List of the Best Ice Cream Stores in Melbourne Victoria

When you are looking to get some ice cream, you want to know which store to go to. It can be a little overwhelming, but there are plenty of places around Melbourne that you can pick from. Here are a few to look at.

Gelateria Primavera

If you’re looking for the best gelato in Melbourne, consider Gelateria Primavera. Located inside Spring Street Grocer, this quirky, retro ice cream store has an emphasis on innovative flavour combinations.

The menu is filled with classic flavours, as well as vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free sorbets. You can also get gelato sandwiches, milkshakes and sundaes.

Gelateria Primavera is a favourite with public servants and couples. Aside from the traditional Italian flavours, the menu includes whimsical, seasonal combinations. All of the flavours are crafted from the highest quality ingredients.

While there are a number of vegan options, you can’t go wrong with a scoop of Nutella swirl. It’s a rich, creamy treat, and it’s easy to add extras if you need a little more.

The gelato at Gelateria Primavera is hand-crafted in an authentic Italian style. This means that it’s made from the best ingredients, including pistachio nut from a mountain village in Sicily.

Aside from being located in the heart of Melbourne, this ice cream shop offers home delivery. You can order in 500 millilitre tubs and have your order delivered right to your doorstep.

Gelato Messina

Gelato Messina has become a local favourite. With over 40 flavours, this high country ice cream store offers a great range of options.

This artisan ice cream shop makes its gelato from scratch. They churn it with traditional Italian techniques, and serve it in Rossetti pots, which keep it fresh. Their best-known flavour is snickers.

The farm-to-freezer ice creamery has a hip crowd. It also boasts a cool staff, and a pastry chef who has worked at Michelin-starred restaurants. New flavours are introduced weekly, and house music is played.

Another local chain that’s worth checking out is Beku. This Carlton ice cream shop features an eclectic mix of flavours, and experiments with new recipes. You can try a creamy Durian gelato, which has a touch of Asian influence. Alternatively, you can choose from Turkish delight or Yuzu gelato.

Kenny Lover, which has two locations, has a unique take on ice cream. In addition to the usual suspects, they offer four vegan flavours. One is peanut butter chocolate chip. All of the flavours are handmade from scratch.

Piccolina Gelateria

If you’re looking for ice cream in Melbourne, Piccolina Gelateria has the best gelato in town. This Italian ice cream shop is famous for its authentic recipes and delicious gelato.

Besides making gelato, Piccolina Gelateria has a range of other desserts and sweets. For example, sorbets are available for those who are vegan. There’s even a special gluten-free variety. The ice cream is made from all natural ingredients.

In addition to its many flavours, Piccolina also makes its own sauces. Its ‘Nutella-like’ sauce is said to be better than the popular chocolate spread.

Piccolina is also known for its cheffy collaborations. Some flavours are inspired by a restaurant, while others are a take on a popular dessert. One such collaboration is the ‘Kenny Lover Eis’, a rich and creamy eis made in-house.

Unlike other ice cream shops, Piccolina’s gelato is made from real, pure ingredients. They’re also gluten free and gelatin free.

Piccolina has six stores throughout Melbourne. Each one is beautifully designed. The store in Hawthorn features white and blond wood furniture. A long bar is set beside the kitchen. The menu features 20 regular and extra-flavour options.

Gigi’s Gelato

Gigi’s Gelato is a beloved ice cream shop in Yarraville. It has been around for over 40 years and stays true to its Italian roots. The store uses gianduja chocolate from Piedmont and uses fresh ingredients.

Rafello Laverzzi is a renowned gelato maker who makes gelato from scratch daily. His flavours blend tradition with modern ingredients. From rich durian to Asian-inspired flavours, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

Gelato Primavera is a popular artisan gelateria with a rotating selection of milk-based gelato. Owner Massimo Bidin prides himself on a commitment to artisanal production.

Farm-to-Freezer Ice Creamery is a new addition to Melbourne’s gelato scene. It has a large crowd and a fun vibe. Each week, it introduces a new flavour. And with a pastry chef from Michelin-starred restaurants, the gelato is top notch.

Gelateria Primavera is one of the city’s best artisan gelaterias. Aside from its gelato, the store has dairy-free sorbets and vegan-friendly offerings. You’ll also find a variety of other dessert options.

The iconic Kenny Lover Eis is created in-house and is rich with cream. If you’re looking for a more exotic taste, try their soy-based pistachio ice cream.

Sundae School

If you’re looking for the best ice cream in Melbourne, then you’re in luck. From the finest local milk and cream to an incredibly wide range of flavours, there’s no shortage of places to indulge. And if you’re looking for a particularly unique flavour, you’ll want to make a trip to one of these icy treats.

Sundae School is an American-style ice cream shop that serves up creamy, custard-based ice cream. You can choose from ten rotating flavours, such as apple pie and black pepper sherbet, or opt for a malted milkshake. The store also offers real bubblegum.

One of the coolest things about the Sundae School is the classroom. Here, groups of 10 or more can learn all about the different flavours. While there are plenty of other nifty ice cream stores to choose from, the Sundae School has something special.

Another ice cream store worth checking out is Gelateria Primavera, located in Spring Street Grocer. This artisan gelato store has the right amount of class. In addition to its dazzling assortment of desserts, the store has online ordering.

Kenny Lover

If you’re looking for an Australiana ice creamery that evokes childhood memories and uses local ingredients, then Kenny Lover might be for you. This ice-creamery is a joint venture between Joane Yeoh and Bernard Chu, and offers flavours inspired by Japanese food and traditional ice-cream.

Kenny Lover offers unique flavours that make it a one-of-a-kind ice-creamery. For instance, it sells kalamata olive and white chocolate ice-cream. It also makes soy-based pistachio.

The menu also features Kenny Crunch and Kenny Sprinkles, which are puffed rice tinted natural colours. These flavors are perfect for dipping.

They also sell a range of classic ice-cream flavors, such as yuzu sake and fairy bread. The ice-creamery specializes in creative flavour combinations, using native Australian ingredients.

In addition to ice-cream, the shop also offers hot chips. You can dip them in the delicious ice-cream and enjoy them with a buttermilk waffle.

During the summer, Kenny Lover has created a special summer menu, featuring retro goodness. You can order the Banana Split with Raspberry and Lemon Myrtle ice-cream, which features all-natural raspberry and lemon myrtle syrup, whipped cream, and crushed cookies.

Salt & Straw

Salt & Straw Ice Cream is a cult favorite in Portland, Oregon, but the company is gaining a nationwide following. The company is known for creating unique, edgy flavors. Known for their creative and locally sourced ingredients, Salt & Straw produces its ice cream in small batches.

Salt & Straw was founded by cousins Kim and Tyler Malek. They originally started as a rinky-dink ice cream cart in 2011, but the Maleks soon realized the potential for a more permanent shop. In addition to a brick and mortar location in downtown Portland, the Maleks have opened four scoop shops in San Diego, Los Angeles and Seattle.

The company has a mission to support local food producers, farmers, cheesemongers, bakers, and other artisans. This is demonstrated by its monthly menus that feature a variety of special flavors. For example, the company recently launched an Iris Liqueur & Edible Flowers Sorbet, which is jewelled with organic edible flowers from Eugene, Oregon.

Other limited edition flavors include Nibble’s 85% Peruvian Chocolate Sorbet, which was inspired by Nibble Chocolate near Old Town San Diego. This ice cream is made from two-ingredient chocolate, melted into sugar, water, and coconut cream.


Pidapipo is one of Melbourne’s most popular ice cream stores. It has three locations and serves artisan gelato in traditional Italian style. The store is set in a 1950s Italo-chic fit-out.

It’s not uncommon to see crowds spilling out of the doors. There’s an ever-changing menu of artisan gelato flavours. One of the best is the salted caramel.

Founded by Lisa Valmorbida, Pidapipo was inspired by a game that her grandfather played. She spent time in Italy to learn about gelato techniques. Since opening her first store in 2014, Lisa has expanded to Windsor and Lygon Street.

While the line is long at Pidapipo, it’s worth the wait. It’s the best gelato in Melbourne. You can even add extra Nutella.

Gelato Messina is a new addition to the Melbourne ice cream scene. They have 40 flavours. The lineup can stretch around the corner. In addition to artisanal gelato, they serve other dessert options.

For the ice cream purist, there’s a whole list of top notch gelaterias in Melbourne. From traditional Italian style to wacky flavours, there’s no end to the options.