List of the Best Souvlaki Shops in Melbourne Victoria

If you are a fan of Souvlaki, then you are in luck. There are plenty of shops around Melbourne that offer the best of the dish. Here is a list of some of them!

Kalimera Souvlaki Art

When you’re in the mood for authentic Greek Souvlaki, there are several shops in Melbourne Victoria to choose from. For example, Kalimera Souvlaki Art is an upbeat, unpretentious joint in Oakleigh. A quick look at the menu should give you an idea of what they offer.

The menu is a combination of traditional and progressive. It features a selection of Greek fast food, including the popular souvlaki. They’re also good for parties, with a kid’s menu and an open kitchen.

The owners of Kalimera Souvlaki Art are Greek immigrants who saw a gap in the Melbourne market for a souvlaki shop. They opened the restaurant in Oakleigh five years ago. Their menu is a combination of pork and chicken Gyros and a variety of Souvlakis.

The Kalimera store is located on the top end of Oakleigh’s main hub. There is a large crowd of locals who keep the place busy. You can choose to sit outside or inside, and they provide a salad, chips, and garlicky housemade tzatziki.

You’ll want to try the pita-wrapped lamb souvlaki. These are a favourite late-night snack in Melbourne. If you’re looking for an alternative, check out the plant-based meat souvlakis at Alati.

Stalactites Souvlaki

Stalactites is a Greek restaurant that has been serving up Melbourne’s Greek cuisine since 1978. Owned by the Konstandakopoulos family, the restaurant serves a wide range of authentic Greek dishes.

The menu features a variety of grilled meats and vegetarian options. Souvlaki is one of the restaurant’s specialties. It comes in a grilled pita with lettuce and tomato. Other items on the menu include moussaka, fried calamari and beef and pork meatballs.

The restaurant is open seven days a week. You can have your meal in or take it away. There are also a selection of gluten free items available.

The menu at Stalactites includes the Greek favourite, souvlaki, and also a variety of other traditional dips and baked dishes. As well as being gluten free, the restaurant is Coeliac Australia accredited.

At the heart of the restaurant’s philosophy lies an emphasis on a casual, family-style dining experience. Owners John and Susie Rerakis have built a reputation for bringing the warmth and hospitality of Greece to their customers.

Since its opening in Lonsdale Street in 1978, Stalactites has served over ten million souvlakis. In addition to its extensive menu, the restaurant offers a 24-hour service.

Stalactites is a Greek restaurant in Melbourne that caters to both diners and takeaway customers. It is open seven days a week and is renowned for its Greek feast.

Jimmy’s Souvlaki

Souvlaki is a Greek street food that has made its way into the Melbourne market. The combination of char-grilled meat and fresh pita bread makes for a delicious meal. It can be enjoyed as an alternative to a regular burger.

Jimmy Grants is a restaurant that specialises in souvlaki. They have stores in Fitzroy, Richmond and Ormond. George Calombaris owns the chain, which offers a range of options. For example, the popular steamed dimmys come stuffed with lamb or prawns. Other items on the menu include baklava and salads.

Jimmy Grants is part of the food empire owned by masterchef juggernaut George Colambaris. This includes the Press Club dynasty and the Vanilla cake giant.

There are six Jimmy Grants restaurants in the Melbourne area. These restaurants are located in Emporium Melbourne, Ormond, Fitzroy, Richmond, Newtown and Glen Waverley.

A new Jimmy Grants Richmond restaurant recently opened. The restaurant is a funky reinterpretation of a suburban Australian home. Features include a low seating arrangement and narrow linear benches. Wood surfaces and mirrors are all present in the restaurant.

Jimmy Grants Richmond serves the same menu as the other Jimmy Grants franchises. In addition to the standard menu, the Richmond location offers loukamades, feta chips and dips with pita.

Mythos GR

Mythos GR is a Greek restaurant and gyros bar in Oakleigh’s famous Greek dining precinct. This restaurant is operated by Greek restaurateur George Karakousis. The restaurant’s main walls are painted in apricot mosaic.

A chargrilled souvlaki is one of the most popular dishes on the menu. You can choose between chicken or lamb. It’s served with lettuce and tomato, which helps cut through the meat and carbs. There’s also a paprika-tinted Tzatziki.

A great way to end your meal is with a refreshing, zesty Tzatziki. Paprika-tinted Tzatziki is a specialty of the Kalimera store. In addition to this, you can also try grilled halloumi and pork or beef Gyros.

The Greek Grill is a popular choice among locals. You can dine in, takeaway or get a delivery. They offer a traditional menu and the best Greek food in Melbourne. Their alfresco space is covered.

Another family-run Greek restaurant, Eleni’s Kitchen and Bar in Yarraville, is known for its live music on weekends. It’s open seven days a week, and offers a wide range of Greek dishes. If you want to experience some authentic Greek flavours without leaving the suburbs, try the menu at Stalactites.

Souvlaki is a fast-food favourite in Australia, but the Greek version dates back at least 2,500 years. Traditionally, lamb is not used in this dish.


Souvlaki is a traditional Greek street snack. It is a combination of char-grilled meat and fresh pita bread. The charred flavour is a key ingredient in its taste.

There are a number of best souvlaki shops in Melbourne. Some are dedicated to this dish, while others are not. Whether you want a gyro, prawns, or chicken, there is a restaurant in Melbourne that will satisfy your craving.

Souvlaki is a national dish of Greece. It is essentially a salad in a wrap, though the ingredients may vary slightly. This is a traditional Greek street snack, but the name is also used to describe its takeaway counterpart.

A popular destination for Mediterranean fare, Agapi is located in Richmond’s busy downtown. Offering authentic share plates, delicious mezes, and light seasoned food, this restaurant is a favourite for many.

Alati in Bentleigh is known for its traditional pork souvlaki, and focuses on using quality produce. They also offer vegetarian and plant-based options.

Kalimera in Oakleigh is a favourite among locals. Their menu features a selection of affordable gyros, a house-made pita, and a signature Kalimera sauce, which is a garlicky tzatziki.

Tsindos is a family-run Greek eatery that has been operating for three generations. They serve a wide variety of mezes and salads, including grilled octopus and slow-cooked lamb shoulder.

Melina’s on the Rooftop

Melina mostly on Rooftop is a rooftop restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD. Named after the late Greek actress and politician, Melina Mercouri, the restaurant offers an unbeatable view of the city’s central business district. It also features a spectacular meze-inspired grazing board.

A favourite among locals, Melina’s menu features a wide range of meze dishes. From traditional Greek dishes to fresh seafood and salads, the restaurant has something for every taste. There are also a number of options on the drinks list. You can order a glass of Ouzo for $5.

The meze-style menu is ideal for catching up with friends. Also available is the option of a banquet, with dishes such as dolmades and grilled octopus. As with most of Melina’s menu, the food is fresh and flavoursome.

If you’re in the mood for a more traditional Greek dinner, the Flame Greek Tavern in Surrey Hills is a great choice. With a welcoming dining room and white tablecloths, the restaurant is a popular destination for Mediterranean fare.

Another high-end Greek restaurant is Elyros Desserts in Camberwell. It’s run by celebrated chef George Calombaris and has been a fixture in the community for many years.

Tsindos Greek Restaurant, located on Lonsdale Street in Melbourne, has been serving Greek food and wine since the 1970s. Their menu includes a variety of souvlakis, gyros and salads. They also serve a selection of Greek champagnes and spirits.

Embla Souvlaki

Melbourne has an exciting food scene. From laneways to street food, the city is filled with many different restaurants and cuisines. There are also many wine bars and trendy rooftop bars. Here are some of the best places to eat in the CBD.

If you’re looking for a traditional Greek meal, try Tsindos. It is one of the longest-running Greek restaurants in Melbourne. You can choose from a variety of dishes, including lamb souvlaki and dolmades. The tzatziki sauce is house-made, as are the pita bread and lettuce.

If you want a more modern take on Australian food, visit Embla. They have a large wine selection and a stylish, modern setting. As well as a surprisingly comprehensive bottle list, the restaurant offers a menu full of interesting small plates. Their food is cooked quickly and served in a simple manner, which keeps prices reasonable.

Souvlaki is a popular grilled skewer of lamb or pork, wrapped in pita bread, and topped with tzatziki. The meat can be marinated in a variety of ways.

In addition to its food, Embla is a popular wine bar. Open all day, the bar is a great place to enjoy a drink and a nibble. On their wine menu, you’ll find classic rum babas, as well as some bold and unique drops.