’s Deli

Hector’s Deli is one of the most popular restaurants in Melbourne. It’s a local business that predates the pandemic sandwich trend. Chef Dom Wilton co-founded it. Now, there are two locations to choose from.

While the menu may seem a bit old-fashioned, it’s an updated formula that elevates classics. There are plenty of delicious dishes to enjoy.

One of the best dishes in Hector’s is the Chicken Schnitty. This sandwich is served on a steamed potato bun with house-made pickle mayo and lettuce. The schnitzel and chicken are covered in butter and lettuce, and it’s a favourite among Melburnians.

Another must-try dish is Ocean trout cigars. These crispy flaked pieces of ocean trout are wrapped around creme fraiche. They’re a signature dish of Melbourne.

Aside from Hector’s, there are several other renowned restaurants in Melbourne. Rusty’s Sandwich Parlour has 10-sandwich options. Kelo’s is known for its massive tuck shop salad sandwich.

Shanghai Street is a well-known Chinese restaurant in Melbourne. Diners can indulge in dumplings, noodle dishes and chickpea bakes.

Lillian Brasserie

Lillian Brasserie is a stylish European-style brasserie. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm until 10pm, it is a popular spot with locals and visitors to Melbourne.

Situated in the former Bank of Australasia, it boasts 6-meter ceilings and original arched windows. It also features a private dining room that can accommodate up to 60 guests.

The restaurant’s menu has an extensive wine list. Loic Avril is an acclaimed sommelier who has added flexibility to the wine list. There are over 4,500 bottles in the cellar.

At the heart of the restaurant is a separate bar. Here, you can enjoy a drink in a more intimate setting.

The restaurant’s food is not pretentious. In fact, the dishes are more casual than their sibling, Society. You can expect a wide variety of dishes. Some of the more popular dishes include zucchini fritters with pesto dip, lamb burger with pomegranate tzatziki, and crispy squid with Sriracha mayonnaise.

Navi Restaurant

There are a few top casual dining restaurants in Melbourne Victoria. They include some of the best restaurants in Australia, as well as some of the most renowned. These include a Japanese cafe, a laneway restaurant, a laneway bar and a fine dining establishment.

Cibi, a Japanese cafe, is located on Collingwood’s Back Street. This noodle shop is great for people visiting Melbourne who like to fuel up between sightseeing excursions. The menu features dishes such as tamagoyaki and grilled salmon. It also offers a selection of frozen desserts.

Serai is a laneway restaurant in the city centre. A la carte menus are available as well as a tasting menu. The kangaroo-skin chairs are a standout feature. Other highlights include the peanut sauced hash browns and kinilaw with kangaroo.

Attica is one of Melbourne’s most acclaimed restaurants. It’s been consistently featured on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. In addition to its food, it’s famous for its drinks.

Damiao hotpot

For the casual diner or foodie, one of the hottest spots in Melbourne is the burgeoning Southbank area. It’s not just the hipsters who frequent this enclave, you’ll also find some of the city’s most cutting-edge restaurants. Of course, if you’re looking for the best of the best, you’ll have to venture further afield, such as the city’s most venerable locale, South Yarra. The aforementioned locale is home to the city’s fanciest eateries and a slew of impressive hotels and B&Bs. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a quick and easy bite to eat, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat a slew of stalwarts.

A word of caution, though: The aforementioned neighbourhood is also a hive of hipsters a la the ilk of the city’s aforementioned neighbours. Be sure to take note of any good luck you might have had on the night before and snag a few mates for a boozy dinner before heading home.

St Kilda’s Espy

St Kilda’s Espy is one of the most popular restaurants in Melbourne Victoria. The 140-year-old hotel is home to two restaurants and is surrounded by a variety of bars, shops and other amenities. It has been revamped to make it one of the top nightlife destinations in Melbourne.

St Kilda’s Espy has a garden terrace and offers a range of dining options. If you’re looking for a seafood meal, consider the crispy bug roll. Alternatively, there are some tasty plates to share. There are also craft beers and barrel-aged spirits.

The Espy is home to a cocktail bar, offering hand-picked wines, classic cocktails and a variety of craft beers. In addition, the hotel’s Balcony Bar overlooks St Kilda foreshore and offers majestic vistas of the beach.

For a more laid back dinner, head to the Espy Kitchen. This restaurant has a wood-fired pizza oven, French rotisserie and charcoal grills. As well as a range of beverage packages, they offer burgers and seafood.

Hardware Club

One of the best casual dining restaurants in Melbourne Victoria is Cumulus Inc. Andrew McConnell’s establishment is a social hub that serves local produce with flair. Its frosted waiter’s station adds to its elegance.

The menu is a mix of contemporary and classic dishes. Some of the most popular dishes include crispy squid with Sriracha mayonnaise and a lamb burger with pomegranate tzatziki.

Another highly rated Melbourne restaurant is Attica. Chef Ben Shewry has helped the restaurant to international fame. This is one of the best restaurants in Melbourne to dine at for a special occasion.

Another fine dining restaurant is Chancery Lane. Located on Collins Street, this is a classy bistro with an edge. Their degustation menu includes four different caviars and Tasmania’s Robbin Island Wagyu tartare.

There is also a casual bar with snacks that are perfect for sharing. Meatsmith’s meat and garlic shoots are a perfect addition to a full meal.