The best upholstery services in Melbourne are those that offer competitive prices and excellent customer service. If you’re looking to buy a new sofa, chair, or mattress for your home, it pays to know where to look for the best possible prices. With a little research, you’ll find a company that can do it all.

Re-upholstering furniture is cheaper than buying new

Re-upholstering furniture can be a fun and affordable way to update your home. You can find great deals at a local workroom or in a big showroom. It’s also an environmentally friendly option. Your old sofa or chair may be in perfect condition, and reupholstering it can bring it back to life.

However, there are some things you need to consider before re-upholstering your furniture. In order to get the best deal, you should ask several upholsterers for quotes before you make a decision.

The amount you’ll pay depends on the size and quality of your piece. For example, a sectional costs about $4,000. A chair, on the other hand, can cost up to $50. On the lower end, you can get loose cushions for a couch for under $500. If you need to recover your frame, you can expect to pay around $200.

Labour costs will also vary. Re-upholstering a couch can be as cheap as $40 an hour, but more complex projects will cost more.

Upholstery prices depend on the fabric and the size of your furniture. Fabric ranges from $10 a yard to $200 a yard, and the price varies by the color, texture, and type of fabric. Leather can be as expensive as $15 per square foot.

Depending on the furniture you’re re-upholstering, the process can take some time. You will need to remove the old upholstery, inspect the frame, and re-tie the springs.

Navascues Upholstery

Navascues Upholstery offers reupholstering and furniture repair services in Melbourne. With over 40 years of experience, you can breathe new life into any piece of furniture. Whether you are looking to restore antique furniture or need to refurbish contemporary seating, Navascues can provide expert reupholstery.

There are a number of advantages to using fabric upholstery over leather. For instance, it is cheaper, provides comfort, and allows for an infinite range of design options. However, you also need to consider how the upholstery will sit in your space, and what kind of support system it will require.

Navascues Upholstery has an extensive portfolio, with examples ranging from classic and mid-century modernist furniture to contemporary designs. Several of Patrick Navascues’ works have been seen in film and stage, including the Australian Ballet’s Romeo & Juliet, the sequel to the Phantom of the Opera, and red banquettes at Naked for Satan.

Besides upholstery, Navascues also specializes in commercial and antique furniture. In addition, the company’s reputation is built on word-of-mouth. Its website features a Live Reviews Widget, and free marketing materials.

Navascues is also known for its reupholstery, which includes expert re-upholstering of sofas, armchairs, and dining chairs. The company also offers commercial upholstery, leather solutions, and vinyl.

The team at Navascues Upholstery also has the expertise to match fabrics directly from a fabric house. They can match a fabric to your unique style and design requirements, as well as provide you with a number of other fabric options.

Clifton Upholstery

Clifton Upholstery offers a range of high-end furniture restoration services. From antique to modern, they have the skill and experience to make your furniture look like new again. In addition to repairs, they also offer a plethora of other services, from custom upholstery to space planning and window treatments.

The best part is, they do it all for a reasonable price. They have been providing quality home improvement services for over four decades, and they are proud of their reputation.

Their main office in Melbourne, Victoria, is home to several highly talented craftsmen. They employ a wide array of fabrics and materials and are able to match your favourite material right from the fabric house.

Clifton Upholstery also has a number of other ancillary services, including furniture cleaning. Keeping your furniture clean is important for a variety of reasons. Not only can a clean home save you money on energy bills, but it can also improve your health. Cleaning is also an opportunity to improve your home’s aura.

Clifton Upholstery is a family-owned business that has been in business for over four decades. The company offers a number of unique and interesting products and services, and its staff is committed to keeping your furniture in pristine condition.

The company also has a great customer service team, and they will take care of you from the first appointment to the last. Among their many services, they offer free pick up and delivery in most suburbs.

Motif Furniture

Motif Furniture Upholstery in Melbourne Victoria is a reputable company offering a number of services and textiles. You can browse through their site and get a good idea of their capabilities. They have a crew of highly skilled craftsmen who are adept at all facets of upholstering.

The best part of their service is that it’s reasonably priced. They have a good selection of fabrics, as well as the requisite skills to handle all types of jobs. For instance, if you want to match a particular fabric from a fabric house, they’ll gladly do it. Likewise, they can handle any type of upholstery project from a complete overhaul to a simple cleaning.

If you’re looking to give your aging furniture a fresh new look without splurging on a brand new set, look no further than Motif. They are a family run business, which has grown over the years, resulting in a wide array of services. This includes the best upholstery Melbourne has to offer. Moreover, they are happy to match a given fabric to your existing decor if that’s what you want.

Among their other notable services is an antique furniture restoration facility. They have earned a decent amount of accolades in their field, as well as a respectable number of reviews. One such reviewer rated the company with an average rating of 4.8 stars.

Another noteworthy name is Fabtex, a family owned and operated business which provides a wide range of high-end upholstery solutions. From vinyl to leather, they’re sure to have what you’re looking for.

Provincial Upholstery

When looking to refresh the upholstery on your soft furnishings or antique furniture, you may need to enlist the services of a skilled upholsterer. These professionals are trained to repair and replace worn out fabrics, and they can also help you choose the right fabric for your design.

Having your furniture upholstered is not only a great way to give it a new lease on life, but it’s also less expensive than buying new furniture. Upholstery is a skill that’s centuries old and requires hands-on expertise. There are many different types of designs and styles to choose from, and your upholsterer will be able to recommend the best fabric for your style.

Whether you’re considering reupholstering a classic armchair or a more modern couch, the experts at Home Upholster can provide you with all the materials you need. They offer a wide variety of fabrics and trims, and their customer service is excellent. You can choose from bright colours or tropical prints, and they have everything you need to complete your project.

If you need upholstery work done on outdoor furniture, Vyfab can help you. The company has an extensive selection of outdoor fabrics, including chenille, awning fabrics, and Sunbrella. Its prices are low, too, ranging from $30 to $40 per metre.

Clifton Upholstery has been providing superior reupholstering services in Melbourne for more than 40 years. This family-run business employs a staff of skilled craftsmen and restorers who can take on all types of upholstery projects.