List of The Best Piercing in Melbourne Victoria

There are many piercing and tattoo shops in Melbourne and Victoria but here is a list of the best places to visit. These are ranked according to the best customer reviews and are highly recommended by the staff. If you are looking for an artistic and unique body piercing then these are the places to go.

Off Ya Tree – Punktured Tattoo & Piercing

Off Ya Tree – Punktured Tattoo & Piercing is an Australian brand that is celebrating 25 years in the business. It has a wide range of body piercing services. Several types of piercings are offered including surface piercings, advanced piercings, and dermal piercings.

In addition to piercings, the store also offers goth and rock shirts. It also offers dirty naughty magazines and herbal highs. If you have any questions, you can consult the store’s staff. They are very friendly and experienced.

The store is open from Monday to Friday. There is a 16+ age limit if you are a solo visitor. A parent or legal guardian must accompany you. When choosing a store, make sure you choose one that is reputable. Choose a shop that will ensure you get the best quality piercings at a reasonable price.

Other things to consider when visiting a piercing shop include the cleanliness of the environment. The shop follows all the guidelines provided by the Public Health Act and sterilizes its equipment before it is used. To prevent allergies, it is recommended to follow the store’s aftercare instructions.

Off Ya Tree – Punktured Tattoo and Piercing offers a variety of body piercings in Melbourne, Victoria. Several tattoo artists work at the studio. Each artist has a unique style and will help you select the piercing that will compliment your look.

Whether you’re in the market for an ear piercing or a surface piercing, you can be sure you’ll find the right piercing at the right price at Off Ya Tree. This Australian brand has 22 locations across Australia. Visit a store today to find the perfect piercing for you.


The piercing industry in Melbourne has a number of options. There are studios that are highly experienced in their work and have a friendly environment. You can also check out the latest trends and get advice from the professionals. Getting a piercing is a great way to enhance your style. However, it is important to choose the right studio for your needs.

One of the top piercing shops in Melbourne is “The Piercing Urge”. This shop has been operating since 1991 and is known to provide a safe and clean environment. It follows the guidelines of the Public Health Act of Victoria and also considers the latest trends. They offer the best quality body modification services to their clients.

Another studio in Melbourne that provides the best quality piercing is Sarah and Sebastian. They have two locations in Victoria, and one in Sydney. Their staff can recommend fine diamond earrings, 18-karat gold earrings, and the ‘Ear Alchemy’ experience. They have a variety of piercings for every age group, including earlobe piercing, facial piercing, tongue piercing, ear piercing, eyebrow piercing, and many more.

The piercing jewelry shop, SkinKandy, is also an excellent option. The company has a number of locations across Australia, and offers a range of jewellery for different types of piercing. In addition to body piercing, they also offer lip piercing, navel piercing, genital piercing, and industrial piercing. A helpful website is also available for first-timers.

The list of piercing shops in Melbourne is endless. You should take your time to decide on the right studio for your needs. If you are looking to have a new piercing, it is always worth the extra money.

Piercing Urge

The Piercing Urge in Melbourne Victoria is one of the best and most reputable body piercing studios in Australia. They offer a wide selection of body piercings and scarification services. Their renowned reputation reflects their dedication to providing the very best to their devoted clientele.

The Piercing Urge has been in operation since 1991 and was first established as a small piercing studio above an adult bookstore. Their establishment was a direct response to the growing demand for safe body jewellery installation in Melbourne. Since then, the studio has developed into a renowned body art studio. It has been recognized for its superior quality body modification services and its state of the art facilities.

Whether you are a piercing beginner or a seasoned piercer, you will find a wealth of useful information on their website. From piercing safety to determining the best place to get an ear piercing, the site is full of helpful advice.

The Piercing Urge in Melbourne Victoria has a long history of offering high quality, professional and sanitary piercing and scarification services. They follow the standards of the Victorian Health Department and are committed to making your piercing experience a pleasurable one.

Among their many other piercing and body modification services, they also have an exclusive line of ear piercings. Sarah and Sebastian staff will advise you on the most suitable location for your ear piercing, recommend fine 18k gold earrings, and offer the ‘Ear Alchemy’ experience. Moreover, they have an extensive range of jewellery including the latest styles, designs and shapes. For further details, please contact their friendly staff on (03) 9078 0891. Whether you are a piercing novice or a piercing veteran, the Piercing Urge is the place to go for the very best in body piercing and body modifications.

Piercing HQ

When you visit Piercing HQ, you will find that they are one of the most well-known piercing studios in Victoria. They offer the best piercing services at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for a lip, navel or genital piercing, this place will have you covered.

You will also find that the piercing shop has a large selection of jewellery. Whether you are after a ring, a hoop, or a pendant, this place has it all. The shop is also known for its clean and comfortable environment.

Another great feature about this shop is that you can find a variety of different jewellery at reasonable prices. You can find ear lobe piercing, genital piercing, and even industrial piercing.

All the equipment used at this piercing shop is sterilized. This prevents the chance of infection or allergic reactions.

Piercing HQ was founded in 2012, and they have over 20 years of professional piercing experience. They are part of the Association of Professional Piercers, and they use the highest quality techniques to ensure a safe, high-quality piercing experience for their customers.

Their experienced piercers are trained to perform all types of piercings. They also have a dedicated area of the studio where all piercings are performed.

Piercing HQ carries the best body jewellery available in the market. Moreover, they are open Mon-Sat. Despite being a boutique piercing-only studio, they are able to offer an accepting and inviting piercing atmosphere.

Besides piercing, they also offer a wide range of body modification services. Some of the procedures offered here are scarification, a process that involves cutting or cautery branding of the skin. If you are interested in any of these services, make sure to book your appointment today.