List of the Best Croissants in Melbourne Victoria

When looking for the best croissants in Melbourne Victoria, there are a few places to check out. From an artisanal bakehouse, to a sourdough kitchen, to a penny for pound bakery, there are some incredible options out there.

Lune Croissanterie

Lune Croissanterie is a Melbourne institution and arguably one of the best croissants in the world. It’s known for its flaky, buttery, almost mathematically perfect croissants.

The store is located in Fitzroy on a narrow, grey building. Despite being small, it has huge glass windows and an impressive marble table.

The cafe is open from 7.30am Monday to Saturday. Depending on the time of day, you can expect a long queue. You should consider ordering early if you want to be in.

Kate Reid, the owner, studied French pastry at Paris boulangerie Du Pain et des Idees. She and her brother Cameron hand-bake their famous croissants. They also offer danishes and tea cakes.

Lune is not the only bakery to produce flaky, buttery, almost mathematicallyperfect croissants. Other notable establishments include Sourdough Kitchen, which has been baking the best croissants in Melbourne for over a decade.

There’s also Agathe Patisserie, which makes flans and authentic French cakes. Another great croissant is the leatherwood honey and sea salt croissant, which is a light, sweet treat.

Lastly, there is Baker D. Chirico, which has stores in Melbourne and St Kilda. Their signature loaf is apple-fermented sourdough, and the plain croissant is crisp and delicious.

All Are Welcome

If you love croissants, there are plenty of options around Melbourne. You can savor an almond croissant or a chocolate babka bun. There are also savoury and filled croissants to choose from.

Among the best croissants in Melbourne is the Penny For Pound. This bakery offers one of the largest ranges of varieties in the city.

Another great choice is AM Bakehouse. This minimalist cafe is the place to go for a range of croissants and other pastries. They even sell organic bread and cheesecakes.

In addition to their delicious baked goods, they serve coffee and drinks. The place is also a great venue to watch the process of creating the baked treats.

Agathe Patisserie is a Parisian-influenced bakery that offers a range of authentic French cakes and pastries. It also offers experimental and fusion croissants. Their Earl Grey and pandan croissants are a must-try.

All Are Welcome serves up a wide variety of savoury and sweet pastries. The bakery serves up croissants and breads that are made fresh on site, every day. They offer a chocolate babka bun as well as a fancy take on khachapuri.

Lune is one of the most renowned pastry shops in Melbourne. Their golden-crust croissants are perfect, as are their lemon curd and almond croissants. As a result, their queues can sometimes extend beyond their front doors.

Artisanal Bakehouse

If you want a good croissant in Melbourne, there are several places to choose from. AM Bakehouse, Artisanal Bakehouse, and Weirdoughs are just a few of the choices you have.

AM Bakehouse is a minimalist cafe that offers a variety of baked goods. They also serve specialty coffee. You can order pastries such as chocolate croissants, pain au chocolat, and cinnamon scrolls.

Artisanal Bakehouse is a newcomer to the croissant game, but it is quickly making its mark. Their plain and chocolate croissants are crisp and buttery. The bakery also offers a delicious cinnamon roll.

Lune Croissanterie in Fitzroy is known for its great croissants. This artisan bakery sells a range of croissants, including almond, chocolate, and ham and cheese.

The Paris-inspired bakery is a local gem. It’s located on the eastern end of Collins Street, a strip of heritage buildings. There’s a rotating menu of classic French pastries. In addition to croissants, you can also get baguettes, danishes, and poppy seed ficelles.

Babka & Co is one of the most popular bakeries in Melbourne. It has a French and Eastern European vibe. The baked goods are all handcrafted, and their croissants are the best you can find in town.

Lune Lab

Lune Croissanterie is a bakery in Fitzroy, Melbourne. The bakery is famous for its flaky pastries. Its sourdough bread is sold to restaurants.

In addition to its signature croissants, Lune also sells Danishes piled high with berries. You can also find a brioche club sandwich, tomato relish, chicken skin aioli, and croissant ice cream.

The Lune Lab is a new pastry tasting menu. It offers three courses, each of which includes a croissant. This is a new, experimental way to experience the Lune pastry magic.

At the Lune Lab, you get to watch a pastry chef work in a cube that looks like a space station. And the best part is, you get to sample the pastry in the process.

A three course pastry flight costs $60, and comes with unlimited coffee and tea. There is also an escargot croissant that you can order over the counter.

The other thing to consider is the quality of the butter. Many of the croissants at Lune are made with imported French butter. Kate and Cameron hand-make 3,000 croissants a week. Their recipe was created over four months.

Besides the obvious croissant, the Lune Bakery offers a number of other treats, including cruffins, cinnamon croissants, and almond croissants.

Rustica Sourdough

Rustica Sourdough has four bakeries in Melbourne. The bakery and cafe is a favourite with locals. They offer great sourdough bread, tarts, and other savoury and sweet pastries. A cafe and bakery, the shop also serves coffee and espresso.

Rustica Sourdough has opened a new cafe and bakery in South Yarra. This venue will serve breakfast and lunch daily. It is located on the corner of Little Collins and Queen Street. There is seating inside and out, and take away options.

As well as their bakery and cafe, Rustica also has a wholesale bakery. They bake fresh, delicious bread and pastries every day. Their sourdough loaves are dark baked, ensuring a chewy interior.

Rustica is famous for their croissants, but they also make some of the best savoury croissants in Melbourne. They use a variety of grains and other ingredients to produce their savoury and sweet varieties. You’ll find a lot of different croissants here, including butter and chocolate croissants, and croissant French toast.

Rustica’s Little Collins location serves breakfast and lunch. You can also buy sandwiches and pastries to take home. The bakery uses locally sourced ingredients, and supports sustainable farming practices.

In addition to their Melbourne-based bakery, Rustica also operates a canteen in the CBD. In addition to serving their sourdough, they also serve a wide selection of sausages and salted caramel doughnuts.

Sourdough Kitchen

If you are looking for the best croissants in Melbourne, then Sourdough Kitchen is a great choice. It is a westside favourite that has been crafting the perfect croissants for over a decade. You will find a wide selection of flavours to choose from.

In addition to croissants, you can also enjoy other baked treats such as cronuts, salted caramel doughnuts, hot cross buns, and flavored doughnuts. These savoury goodies are served with a variety of fillings.

While there are many bakeries in Melbourne, there are a few that have stood out as the best. These establishments make sourdough breads, rye loaves, croissants, and classic cakes.

Bentleigh bakery is known for its slow-fermented sourdough. The croissants are a popular variety. They are made with cultured Gippsland Jersey butter.

Artisanal Bakehouse is a family business that started out in a little hole-in-the-wall in 2013. Today, the Bentleigh bakery has become a local institution.

Q Le Baker is an artisan bakery in Yarra that makes twisted brioche and buttermilk buns. Their sourdough is made from locally pulverized rye. Other varieties include sesame seed rolled baguette, and fruit bread loaf made with ginger beer.

Loafer Bread is a North Fitzroy bakery that serves a variety of sweets, including a traditional all-butter croissant. It also specializes in homemade sourdough breads, coffee, and fair trade organic coffee.

Penny for Pound

Croissants are a yeast-leavened pastry delicacy. Traditionally, they are filled with soft, buttery fillings and have a flaky, crunchy surface. They are available in various flavours and variations.

One of the best croissants in Melbourne is at Penny for Pound. This family-run bakery specialises in hand-made croissants and other baked products. The store also has a cafe.

Penny for Pound has two locations: Moorabbin and Richmond. It started as a wholesale bakery, but Matilda Smith has expanded her business to a retail location. She is now hiring six full-time staff.

Penny for Pound’s Moorabbin location is a 550 square metre facility that includes two large production kitchens. Customers can watch the team make pastries.

In addition to croissants, the store also sells pies, gourmet sandwiches, a variety of breads, desserts, and ice cream. They also have a coffee bar with Axil Coffee.

Penny for Pound’s Bridge Road location has a unique interior. The walls are almost entirely glass. Its decor reflects a mostly green palette.

The menu features a wide selection of classic French pastries, including savoury and sweet baguettes. They also have a variety of vegan dark chocolate cakes.

While their menu changes frequently, they specialize in classic French pastries, such as croissants.