List of the Best Pancakes in Melbourne Victoria

If you’re looking for a place to satisfy your breakfast cravings, there are some amazing places in Melbourne to try. These are just a few of them.

Fresh Air & Pancake

Fresh Air & Pancake serves Asian inspired pancakes and sweet treats. These delicious pancakes are light, fluffy and heavenly. They can be ordered online or via the Uber Eats app in Melbourne.

If you are looking for a little more sustenance, there is a set-menu option available. Choose from a variety of chef’s favourites. The menu features everything from traditional egg dishes to pancakes with chocolate drizzle and peanut butter.

The cafe also offers a delicious menu of bubble tea and savoury crepes. Try their ricotta hotcakes, topped with toasted pistachios. There are even twenty different bubble tea flavours to choose from.

Another popular place to get pancakes is Stokers Fine Pancakes. This cosy South Melbourne cafe offers a range of savoury and sweet dishes. It’s open during select hours on weekends.

The cafe also offers a savoury menu of crisp pancake chips, spinach, ricotta and caramelised onions. You can also opt for alcoholic hot chocolate or a scrumptious smoothie.

Stokers Fine Pancakes

Stokers Fine Pancakes is a Melbourne cafe that offers a variety of pancakes to choose from. These are made from scratch in the cafe and can be ordered sweet or savoury. You can enjoy them for a brunch or an after-dinner snack.

The best thing about this place is that the service is exemplary. The restaurant is open late and is perfect for small groups. It is located on Clarendon Street in South Melbourne.

Their original pancake chips are crunchy on the outside, but soft and chewy inside. They are accompanied by homemade mayo and peri peri sauce.

They also serve a chai latte and a chicken parmigiana. If you want something a little more special, they have a secret menu that includes a banana fritter wrapped in a pancake.

Another unique item on the menu is their signature galette. This is a delicious confectionary, topped with a slice of fresh apple, a green salad with pecan nuts and black truffle oil. There are also vegan and gluten-free options.

Ned’s Bake Cafe and Restaurant

If you’re looking for the best pancakes in Melbourne, you can’t go wrong at Ned’s Bake Cafe and Restaurant. With its Mediterranean-inspired baked goods, delicately plated dishes and friendly service, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t visit this restaurant.

In addition to its menu of tasty baked goods, Ned’s Bake is also home to an extensive selection of savoury snacks, including hot and cold smoked salmon, olive grissini sticks and goat’s cheese souffle. There’s no reason to wait to sample the savoury fare, as this restaurant is open all day.

You’ll find Ned’s Bake Cafe and Restaurant on Toorak Road in South Yarra. The restaurant has a lovely cosy atmosphere. Whether you’re visiting for brunch or a romantic date, this cafe and restaurant offers the perfect setting to enjoy a meal.

You might not think that the city of Melbourne has the most great breakfast options, but you’d be surprised at how many excellent restaurants offer a wide range of brunch options. From ricotta hotcakes to granola bowls, you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

Roule Galette

Roule Galette is one of Melbourne’s best pancake cafes. The restaurant offers traditional French crepes, made with buckwheat flour. It also serves a number of gluten-free options.

Aside from the crepes, the cafe also has a number of other treats on offer. It’s open late, offering a wide range of sweet and savoury options. Moreover, its brunch menu is particularly appealing.

At the same time, Roule Galette also serves tea. Their cafe is a favourite among locals and visitors.

With its exposed brick walls, high ceilings and greenery, the cafe is an ideal spot for a casual brunch. On the menu are classics like maple syrup, banana and bacon. But they have more exciting options as well, such as chicken avocado and truffle salmon.

They also serve bubble tea, made with a variety of flavours. In addition, they have a vegan option.

Lenny 3206

Lenny 3206 is a new cafe in Albert Park, Victoria. The cafe opened in June, and is the younger sibling of Armadale’s Moby 3143. Its menu is filled with classic brunch items, and also some less traditional dishes.

Lenny’s brunch bar offers a breezy atmosphere and beachy vibes. The interiors are a mix of pastel shades and beach-like fixtures. There’s also a cute outdoor terrace.

The cafe’s menu features some Melbourne favourites, such as eggs benedict, corn fritters, and confit salmon. They also offer vegan and gluten-free options. For those looking for something a little healthier, the cafe offers a sushi bowl.

If you are looking for something a little more indulgent, the cafe offers pancakes. Their kid’s hotcakes come with maple syrup, vanilla bean ice cream, hundreds and thousands, and fresh berries.

Lenny also has a range of poke bowls. One of the most popular is the teriyaki sauce bowl, which is made with brown sushi rice, edamame salad, wasabi peas, avocado, and a perfectly poached egg.

5 and Dime

You may have heard of Zev Forman, the man behind 5 and Dime, before. But now he’s bringing his bagels to the masses, opening a dedicated bagel cafe in Melbourne’s CBD. He’s also been selling his boiled and baked New York style bagels at local farmers markets.

The 5 and Dime bagels that we’ve tasted are tasty and slightly chewy on the inside. They’re not toasted, but have a nice crispy exterior. Their coffee is pretty good too.

As if the bagel were not enough, Zev and his team will serve breakfast and lunch as well. Their menu is extensive and their specialty is hand-crafted boiled bagels.

This is the bagels that a lot of people in Melbourne are talking about. They make a wide variety of bagels with some very interesting fillings. Some of the more unusual ones include bacon maple cream cheese, strawberry cream cheese and a garlic chive cream cheese.

Prior Thornberry

Prior Thornberry pancakes in Melbourne Victoria is a fantastic choice for those looking for high-end brunch. This is a sit-down restaurant that serves perfectly cooked meals. Its interior is stylish and sexy. The art deco-style accents make the place an Instagram-worthy venue.

A former print house, Prior Cafe in Thornbury has a clean and chic interior. With timber logs, a wood burner, and warm terracotta colours, the space is cozy yet elegant.

The menu is full of modern Australian dishes. One of the best items is a steak sandwich. Another is ricotta pancakes with rhub-raspberry compote. Lastly, try the chocolate crumpets.

You can also get bottomless brunch at this Melbourne cafe. They also serve a range of breakfast dishes, such as a crab eggs benedict.

Prior Thornbury also serves takeaway coffee. They have a hefty case of baked goods.


Whether you are searching for breakfast, brunch or lunch, Melbourne has no shortage of cafes. This is especially true if you are a fan of pancakes. Pancakes come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be folded and curled to your hearts content. You can even make your own!

Some of the best pancakes in Melbourne can be found at The Pancake Parlour, a small neighborhood eatery with a massive menu. If you’re not in the mood for pancakes, this is still a great place to have a meal.

For something a little more sophisticated, head to the Rainbow Pancake House. Located near Grace Park, this restaurant’s impressive menu includes a few of the aforementioned small dishes. It also has a stellar drink selection, including 24ct gold and drippy syrup.

Other notable items on the menu include a blueberry and ricotta hotcake. And while you’re at it, check out the bone-marrow butter.

Manchester press

Manchester Press is a hidden gem of a cafe in Melbourne Victoria. Located on a laneway between Rankins Ln and Elizabeth St, this tiny establishment has one of the best coffees in town. Not to mention a good selection of bagels.

A trip to the Manchester Press is a must if you’re in the city. They have a good range of press coffee and a few funky decor items. It is also a great place to pick up a decadent takeaway item like a bagel or a cake or cupcake.

They have a good selection of the savoury bagels, too. For those who are in a hurry, the quickest way to get your hands on a toasted one is to order online. This is an easy and cheap way to get your hands on a tasty morning snack. The Manchester Press also does a nice job of making your order look good, with their fancy signage and signage aplenty.

Via Porta Eatery Deli and Lagotto

Via Porta Eatery Deli serves a brunch menu, Italian style. With a wide variety of dishes, there is sure to be something to suit your taste. From omelettes with whipped feta to eggs in arrabbiata, the menu at this restaurant offers an array of options.

For a more casual breakfast, The Craft & Co is a charming cafe in Collingwood. This is a popular spot for a quick morning coffee or morning brunch.

Another great place for a breakfast is Hardware Societe. They serve delicious pastries and sandwiches. Aside from the usual suspects, they also have an extensive menu with Spanish and French dishes. Some of their favourites include buckwheat blinis, gin-cured salmon and croquet madams with pork rillettes.

There are many places to choose from in Melbourne for a morning brunch. Some of the best restaurants offer creative dishes and exceptional views.