If you have been searching for the best skin clinics in Melbourne, then you have come to the right place. We have done some of the hard work for you, and have compiled a list of some of the best cosmetic and laser skin clinics in Victoria.

Dr Rod Sinclair

Dr Rod Sinclair is an internationally recognized expert in dermatology. He is a Professor of Dermatology at the University of Melbourne, where he has a research laboratory focused on gene discovery and regenerative medicine.

Dr Rod Sinclair has been a member of the board of the Australasian Society for Dermatology Research (ASDR) and is vice president of the International Society of Dermatology. His research has been published in renowned medical journals. You can find his research through Google Patents and Google Scholar.

Prof Rodney Sinclair is a world leader in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer and hair loss. As a researcher, he has contributed to more than 300 articles and 68 chapters to multi-authored textbooks.

In addition to being a dermatologist, Dr. Sinclair is also the CEO of DIRECT. He is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, the Sclerotherapy Society of Australia, and the International Society of Dermatology.

Prof Sinclair has been actively engaged in research in active ingredients for over 15 years. He has written seven textbooks on dermatology and has contributed over 150 journal articles.

Dr Tasos Stavrakoglou

Dr Tasos Stavrakoglou is a highly skilled dermatologist who provides high-quality skin health care for a variety of skin issues. After completing his training in Greece and London, he moved to Australia. He has been practicing medicine for more than 15 years and enjoys providing cosmetic treatments that are safe and offer aesthetic results.

Dr Stavrakoglou is specialized in medical and cosmetic dermatology and has many years of experience in treating various skin disorders. Some of his special interests include men’s health, hair disorders, phototherapy and skin cancer management. In addition, he is also a trainer for medical trainees.

Dr Rod Sinclair is an established professor of Dermatology at the University of Melbourne, director of the Epworth Dermatology Clinic, and an active member of the Australasian Society for Dermatology Research. His research involves clinical and laboratory investigations into stem cell biology and hair loss. Additionally, he is the President of the Skin and Cancer Foundation of Victoria.

Northside Dermatology Skin Clinic

The Northside Dermatology skin clinic is a one stop shop for all your skin care needs. They are one of the leading specialists in inflammatory and benign skin diseases. Their services include laser treatments, skin grafts, facial resurfacing, acne treatment, hair removal and cosmetic injections. Located in the heart of Fitzroy North, they are just a stone’s throw away from major shopping centres like Queen Street and the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

One of the most important functions of a dermatologist is the ability to detect and treat conditions that could otherwise grow into dangerous skin cancers. Skin cancer is a condition that can be treated early on, and at Northside Dermatology, they are experts at the art of preventing and treating it. For example, they have a team of dermatologists that can assist patients with their skin care regiments, and they have the resources to spot signs of a pending melanoma before it’s too late.

Australian Laser & Skin Clinics

The Australian Laser & Skin Clinics boasts of a plethora of cosmetic and skin treatments, including fat dissolving injections and laser hair removal. They use some of the latest technology, including FDA-approved medical grade lasers, to provide their clients with the best results. In fact, they have seven conveniently located clinics in Melbourne’s metropolitan area.

The staff at this leading edge facility are trained to deliver a range of results-driven aesthetic treatments. This includes the aforementioned skin-enhancing technologies, as well as the less invasive ones. Aside from their extensive array of services, they also offer a range of packages designed to suit your unique needs. With the latest technologies and a discerning eye for the finer things in life, it’s no wonder the clinics are in high demand.

In addition to their comprehensive menu of services, the clinic also provides complimentary consultations. As part of their mission to be the best, the doctors and nurses at this medically and ethically minded practice are always on hand to provide guidance.

Dr. Niyati Sharma

Dr Niyati Sharma is a skin specialist and dermatologist. She is the founder of Inside Out Dermatology, which is Australia’s first plant-based clinic. Its mission is to provide patients with an integrated approach to skin diseases.

A healthy skin barrier keeps moisture in, while also preventing flakiness. This is important, since dry, flaky skin is a warning sign of a number of conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy skin barrier is to eat a diet that is rich in antioxidants, also known as free radical scavengers. Consuming foods that are low in refined sugars and high in antioxidants can help your skin look better and fight wrinkles.

In addition to his practice at Inside Out Dermatology, Dr Niyati Sharma is part of the medical team at Box Hill Hospital. He has also worked in various locations throughout Australia. Throughout his career, he has become an expert in treatment of Asian skin.

Dr. Jodie’s Melbourne Cosmetic Clinic

In recent years, Melbourne has become a centre for high-end cosmetic clinics. From anti-wrinkle injections to chemical peels, there are a multitude of options available to choose from. However, finding the right cosmetic clinician can be a daunting task.

Dr Jodie’s Melbourne Cosmetic Clinic offers a wide range of treatments designed to give you a refreshed and natural appearance. She uses the highest quality cosmetic products to achieve the desired results. Whether you want a more youthful appearance, or are looking to get rid of a double chin, she can help you.

Dr Jodie has a background in family medicine, and specialises in medical dermatology. She works with a team of highly qualified practitioners at North East Skin Centre. Her special interests include peri-oral rejuvenation with dermal fillers, rosacea, acne, eczema and skin cancer.

Dr Jodie’s extensive training and expertise has earned her the reputation of one of the best injectable experts in Australia. She is a certified Melanographer and Dermoscopist, and has presented at conferences and plastic surgery workshops.

Dr. Lisa Veysey

The Dermatology Institute of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia is home to many experienced and highly skilled dermatologists. With a combined experience of over two decades, they are passionate about providing their patients with evidence based recommendations and sustainable solutions. In addition, they offer treatment options for a wide range of skin conditions.

Dr Wenyuan Liu is a specialist dermatologist with extensive experience in both aesthetic and surgical dermatology. He also has a special interest in melanoma management. His practice is based in the Melbourne CBD and at Eastern Health.

A/Prof Laura Scardamaglia is a clinical associate professor at the University of Melbourne and a highly skilled dermatologist. She is an expert in adult and paediatric dermatology and dermatopathology. Among her areas of research are connective tissue diseases, immunological and complex medical dermatology and skin cancer. Currently, she is the Chief Examiner of the Undergraduate Prize in Dermatology.

Prof Greg Goodman has an extensive career in the field of dermatology and is a leading Consultant Dermatologist. He has served on numerous advisory committees, sat on the board of the Royal Australasian College of Dermatologists and is an Adjunct Professor at Monash University.

Inside Out Dermatology

Inside Out Dermatology is an Australian skin clinic which specialises in skin diseases. Led by Dr Niyati Sharma, the clinic provides a unique approach to the medical treatment of your skin. This approach blends medicine with nutrition research. It is the first plant based dermatology clinic in Australia.

In addition to providing treatments, the clinic also has an excellent online presence. Their website aims to educate and inform patients about the benefits of their services. They also offer a Medicare rebate if the patient has a valid referral.

The main goal of the clinic is to provide patients with a holistic treatment. As a dermatologist, they can detect individual spots and lesions on your skin and perform biopsies for further evaluation. Some procedures can be done during your initial visit, while others need to be booked in separately.

The clinic offers basic treatments such as chemical peels, dermal fillers and skin cancer detection. For more complex procedures, fees will vary depending on the staffing and technical complexity.

Chuan Spa

Chuan Spa is a holistic retreat located in Melbourne, Victoria. It offers luxurious treatments and massages. The spa is part of the Langham hotel and offers traditional Chinese medical treatments.

Chuan Spa specializes in Eastern wellness practices and uses five essential elements in its treatments. This includes mud masks, steam and a saltwater pool. Each treatment is customised to the client’s needs.

For example, the Ultimate Glow facial transforms dull complexions and counters wrinkles. The facial uses Vitamin C and AHA peels to restore elasticity and create a youthful glow.

In addition to the facials, the spa also offers a wide range of massages. If you’re looking for something a little more intense, try the Chuan Harmony Massage.

Other treatments include the Tao of Detox. This package combines exfoliation and massage in the saltwater jacuzzi, while the sauna and shower create a full-body detox. You can also try the Chuan Ritual.

With its unique combination of traditional Chinese medicine and state-of-the-art facilities, Chuan Spa is the place to go for rejuvenation.