List of the Best Gluten Free Restaurants in Melbourne Victoria

If you’re looking for a gluten-free meal in Melbourne, here are some of the best restaurants you can find. You can eat at restaurants that are specifically designed for people with gluten intolerance, or even a restaurant that specializes in food that is naturally gluten-free.

A25’s gluten-free pizzas are endorsed by Coeliac Australia

A25 is a restaurant located in Docklands. As the name suggests, they serve pizza, lasagne, and pasta to boot. They even have gluten free gimmicks like truffle fries. If you’re not a fan of pizza, check out their vegan options.

Not to be outdone, A25’s menu also includes a handful of other gluten free goodies. This restaurant has been endorsed by Coeliac Australia. The restaurant was awarded this distinction in April of this year. And while they may not be certified, they have done what they could to make their restaurant as safe for gluten intolerant patrons as possible.

The restaurant offers a plethora of gluten-free options for diners looking to indulge in some of the finest pizza on the planet. The restaurant even has a dedicated cooking area that is separate from the rest of the establishment.

Repeat Offender

A gluten free meal is not for the faint of heart, but for those with celiac disease or a similar digestive affliction, finding a wholesome dining experience can be a daunting task. Thankfully, Melbourne’s restaurant scene boasts a host of top-notch offerings, from gourmet pizzas to craft beers. However, it’s not always easy to find the best of the bunch. Luckily, a few restaurants in particular cater to the gluten free set, including one in Elwood and another in Fitzroy.

One of the most impressive is the menu of Mexican-inspired dishes at Repeat Offender. While the name is a bit of a mouthful, the place does serve up a fine selection of tacos, nachos and fajitas, accompanied by an array of a la carte Mexican delights. Meanwhile, the bar has a decent selection of beer on tap, including the likes of Dos Equis, Budweiser and Corona, as well as boutique microbrews and hard seltzers.

Ciao Mamma

Ciao Mamma is a vibrant and contemporary Italian restaurant. This venue is owned by Tina Tonio and is inspired by her grandmother. It is a great place to dine with friends or family. The menu is full of heirloom Italian recipes.

Ciao Mamma offers a variety of options for people with dietary requirements, including gluten free pasta and vegan dishes. They even offer a children’s menu.

They’re also accredited by Coeliac Australia, so you’re sure of getting a safe meal. Some of their options include gluten free arancini balls, calamari and panna cotta.

Ciao Mamma’s menu features fresh pasta prepared daily. Their fryer is gluten free as well, so you don’t have to worry about cross contamination. If you’re feeling peckish after your dinner, they’ll also serve up desserts.

Ciao Mamma is open for lunch and dinner, with dinner service lasting until 9pm on Sundays. The restaurant’s gluten free range includes arancini balls, gluten free olives and panna cotta.


Cafe Henkel in Brunswick has a plethora of gluten free options. If you’re looking for an all day breakfast, lunch or dinner, this cafe is worth a visit. Its menu is extensive and includes gluten free, vegan and low FODMAP options.

It’s worth noting that the restaurant is accredited with Coeliac Australia. This means that the menu is prepared in a dedicated area and that there is no risk of cross contamination.

The Fourth Chapter is a whitewashed cafe that serves a range of gorgeous gluten free dishes. These include beetroot cheddar waffles, baked apple crumble and vanilla labneh. There are also some drinks to try.

While Melbourne is home to a number of excellent gluten free eateries, this is the first one to be accredited by Coeliac Australia. They have a free app that helps you find the perfect restaurant for your needs.

La Tortilleria

La Tortilleria is a small Mexican restaurant that offers authentic Mexican food. They make gluten free tortillas.

They serve tacos, quesadillas and chilaquiles. They also offer vegan options. The menu includes ceviche dishes, and margaritas.

They are owned by a Mexican family. Their focus is on responsibly sourced ingredients. As a result, they do not use mass-produced processes.

They have a separate area in the kitchen dedicated to preparing gluten-free items. They make tortillas and other flatbreads from real corn.

There is also a cafe where they serve a wide range of savoury and sweet treats. You can also get a bottomless high tea.

If you are looking for a cosy place to grab a bite, the Little Collins Street Cafe is a good choice. It is a cute little restaurant that boasts indoor and outdoor seating.


If you are in the market for some gluten free Greek cuisine in Melbourne Victoria, you should check out Stalactites. This popular eatery has been around since 1978 and offers both lunch and dinner options. The menu is extensive and includes dishes that are traditional, as well as a few more modern offerings.

Although Stalactites isn’t the only restaurant in town with a gluten free menu, they are a standout amongst their contemporaries. They have one of the best gyro menus in town, as well as a selection of other grilled meats. You can also pick up some takeaway to satisfy your appetite!

One of the most popular items on their menu is their infamous souvlaki. Served with tzatziki and tomato, this is the Greek version of a meat and two veg meal. Another popular item is the brekky gyro, a tasty combination of bacon and eggs wrapped in a pita.

Daughter In Law

There are plenty of gluten free restaurants in Melbourne Victoria. Some of these restaurants are in the city while others are located in the suburbs. You can browse the list below to find your ideal gluten free meal.

The Gluten Free Melbourne restaurant list is a great resource to help you find a place that serves delicious and healthy food. It also includes vegetarian options.

One of the first gluten free restaurants in Melbourne was Shop 225. This establishment uses Coeliac Australia accredited ingredients. Their menu features Italian and Neapolitan dishes.

Another great restaurant in the city is Chin Chin. You can enjoy a family meal here. They have a fun atmosphere and serve delicious foods.

You can try a tasting menu here. The menu includes an appetizer, naan and dessert.

Neko Neko Cafe offers vegan ramen and spicy ramen. They use 20-ingredient vegetable stock.

Flinders Lane Cafe

The Flinders Lane Cafe is an excellent choice for gluten free diners. With a full menu of tasty treats, this is a great place to start the day.

Another gluten-free cafe to try is Little Cupcakes, located on the ground floor of the Windsor Hotel. This bakery has an impressive range of sweet treats. It also boasts a world class cocktail bar.

A newcomer to the Melbourne restaurant scene, Grill Americano offers Italian inspired dishes. Using top quality Australian ingredients, this eatery will impress even the most discerning palates.

There’s no shortage of high-quality eateries in Melbourne, many of which serve up a range of gluten-free treats. However, if you’re looking for a gluten-free meal in the heart of the city, you may need to do a bit of homework.

Located on Collins Street in the heart of the CBD, Society is a sophisticated dining destination. It offers a grand dining room and signature lounge bar. In addition, the cafe’s ritzy interior is home to a wine cellar stocked with over 10,000 bottles.