List of the Best Cocktail Bars in Melbourne Victoria

The Melbourne bar scene is rich and diverse, but many visitors may be wondering which places offer the best cocktails. While a few of the city’s best cocktail bars have long been popular with locals and tourists alike, others are not so well-known. This article will give you a guide to the most reputable and sought-after cocktail bars in the city.

Eau de Vie

Eau De Vie is a cocktail bar in Melbourne that offers a unique drinking experience. It’s a speakeasy that is designed to transport the patron back to a time when prohibition America was still in full swing. The bar features a whisky trophy cabinet behind the bar and a whisky room inside the front door.

One of the best things about Eau De Vie is the fact that it offers a variety of drink recipes. This includes drinks such as gin and absinthe, lemon, mint, and pear. There is also a menu that includes wine and beer, as well as charcuterie boards.

The cocktails at Eau De Vie are a mix of classic and modern. They include the Noble Experiment – an ice cold martini topped with a little bit of liquid nitrogen. Also featured is the Peanut Butter Jelly Time – a drink containing peanut butter rum.

Another of Eau De Vie’s signature drinks is the Espresso Zabaione – a strong drink that is topped with cream. It’s fun to watch the bartender prepare the drink, but the drink itself is hard to beat.

Other drinks at the bar include the Seddon Sling – a Vietnamese mint and ginger beer topped with bourbon. In addition to the usual sweet and savoury snacks, Eau De Vie also offers Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin caviar.


If you want a good time in Melbourne’s inner north, you should visit Franklin’s Cocktail Bar. This bar is located on High Street Thornbury. It offers an excellent range of cocktails, wine and beers. They also have a courtyard dining area.

The bar has a great selection of imported vodka and pintxos. Their cocktail menu also includes an array of Australian wines. There is even a late night happy hour.

Their beer list includes a good selection of lagers and ales. They even have a well-stocked back bar. For dessert, they offer an interesting menu of French desserts.

As for cocktails, they have some of the best. Try the “Bitter of Oz”, a super-Negroni built off of Four Pillars Negroni spiced gin. Also on the menu are frozen margaritas.

Their food menu is equally as impressive. They have sliders with slow cooked beef cheek, mushroom and halloumi. You can even try their steak tartare.

They also have a 200 bottle wine list. A good place to stop for a post-work drink. But don’t forget to try one of their local craft beers.

In a recent survey, Franklin’s Bar received the highest score of any cocktail bar in the city. While their cocktail menu is not overly complicated, they are careful to map out their selection of spirits and tonics.


Byrdi Cocktail Bar in Melbourne is a unique bar in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. The bar and restaurant has been under development for two years, with Luke Whearty and his partner Aki Nishikura setting out to change the way we drink. They’ve taken the idea of a cocktail bar and applied it to the Australian landscape, combining native produce with culinary techniques.

At Byrdi, you’ll find a menu that changes every couple of weeks, using local and seasonal ingredients. You’ll also be able to choose between a three-course meal (with an option for a five-course pairing) or a tasting menu.

As well as cocktails, you’ll find a selection of small plates. These can be paired with your drink, or you can order them separately.

The food at Byrdi has been designed to compliment the drink, and is crafted with precision over time. Some of the items on the menu include prawn toasts and smoked egg pavlova.

As for drinks, Byrdi has a unique ethos, with some of its cocktails having a lab behind the bar. Its cocktails can be smoked, centrifuged, fermented or reconstituted. For example, the Jungle Byrd is a cocktail that’s made with Davidson plum, Carolina Reaper chilli, bitters and lacto-fermented pineapple.


The Seamstress Cocktail Bar in New York is a stylish spot for a cocktail and a snack. Its location is perfect for a night out with friends or a date. In addition to its bar, the quaint restaurant features a large basement for private events.

The Seamstress Cocktail Bar is part old textile factory, part leather goods shop, and part tavern. Inside the tavern, you’ll find a surprisingly extensive bar, with a wide variety of cocktails and cocktails that have been made to order. This is a place to get a drink, talk with your date, and learn the history of the most famous cocktails.

While it’s not quite as ritzy as the Gilroy or Belle Shoals, Seamstress does a good job of showcasing its wares. The bar has a few chandeliers, a wood-burning fireplace, and a couple of tables. But it’s the surprisingly large menu that will have you coming back for more.

Besides cocktails, you’ll also find a full bar, a number of savory grub, and a handful of small plates. You can also enjoy a meal in the dining room or on the floor.

The Seamstress Cocktail Bar, while it may not be in the top ten of the most fashionable New York spots, is a must stop for the cocktail aficionado.

Byrd’s Apothecary

Melbourne is known for its fantastic booze-based cocktails. A range of bars can be found around the city, from the more casual spots to the more formal. Some of the best bars in the world are located in Australia.

A list of the top Melbourne cocktail bars would be incomplete without including Byrd’s Apothecary, Nick & Nora’s, and Mjolner. These bars all have unique qualities and offer something different from the crowd.

Bard’s Apothecary is a stylish inner-city bar with an intimate performance space. It is owned by a couple who were behind Operation Dagger, a sexual health campaign that uses a mix of art, music, and technology to improve the lives of women.

One of the more inventive Melbourne cocktail bars, Byrd’s Apothecary features seasonal ingredients. Every drink comes in a heavy-cut crystal tumbler and is presented in a beautiful, etched coupette.

Nick & Nora’s is a Melbourne cocktail bar that is named after the fictional murder-solving duo Nick and Nora Charles from the novel The Thin Man. Its cocktail menu is extensive, and it is a good choice if you’re looking for a themed bar.

Another great Melbourne cocktail bar is the New Gold Mountain. It is housed in a converted tailor’s shop and focuses on Australian spirits and ingredients.


One of the best cocktail bars in Melbourne Victoria is Ferdydurke. It is located in the city’s laneway scene. The bar has a very secluded feel, which makes it ideal for a date night.

Ferdydurke is run by the same team that runs Section 8. You can visit both bar locations to get the full experience of the laneway scene. There are many great drinks and live music at both venues.

When you first enter the bar, you’ll notice a number of nooks and crannies. One of these is a cosy fireplace. Another is the open loft style area at the top of the building. This is where you’ll find the DJs spinning records and spinning spin discos.

This is one of the most interesting bars in Melbourne. Not only does it have a great vibe, but it also has a unique style that’s inspired by all things Polish. That includes a special drink that’s based on the traditional vodka cocktails of the country.

One of the most popular cocktail bars in Melbourne, Ferdydurke is not only a bar that’s fun, but one that’s designed for adults. In addition to its impressive list of drinks, the bar offers a variety of snacks. A great selection of draft beer is also available.

Ponyfish Island

The Ponyfish Island bar in Melbourne Victoria is a unique venue. A floating bar in the Yarra River, it’s a picturesque spot to sip cocktails on a warm summer day. You can watch rowers on the river while enjoying a drink.

This venue has been a fixture of the city’s nightlife for a long time. Now, the bar has undergone a remodel. Its interior was updated, and the bar has new drinks. As well as offering a menu of drinks, the restaurant offers a variety of Asian-inspired snacks.

Another great feature of this bar is the courtyard. In addition to serving cocktails, the Everleigh is known for its intricate beer and bourbon lists. There are also live music events and shows.

Another Melbourne bar is Ferdydurke, which is located on Tattersalls Lane. A short walk from the CBD, this is a cool hangout for locals. Whether you’re after a quick snitzel or want to enjoy a glass of wine, it’s a place where you can find yourself at ease.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated ambiance, try the Ponyfish Cafe. Its new space has a burnt orange and sage colour palette. There’s also integrated lighting and new, cushioned stools.