List of the Best Coffee Shops in Melbourne Victoria

If you’re going to Melbourne, you’ll be pleased to know there are some excellent coffee shops to choose from. This is because the city is home to a number of great coffee roasters, which means you can get an authentic and delicious cup of coffee at any of these establishments.

Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird

Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird in Melbourne Victoria is a coffee joint with a difference. The coffee is good, the service is fast, and the staff are friendly. They even provide takeaway meals. This is a must-visit when in Melbourne.

You will definitely want to try the affogato. There is a lot of buzz surrounding this cafe. Aside from the food, there is an art gallery, and a funky back patio to boot. The staff are also happy to talk you through the different methods of brewing the coffee of your dreams. It is no wonder that this is one of the most popular cafes in the neighbourhood.

Besides the ol’ caffeine hit, the cafe also offers a selection of cakes, flatbreads, and other treats. Not surprisingly, this is where the big names in Melbourne coffee come from. As far as coffee is concerned, the Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird lays claim to having the best coffee in town.

In addition to the aforementioned latte, the restaurant offers a number of specialty cocktails and wines. But if you’re looking for something a bit more substantial, there are also a number of tasty lunch options available.

Ona Coffee Roasters

There are many coffee shops in Melbourne, but there are a few that stand out among the rest. One of these is Ona Coffee Roasters. This Melbourne-based coffee roaster has just opened an outpost.

The new cafe is located in Brunswick, a post-industrial inner-city suburb. Designed by Breathe Architecture, the space features a 110-seat interior, a training room and extended retail displays. In addition to their house blends, they will offer a rotating selection of single origin coffees.

The team at ONA Coffee are dedicated to creating great coffee. They work closely with growers to ensure the quality of the beans. Their approach is similar to a traditional roaster. Currently, they have two former World Barista Champions on their roster.

As well as brewing great coffee, they are also committed to providing customers with the education they need to make their own bespoke blends. You can book a brew bar experience with an experienced coffee cadet, or a tour of the coffee-making process.

There are several reasons why ONA is a popular choice for coffee lovers. First, they are one of the top Melbourne coffee roasters. Second, they have been a leader in the industry for years. Third, they have a focus on ethical sourcing and working closely with farmers.

Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds is a coffee shop located in the Carlton district of Melbourne. The cafe serves seasonal, coffee-based foods. In addition to coffee, they also serve beer and wine. Whether you’re looking for a brunch spot or an all-day eatery, this is a great place to stop for some food and drink.

Seven Seeds is run by Mark Dundon and Bridget Amor, who are two of the most important figures in Melbourne’s coffee industry. They’ve been brewing coffee for years. Now, they’re pushing the bar in terms of quality, provenance and even coffee-related art.

In 2007, Seven Seeds started on Berkeley St. Carlton, a converted warehouse that has since become a roastery and cafe. Its first goal was to explore the best practices for brewing coffee. However, its owners soon pushed the boundaries, creating a brand that’s a mashup of cafe and coffee roastery.

Along with its cafe, the headquarters also includes a small shop and regular coffee cupping space. This is where the house blend is brewed. Usually used as a filter coffee or single-serve espresso, the blend has fruity and caramel notes.


Greta’s Coffee Shop in Melbourne Victoria is the latest venture of Adam and Elisa Mariani. This European-inspired sandwich and wine bar is one of three modern hospitality venues owned by the pair. Their other ventures include Maverick in 80 Collins precinct and Mayday in Richmond.

Whether you’re looking for coffee, sandwiches, sweets or cocktails, Greta’s Cafe has something for everyone. The bar features classic cocktails, seasonal salads, and surprise snacks. It also hosts fun aperitivo hours on Thursdays and Fridays from 4pm to 5pm.

If you’re a fan of the gruyere toasties that typify the Italian-inspired dishes at Greta’s, don’t forget to try the beef cheek and mozzarella baguette. It’s stuffed in a crusty Ned’s roll.

Aside from the coffee and sandwiches, Greta’s cafe offers an aperitivo menu and a small wine list. On top of that, they serve breakfast, pasta, and deli meats daily.

The wine list features Italian, French, and Australian drops. It’s a solid selection of wines from Tuscany, Loire, and Yarra valleys.

Not only does the cafe offer a tempting wine and cocktail list, but they also have a small shareboard and board games. They’re also known for their vegetarian menu.

Monk Bodhi Dharma

Monk Bodhi Dharma is a tiny cafe that opened in 2010 in Balaclava. It was named after the Indian monk Bodhi Dharma, a key figure in the development of Zen buddhism.

The cafe, which is a converted bakehouse, has an interesting menu. There are a few vegetarian options. A selection of acai bowls is also available, along with some impressive salads. One of the best mushroom dishes in Melbourne is on the menu. In addition to coffee and tea, the cafe offers wine, tapas, and tapas.

The cafe has a small and cozy vibe, with wooden furniture and exposed brick walls. It also has a few unusual touches, including a cobbler’s counter and a communal table. This, combined with its excellent service, makes it a favourite of locals and visitors.

While the menu is limited, the coffee is good. You can find a number of single origin espresso drinks at Monk Bodhi Dharma. They also have a few vegan options on the menu.

Among the many things the cafe has to offer, it’s the specialty teas that really make it stand out. Monk’s Chai, one of the company’s most notable creations, is a fine example. Their recipe, which is brewed using only organic specialty grade tea, has been refined over two million brews.

Burnside Coffee Shop

Burnside Coffee Shop is a quaint coffee joint in Melbourne. This shop is run by a team of two coffee legends. They’re Sean Albers and Chris Handley. The former is an actor and the former is a civil rights lawyer.

Aside from being a great place to hang out and drink, the cafe also serves excellent food. The menu isn’t very long but it offers some tasty bites. There’s a cabinet sandwich with horseradish mayo and mushrooms, as well as a baguette with Monterey Jack cheese and herbed feta.

The coffee here is also good. Several of the cafes in Melbourne serve some of the best in the country.

One of them is the Lockwood Cafe in leafy Burnside. It has a full license and a range of wines. Plus, it has a range of flakey baked goods.

Other good Melbourne coffee shops include Wide Open Road, Padre, and Axil. While these places have their own distinctive take on the art of brewing, they’re all well worth a visit.

Axil, one of the largest coffee roasters in Melbourne, is located in the Hawthorn neighbourhood. The brand is known for producing quality brews, and the company has several locations around the city.

Patricia’s Coffee Shop

Patricia’s Coffee Shop is one of the top coffee spots in Melbourne. It serves an exclusive house blend small-batch coffee that is roasted in-house. It also offers a variety of different espresso blends and other special coffee.

This quaint coffeehouse has a great selection of sandwiches, pastries, and coffee. They have friendly and attentive staff. There is also outdoor seating.

The interior is vintage and has a very distressed feel. This makes it the perfect place to enjoy your caffeine fix.

This is the sister venue of Proud Mary. It has an all-day breakfast menu and offers tours of the roasters. Their coffee is always top quality. If you bring your own cup, they’ll give you 50 cents off your order.

Patricia is not the place to linger for hours. It’s more of an in-and-out coffee spot. It has an extensive menu of pastries, doughnuts, and other snacks.

Patricia is located on Little Bourke Street. This is part of the business district of Melbourne. You can sit on the pavement and drink your coffee while enjoying the atmosphere.

Market Lane Collins Street

Market Lane is a Melbourne-based specialty coffee roaster. The brand is famous for artisanal refinement and exceptional quality. This is a small but mighty coffee roaster, serving espresso, pastries and take-away coffee beans.

It has six Melbourne locations. One is located in the historic Queen Vic Market, and the others are spread across the city. In addition, they serve special-imported blends.

Aside from its six cafes, Market Lane also sells equipment for home brewing. The cups have a tagline, which says, “We love to make coffee for a city that loves to drink it.”

At the Market Lane coffee shop on Collins Street, you can enjoy indoor and outdoor seating. You can also grab a coffee and a cake, or a toasted sandwich, from their Tivoli Road Bakers.

The market also includes a bakery, which features cakes made by Beatrix Bakes. They are all based on a soft colour palette, inspired by Clarice Beckett’s paintings.

Another great coffee spot is Vacation Espresso Bar in the Melbourne CBD. This coffee house serves good quality coffee, and is open all day. There is also a breakfast menu.