Best Personal Trainers in Melbourne

If you’re looking to get into shape in Melbourne, you’ll want to be sure to use one of the best personal trainers in the city. Fortunately, there are plenty of options, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the right one.

Elite Health & Strength

If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Melbourne, Elite Health & Strength has the perfect fit for you. The team of professional experts can help you set goals and create a program that will meet your specific needs. You can expect a motivating environment, as well as effective results.

ELITE coaches offer a hybrid approach to fitness that focuses on sports nutrition, muscle gain, and fat loss. They also provide motivational check-ins and supplementation to help you reach your goals.

Jacob’s clients range from elite athletes to weekend warriors. Whether they’re looking to increase their strength, improve their overall health, or tone their rig, Jacob’s no-nonsense approach is reflected in their transformations.

Ben’s focus is on circuit-based high-intensity training. He expects his clients to give their all, both mentally and physically. Despite his commitment to this approach, he’s also open about not being the best type of trainer for everyone.

ELITE Health & Strength’s clients enjoy a unique, personalised experience that focuses on their unique goals and preferences. Their services include one-on-one training, group sessions, and online training.

ELITE coaches are certified professionals who know the ins and outs of personal training. As a result, they provide a highly motivating environment to achieve the best results.

Revolution Personal Training

If you are looking for a reputable personal trainer in Melbourne, you should try Revolution Personal Training. They offer a full range of services from personal training to group classes. You can even sign up for a free fitness bootcamp. The company is also known for its podcast, which is a great resource for anyone interested in improving their fitness.

Revolution Personal Training is located in South Melbourne. It is a 4,000 square foot facility offering group classes, private therapy, and more. As a personal trainer, Jimmy Kostaras has a wide client base including many athletes and weekend warriors. He isn’t afraid to push clients to their physical and mental limits.

Revolution Personal Training offers a full range of programs from boxing to HIIT. Their team includes trainers with a proven track record. For example, Justin has trained top VAFA winners.

Among the more advanced workouts offered by Revolution Personal Training are BoxFit, Pure Strength, and MetCon. You can also get customized meals and workout plans. Regardless of your level of fitness, Revolution Personal Training will help you reach your fitness goals.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a gym junkie to take advantage of their services. Depending on your budget, you can hire a trainer for a one-on-one or small group session. Also, the company is willing to accommodate appointments at odd hours.

Get Going

Having a personal trainer is an excellent way to improve your fitness levels. Not only will your trainer keep you accountable, but they will also ensure you are safe during your workout.

A personal trainer can help you reach your fitness goals, from building muscle to improving endurance. They will also provide you with a personalized workout plan. Some of these professionals will even come to your home or workplace. Whether you prefer to get fit in the privacy of your own home or in the comfort of a gym, these experts have the right solution for you.

One of the most important aspects of your fitness regimen is your motivation. It is easy to become disillusioned with your progress. You may get bored of the same old workouts, or your body may sabotage your efforts. The best personal trainers in Melbourne can help you stay on track and make the most of your exercise sessions.

To find the perfect trainer for you, you can research websites such as Personal Trainers Australia and ask friends and family for recommendations. Once you have narrowed down your choices, you can contact them using the ‘enquiry’ button on their profiles.

Functional For Life-MOBILE PT

If you are looking for a personal trainer in Melbourne, Functional For Life- MOBILE PT is a great option. The trainers are trained and qualified to help clients achieve their health goals. Their personalised approach makes the training experience enjoyable.

The Functional for Life-MOBILE PT team believes that it is essential to build a body that moves efficiently and safely. They offer a range of services, from one-on-one PT sessions to corporate PT. All their programs are designed to suit each client’s unique needs.

Functional for Life- MOBILE PT also offers group sessions. These are held in a location of the client’s choice. Group sessions include partnering exercises and friendly competitions.

The team at Functional for Life aims to build a positive relationship with the health and fitness of their clients. Their personalised approach ensures that clients achieve their fitness goals, as well as develop a healthy mindset.

As part of their service, they offer a free consultation before their first session. This includes a comprehensive health assessment and an introduction to a personalised program. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your mobility or just feel better about yourself, the experts at Functional for Life will work with you to make sure that you get results.

Ben Gawd

A personal trainer in Melbourne, Ben Gawd is no stranger to sports or the fitness industry. He is a certified athlete and holds certifications in a variety of fitness related disciplines. This includes CrossFit, Kettlebell, and USA Weightlifting.

One of Ben’s passions is motivating and inspiring others to live a fit and healthy life. In addition to his role as a coach, he is also an investor and board member of multiple corporations. As a result, he is able to offer clients a unique training experience tailored to their goals.

The most impressive thing about Ben is his ability to get results from his clients. Ben takes a calculated approach to training that focuses on intensity and balance of exercise technique. To achieve the best results, he expects his clients to make full use of his knowledge and expertise.

While Ben’s clients might not be able to chuck a dead body off a building, they can feel confident about their overall health and well being. It is no wonder that Ben’s client list stretches from elite athletes to weekend warriors.

When it comes to his most important mission, he hopes to inspire his clients to experience a deeper sense of meaning. Whether that means making a difference in their families, their jobs, or their communities, Ben is dedicated to helping people live a fulfilling, and more importantly, healthy, life.

Tas Kostaras

A personal trainer in Melbourne can do more than get you to the gym. These professionals are not only certified to help you get fit, they’re also able to educate you on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle long after you’ve signed up. The personal trainer of your dreams will teach you how to maintain the body you’ve worked so hard for. Whether you’re looking for a one-on-one personal trainer or a group class, they’ll make your life easier and a whole lotta fun. Besides, if you’re into martial arts, you’ll be glad to know that these guys are more than just instructors.

For example, you can expect a high-energy group training session that leaves you sweating for days. On top of that, you’ll learn how to keep the weight off for good. In fact, some of the most successful clients have walked away from their initial sessions with a new lease on life. During your visit, you’ll get a thorough workout, a healthy meal plan, and access to an unrivaled variety of classes. This, in turn, will ensure you’re always looking your best.


Sofi is a personal trainer who specialises in designing an eating plan for families. Her family has always believed that healthy natural foods can help prevent illness, and this is what she uses to create a diet that will help your body achieve its full potential. She is also certified person trainer and has worked with thousands of people to help them reach their fitness goals.

Sofi has a background as an adult and kinder gym instructor. She is a great example of someone who truly believes that health and fitness should be a priority in our lives. She is passionate about helping people achieve their goal and inspires others to do the same. If you are interested in finding out more about Sofi and her work, you can contact her via her website. You can also find out more about her training sessions by visiting her social media pages.