List of The Best Gymnastics Clubs in Melbourne Victoria

If you’re interested in joining a gymnastics club in Melbourne, you’ll find that there are a number of options available. However, it can be a challenge to choose which one is right for you. We’ve compiled a list of the top clubs in the area to help you make your decision.

Essendon Keilor Gymnastics Academy

If you are considering enrolling your children in a gymnastics club in Melbourne Victoria, here are a few finalists to consider. They offer a variety of classes that range from recreational to teen gymnastics. Regardless of which one is right for your child, it’s always a good idea to make sure that you find a gymnastics club that provides quality programs.

Gymstar is a unique recreational competitive program that includes boys and girls of all ages. It combines traditional gymnastics drills with regular sports training. This type of program is designed to make you feel like you’re part of a team, ensuring that your kids get the best gymnastics education possible.

The DISC program, on the other hand, is a longstanding stalwart in the gymnastics world. This program has an impressive waiting list of over two hundred potential members.

Kids in Motion is a unique sporting program that combines traditional gymnastics drills with regular athletic training. The program offers an all round development program, as well as a Sports-Specific Program and Levels Program.

Another cool program is the Twisters Gymnastics Program. It offers a variety of session options, from Monday to Saturday. These include team gym, tumbling and OpenGym.

Eclipse Gymnastics

Eclipse Gymnastics in Ringwood is one of the best gymnastics clubs in Melbourne Victoria. This club provides a range of programs for children and adults. The club aims to enhance the quality of life of its members, both in and out of the gym.

There are numerous gymnastics clubs in and around Melbourne. Many are aimed at children while others are focused on the competitive side of the sport. While some offer only a few sessions, others have waiting lists. To help parents weed through the choices, ActiveActivities offers a range of reviews and ratings of gymnastics clubs in and around Melbourne.

For those interested in more formal competitive events, there are three state governing bodies in Victoria. Athletes from these organisations have qualified for the Victorian State Team. Despite the number of clubs competing, the Victoria WAG team remains a cohesive unit.

One of the most popular is Gymstar, which is a unisex invitational recreational competitive program that allows athletes to compete in structured competitions on MAG and WAG apparatus. Using the state skill curriculum, gymnasts can show off their best moves and compete for the top spots in the women’s all-around and apparatus finals.

Pulse Gymnastics

Located in Epping, Pulse Gymnastics provides gymnastics classes to all ages and skill levels. The facility includes a sprung floor and uneven bars, as well as vaulting tables and balance beams. It is perfect for children who are starting out on their gymnastic journey.

For those who want to continue on their gymnastics career, they may want to enroll in the competitive program. This program offers a structured training schedule, increasing the number of hours per week a gymnast trains. They are separated into different training squads according to their age and level.

A competitive training schedule is carefully planned to help each gymnast achieve their full potential. Classes include tumbling, trampolining, and gymnastics skills. Each session is designed to develop a gymnast’s strength and flexibility.

While they are focused on safety and wellbeing, the instructors at Pulse also provide a fun and engaging environment. Natasha is a coach who has a wealth of experience in the gymnastics industry. She aims to provide quality instruction to all gymnasts.

All gymnasts start at Bronze level. As they progress through the levels, they learn to master the basic skills and move up to Silver and Gold.

The recreational gymnastics class is for school-aged children between five and seventeen years of age. Children can choose from a range of programs, including double mini-trampoline, parallel bars, a tumbling track, and a sprung floor.

Skylark Sports

Skylark Sports is a gymnastics club that promotes physical activity and personal development. It offers a range of classes, including ninja training, acrobatics, and tumbling.

The Ninja program incorporates parkour, martial arts, and gymnastics. It teaches children how to navigate obstacle courses, which fosters both character and discipline. These classes are divided into two age groups, one for beginners and the other for advanced warriors.

Skylark Sports also offers a baby gym, which promotes cognitive and sensory development. Its 30-minute lessons encourage physical activity alongside the child.

Another program is the SocialGym, which is designed for kids with special needs. It encourages open communication with guardians, as well as problem-solving and social skills. This class is held at the North Melbourne Community Centre every Friday.

Skylark Sports also offers Squad Acrobatics, which uses acrobatics to train for a range of competitions. These gymnasts will compete at the Australian Gymnastics Championships on the Gold Coast in May.

In addition, Skylark Sports is known for their safety. They have recently hosted a personal protection workshop for parents. Their staff also goes above and beyond to keep their members safe.

Mia Dawson is a gymnast who has worked hard to develop her skills. She also has an internal drive to improve her performance in competitions. Her dedication led her to qualify for the Victorian Championships as an individual in 2022.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is a great way to enhance flexibility, strength, and agility. Using clubs, balls, and ropes, gymnasts perform figure-eights, figure-spins, and other complex maneuvers. They also demonstrate good hand-eye coordination and balance.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a fun sport for everyone. It combines elements of ballet, modern dance, and gymnastics. For example, a gymnast will use a club for swings and throws, a hoop for rolling and spinning, and a rope for jumping. Rhythmic gymnastics is a perfect complement to artistic gymnastics or baton twirling.

Infinity Gymnastics and Dance is a fun, exciting, and innovative dance and gymnastics studio in Oakleigh South. It offers a wide range of classes and special programs for all ages, from mums & bubs to pre-schoolers and competitive athletes. Plus, it has rehearsal space for hire, kids parties, and even excursions. The facility is also ideal for large-scale corporate events.

Angela Dawson has been a devoted rhythmic gymnast for most of her life. She has been involved in the sport since she was three. As a result, she is an internationally certified judge and coach. She has been coaching for over 20 years. Her achievements include being a national junior group champion and member of the board of directors of the BC Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics Federation.


Gymstar is a program that gives aspiring gymnasts a taste of competitive competition. It is a unisex, invitational, recreational program designed to teach skills, build fitness, and foster team spirit. You’ll get to try out a range of apparatus and compete against other gymnasts at the club, as well as at other clubs nearby.

In addition to a number of recreational classes, Gymstar has a dedicated tumbling track that is a great place for younger kids to improve their tumbles and twirls. The gym is equipped with a sprung floor, double mini-trampoline, and various rings, bars, and vaulting equipment.

A good gym is also a place where children and teens can get together to socialize and play games. Several schools and gyms in Melbourne offer tumbling and trampoline classes, as well as fun team gym sessions.

If your child is interested in trying out the best of both worlds, look no further than the Gymstar gymnastics club in Melbourne Victoria. For more information or to enrol, contact us today. We’ll help you find the right course for your child.

Our gymnastics training program will equip your children with the skills they need to excel in sport and life.

Bulleen Templestowe Youth Club Gymnastics

The Bulleen Templestowe Youth Club Gymnastics is a club that focuses on the development of good gymnastics skills. This club has been around since the early 1970’s and was initially located at the Templestowe High School. However, the club shifted to a purpose-built gymnastic facility at Donvale. A variety of different sports can be found at this club, including men’s artistic gymnastics, women’s artistic gymnastics, children’s gymnastics, trampolining, and gymnastics for adults.

Another club in the area is the MLC Gymnastics Club, which is affiliated with Gymnastics Victoria. It has a women’s artistic gymnastics program for girls aged five and up. This club is also part of the Methodist Ladies College in Kew. You can learn about this club by checking out their website. Their team includes Vladimir Shorinov, a former top level Russian gymnast. He has a master’s degree in business management in sport.