Best Massage Course Providers in Melbourne

If you are considering a career in massage therapy, then you may want to consider completing a course at one of the best massage courses providers in Melbourne. You can choose from a number of different courses to suit your needs, and each program is designed to help you become a qualified practitioner.

MIMT – Melbourne Institute of Massage & Myotherapy

Whether you’re interested in learning how to offer massage to athletes, or looking for a career in massage, there are a variety of massage courses available in Melbourne. With more and more people turning to alternative forms of exercise, more people are looking to pursue a career in massage.

A range of schools and clinics are now offering training in remedial massage. These courses teach students how to assess soft tissues, treat patients, and help them improve their overall health. Massage therapists must have excellent manual dexterity and sensitivity to the needs of their clients.

Students will learn a variety of therapeutic methods, including Swedish massage, sports massage, and deep tissue. They’ll also learn how to run a clinic in real time, and build their tool-kit of techniques. Some courses even teach business management.

There are various grants and scholarships available to reduce tuition. The Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF) offers a Diploma of Remedial Massage that enables graduates to qualify for rebates through private health funds. This qualification can also act as a stepping stone to a higher level industry qualification.

Discover Massage Australia

Discover Massage Australia is a leading hands-on massage school that provides training courses throughout the country. Their signature “Whole Body” course offers massage aficionados an opportunity to learn about the different body systems and how to treat them. Other courses focus on common injuries and a variety of massage treatments, including sports massage and deep tissue.

In addition to their market-leading courses, Discover Massage Australia also provides its students with the latest products, services and technologies. A range of innovative programs are on offer, including an exciting placement opportunities for remedial massage aficionados.

The company’s flagship course, the Certificate IV in Massage Therapy, is a government-accredited qualification that will equip you with the practical skills and knowledge to provide massage therapies to clients. You’ll learn a host of important massage techniques, including how to manage a client relationship and how to properly assess a client’s needs. During your course, you’ll also get to practice your newfound massage skills in a clinical setting.

For those looking to further their studies, Discover Massage Australia also provides its graduates with the opportunity to apply for membership of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). As well, you can find out about the many other things that you can do with your newfound skills, including building a successful massage practice.

Evolve College

Evolve College is Australia’s largest private RTO, which means they have plenty of expertise in the massage biz. They offer nationally accredited massage courses in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney, as well as a myriad of other health and wellness related programs. Their flagship clinic in Whitten Oval is a prime location for aspiring massage therapists to gain real world experience. Plus, students are eligible for a paid cadetship with the Western Bulldogs AFL club.

The best part is that the company also offers massage training via correspondence. This is a great option for those looking for a more relaxed learning environment, without the headaches of travelling to campus. As with any education or training program, you are encouraged to contact course advisers if you have questions. However, this is not a requirement. If you are unsure which course is for you, simply ask and you’ll be given a personalised answer.

In addition to the usual suspects, they also have a number of other impressive-looking health and wellness programs. One such program is the Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy, which is a well-crafted hybrid of myotherapy and business management.


Chisholm Institute is one of Melbourne’s premier vocational education and training providers. They have a long list of certificate courses and diploma courses. The company has campuses in the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston and Dandenong areas. There are also a number of online training programs to choose from. A few notable ones include the Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering and the Certificate in Health and Wellbeing. In 2011, the State Government announced the creation of a new trade careers centre with a budget of just over $26 million. This facility will assist students in identifying a suitable career path for them.

Another notable course is the Certificate in Makeup and Skincare. In addition to cosmetics, the company offers a range of short and long-term courses in beauty and hair styling. It is also one of the few training providers in the country to offer a full-time Diploma of Specialist Makeup.

Chisholm has been around for many years and its flagship institute offers a wide array of courses. Some of the more interesting offerings include a range of massage therapy courses.

Max Therapy Institute

Max Therapy Institute is a well-established massage college in Melbourne. The school offers a range of quality courses and is highly recommended by the Australian Education Authorities. The college is located near the heart of Melbourne. Some of the city’s best attractions are within easy walking distance.

If you’re looking to get a foot in the door, the Max Therapy Institute has an impressive range of remedial massage courses. Students are able to enjoy 1 hour massages for just $19. They’ll also benefit from a free simulated Student Massage Clinic. This consists of supervised sessions by qualified trainers.

One of the most important benefits of being a student at the Max Therapy Institute is the opportunity to receive high quality, industry-relevant training from experienced instructors. A remedial massage course at the institute will not only prepare you to be a competent practitioner, but it will also expose you to exciting placement opportunities.

The best part is that the institute also makes sure you enjoy a rewarding study experience. To that end, the institute offers a range of support services such as counselling and interview preparation. It also provides access to research facilities and extension activities. These include the MTI Student Clinic, a simulated massage clinic that’s supervised by qualified trainers.

Victoria University

Victoria University (VU) offers massage courses to help students learn and improve their health and wellness. These vocational and higher education courses prepare students for careers in massage. The courses offered include certificate to diploma levels. Students can take a number of different elective units to suit their own individual career goals.

VU has a number of campuses in Melbourne. There are six academic colleges that offer a variety of postgraduate and undergraduate degrees. Some of the courses offered at these campuses are also available on VU’s partner institutions in Asia.

A remedial massage course at VU allows students to learn how to manipulate soft tissues to alleviate pain. As part of their training, students gain practical skills and experience with real clients. They learn how to assess and treat soft tissue dysfunction, and also gain a comprehensive understanding of the different muscle types.

Victoria University’s Footscray Nicholson Campus is located just 10 minutes from the city center, and it’s only a short walk from Footscray train station. It has a brand-new learning commons, childcare facilities, and recreation centre.

Q Academy

Massage courses in Melbourne are offered by Q Academy, a massage therapy training organisation. The college is accredited by the Australian Government, and offers students a range of flexible payment options. This allows students to complete their course in as little as six months.

Students are able to take the course online or on campus. In addition to this, there are a variety of scholarship opportunities available. For instance, a QLD Government grant of $4000 is available to eligible students.

Students can also choose to study through a hybrid program. These programs allow students to attend classes online, while completing their practical hours at a massage clinic. Hybrid programs also offer students an opportunity to save up to 33 percent on tuition.

Graduates are able to work in a variety of areas including day spas, cruise ships, and within large health services. They may also choose to open their own practice. Whether you choose to practice in the health industry or a different area, these courses will give you a solid foundation.

Body Sense Massage School

A massage course provider in Melbourne, Body Sense Massage School, is an ideal option for aspiring therapists. It offers an extensive range of courses spanning from the basic to the most advanced. The company is run by Kevin Salimi, a seasoned remedial massage therapist. He has been practicing since 2003 and is an approved trainer in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

There are many benefits to taking a massage course. It can help you to reduce stress, improve circulation and relieve tension. Additionally, it can be beneficial for people who suffer from chronic pain, as the techniques used in the treatments are often effective in reducing pain. Besides, it can also increase the level of oxygen in the blood, which can boost the immune system and aid in recovery from illness.

It may be surprising to learn that a massage course in Melbourne can cost less than the amount you would spend at a restaurant. In fact, the company provides its students with certificates and diplomas that are internationally recognized.