List of the Best Teppanyaki Restaurants in Melbourne Victoria

If you are looking for a list of the best teppanyaki restaurants in Melbourne, you have come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular restaurants with great reviews, ratings, and photos for your convenience. These restaurants have received the highest marks for their food and service. So whether you’re in the mood for sushi, yakitori, or a variety of other Japanese dishes, we’ve got you covered.

Ichi Ni Izakaya

Ichi Ni Izakaya has been a fixture on the esplanade of St Kilda for at least half a decade. It’s one of the best Japanese restaurants in Melbourne. The restaurant specializes in wagyu beef, fresh sashimi, and a wide range of sushi.

As well as the sushi, the wagyu beef tartare is also worth a try. This is served with a selection of croutons and pickled vegetables.

Another Japanese restaurant worth a look is Nobu. You can order a multi-course menu, which is perfect for parties of four or more. There is a private dining room upstairs.

One of the best Japanese restaurants in Melbourne is Kisume, which offers sushi and a small omakase bar. They also have a hot kitchen in the basement.

Tokyo Tina is another top notch Japanese restaurant in Melbourne. Their menu is full of interesting dishes and impressive cocktails. They serve up excellent izakaya style tapas, too.

Yakimono is a newcomer in Melbourne’s fashion district. They’re not just about fire though, they also specialize in yakitori, or skewered meat.

Ichi Ni Nana

Ichi Ni Nana is a restaurant that has a variety of dining options. You can enjoy dinner, drinks or even karaoke. There is also a takeaway service.

The Ichi Group runs several restaurants in Melbourne and St Kilda. One of their most popular restaurants is Ichi Ni Nana, which is located in Fitzroy, Victoria.

Ichi Ni Nana is a Japanese restaurant that features a kaleidoscope of flavours. Their menu includes sushi, gyu (Wagyu scotch fillet) and soft shell crab tempura. They also offer a range of nigiri sets.

They serve a variety of different kinds of cocktails. You can choose from scotch, sake or a martini. It’s also a great place to try their ebi mayo.

Ichi Ni Nana is also a great place for a private party. The outdoor area is spacious and features a retractable glass ceiling. This will provide you with a view of the bay while you eat.

There are three different event spaces at the Ichi Ni Nana. Each space provides unique space for all occasions.


Aoba Teppanyaki Restaurant in Melbourne Victoria is one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in the eastern suburbs. It’s a family run restaurant, with a staff that make you feel like they’re part of the family. They’re also very affordable, so you can enjoy the delicious dishes without spending a lot.

The restaurant offers a number of set menus, including the Special Banquet menu, which includes both a meat and a seafood option. There are also vegetarian options.

If you’re looking for a good teppanyaki experience in Melbourne, there are several excellent restaurants. Ishizuka, Kazuki’s and Ginza in Chinatown all offer excellent options.

Ishizuka serves up eleven different dishes on a revolving set menu. The specialties include wagyu beef tartare and yakitori prawns.

A la carte menus are also available. There are a range of vegetarian and seafood dishes. For those with a larger budget, you can take your pick of some of the more exotic dishes. Alternatively, there are a variety of set menus for both lunch and dinner.


Ishizuka is one of Melbourne’s most exclusive Japanese restaurants. Located in Chinatown, it’s a 16-seat Japanese restaurant specializing in the classic Kaga Kaiseki style of cuisine. This is a rare experience, and it’s well worth the effort of finding it.

Ishizuka offers a nightly set menu of up to 11 courses. Each course has a specific theme, and the dishes are created to reflect the Kaga Kaiseki style of cuisine. The restaurant is run by famed chef Tomotaka Ishika, who has worked at some of the best restaurants in Japan.

In addition to the kaiseki-style meals, Ishizuka also has a selection of wine pairings. Designed by Russell & George, the design of the restaurant combines Japanese minimalist elements with contemporary details. Custom-made tableware from Kyoto ceramics masters, as well as contemporary lighting, create an atmosphere of quiet and intimacy.

The Kaiseki philosophy celebrates the perfect balance of precision, texture and taste. It focuses on quality produce, while emphasizing honest flavours and precise cooking techniques.

Ishizuka has been awarded Restaurant Design of the Year at the 2018 Eat Drink Design Awards, and is a Finalist for the upcoming Frame Awards in Amsterdam. The restaurant’s bespoke design features a sleek, minimalist basement dining room, and its decor is conceptually daring.


The best Japanese restaurants in Melbourne Victoria have something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a sushi bar with live entertainment or a fine dining kaiseki experience, these top picks will be sure to delight.

Kenzan is one of the oldest and most respected Japanese restaurants in Melbourne. Many of Australia’s most famous Japanese food experts learned their trade at this institution. They offer a broad range of traditional techniques and a menu that covers the spectrum from spicy to simple.

Kazuki’s is another must-try for any Japanese food lover. This restaurant boasts a unique and flavourful menu, based on the tradition of ‘Omotenashi’, or Japanese hospitality. It also has a great selection of sakes and cocktails.

Mr RYU is a restaurant in the foodie precinct of Balaclava. It offers delicious Japanese cuisine at affordable prices. You can book a table for a meal, or try their lunch specials.

There are many other excellent Japanese restaurants in Melbourne. Izakaya Den is a popular Japanese restaurant that features agedashi tofu and grilled octopus. However, the real star of this venue is the charred miso ramen.

Shinbashi Yakiniku

Shinbashi Yakiniku is one of the most popular Japanese buffets in Melbourne, Victoria. This restaurant specialises in wagyu deluxe trio, sashimi, yakiniku, and a variety of Japanese seafood. They also offer an All You Can Eat menu.

The new venue has a sleek design and dark wooden tables. It opened in late June. While the interior is contemporary, the dining area still maintains the traditional style of Japanese cuisine.

Shinbashi Yakiniku offers the freshest Australian wagyu beef. The restaurant specialises in M9+ Wagyu Sirloin, wagyu pork belly, and M7+ Wagyu Dice. However, they offer a wide selection of meats and seafood as well.

Their menus range from sushi to beef, seafood, and vegetarian dishes. Their menu changes daily. Also available are special banquets, vegetarian options, and the kid’s set.

Their menus are available for lunch and dinner. If you’re looking for a great deal, the Teppanyaki Special for lunch is just $38 per person.

For dinner, there are also a range of teppanyaki set menus. A la carte options are available as well.


Koko Teppanyaki Restaurant is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Melbourne. It has a tranquil atmosphere and impressive sake bar. The food is also very good.

It offers authentic teppanyaki and sashimi. You can choose from an a la carte menu or a set menu.

The restaurant also has a sushi bar. This is the perfect place to watch the chefs prepare food right before your eyes.

The sushi bar has separate teppanyaki grills. Aside from teppanyaki, the menu has a variety of seafood and vegetables.

The restaurant also serves a variety of sake from Japan and Australia. There is a large wine selection as well.

It is an elegant Japanese restaurant with a city view. The decor includes antique bronze bells and ceremonial ceramics.

Its teppanyaki room has an outdoor balcony overlooking the Yarra river. You can hire the space for private functions.

One of the most popular teppanyaki dishes is okonomiyaki, which is a Japanese savoury pancake. It is typically filled with cabbage, meat and noodles.

Mr Ramen San

Mr Ramen San is a Japanese ramen restaurant located in the inner city in Melbourne. This restaurant specialises in house made noodles and authentic Japanese cuisine. It offers a variety of dishes, including the famous tsukemen.

Although it may seem like an unassuming establishment, the restaurant has a pleasant and relaxing ambience. The interior combines dark timber finishes with a traditional style of artwork, and features a Japanese inspired decor.

One of the perks of the eatery is its friendly service. All customers are treated with respect. Besides, the food is very good. They serve a variety of Japanese ramen, including spicy chicken, teriyaki pork and 24-hour tonkatsu broth.

Another plus for the restaurant is its drinks. You can order your favourite Japanese beer and cocktail draft beers.

In addition to beer, you can also choose from a wide selection of Japanese rice teas and sake. These are perfect for those who prefer not to drink alcohol.

Other options are a variety of vegetarian ramen dishes. One of the ramen restaurants in Melbourne that offers vegan ramen is Neko Neko. Aside from ramen, this restaurant also serves vegetarian dishes such as tsukeman and vegetable gyoza.