Best Playgrounds Melbourne

If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your kids, there’s no better place than a park. It’s a great way to get the whole family together, whether they’re 4 or 10. Here are some of the best playgrounds in Melbourne to keep the kids active.

Riverside Park

The Riverside Park playground is a great place for children to play. There are several different sections of the playground, including the traditional swing set and a pirate ship. If you want to relax, you can use the BBQ facilities at the park.

A new playground will be built in the Northside area later this year. This playground has been designed with the help of local children and community groups. It will feature grassy lawns and pedestrian paths.

One of the most popular places to play at the Riverside Park playground is the Hippo Playground. It features many different play structures and FREE programming.

The Hippo Playground also features a Park House and a large sandbox. Other play options include a rope climbing course, a wheelbarrow, and a Hippo family sculpture.

Another great spot to play is the Booran Reserve Playground. This playground features a multi-level sandpit area, running water, a basketball court, and a Dutch disc-spinner.

A fenced section of the playscape has a log roll, steering wheel, and a spiral slide. The playground is located between Nepean and Dendy Streets. You will find a number of restrooms at the playground.

Eltham Lower Park

Playgrounds are a great way for kids to burn off energy, get exercise, and have some fun. When choosing a playground, look for features such as swings, slides, and a seesaw. There are also options for parents to relax and socialize.

If you’re looking for a fun place to take your children, consider visiting Eltham Lower Park, Diamond Valley Miniature Railway, or Alistair Knox Park. They’re all close to local amenities, making them easy to reach.

The playscape area in the Eltham Lower Park is a fun and educational experience for kids of all ages. It has a water zone, climbing frames, and rope climbers. You can even try your hand at a rope ladder.

Another fun thing to do in Eltham Lower Park is take a ride on the miniature railway. This is especially nice for toddlers.

You can ride the miniature train for a little less than a dollar, and the trains travel about fifteen minutes. It’s a surprisingly fun experience.

While you’re here, you might want to visit the Butterfly Park. Kids will enjoy the butterfly-themed climbing frames, elevated sand tables, and water pump.

Hartwell Station

One of the best playgrounds in Melbourne is at Hartwell Station Reserve. This play area is perfect for train lovers. There is an island platform, swings, rockers and a small structure with a train carriage and a slide.

It is also a great place for kids to burn off energy. Located in the Hartwell suburb, this play area is well fenced.

Another great park in this neighbourhood is Reddish Reserve. Across from the playground is Fordham’s Milkbar. You can buy a milkshake here and watch your kids run around.

A nearby cafe is also a fun destination. Tick Tok cafe is open until late and caters to all dietary requirements.

Other nearby parks are Ormond Esplanade and Union Street. The latter has a good grassy area and a bridge. These are great spots to have a picnic, stroll with a pram or play with your kids.

Another option for a great park is Collingwood Children’s Farm. With its animals, on site cafe and activities, this is a great day out for the family.

Base Camp in Nunawading

One of the many playthings that await visitors to Nunawading, Australia is BASE Camp. The aptly named base camp is a fun place to take the kids or grandma and grandpa. It even has an amenable staff of dedicated playhouse slackers. To top it off, it has one of the most picturesque locations in town. And, of course, it’s free. So, if you are in the area or are planning to make the trek south to the coast, there is no excuse to miss out. For the parents, BASE Camp is the perfect location to drop the kids off and go for it. After all, it’s not every day that you can get your fill of quality family time and enjoy some downtime at the same time.

Of course, if you have a family of four or more, you’ll have to schedule a visit to the base camp in the first place. Fortunately, Base Camp offers special workshops during school holiday breaks. In addition, it has a ton of other cool stuff.

Safari Park

Safari Park in Werribee, Victoria is a great place to visit. There are plenty of fun activities for kids of all ages. You can feed kangaroos and goats, take a walk on a lemur trail and twirl down a giraffe’s nest swing.

The playground is beautifully landscaped with native shrubs. It also features an outdoor art gallery. Some of the most exciting playground equipment includes a huge climbing structure, a Dutch disc-spinner, mini trampolines, a cricket pitch and a multi-level sandpit area.

In addition to the playground, you can learn more about the animals at the park by visiting the zookeepers’ house. They offer feedings and keeper talks.

Cornerstone Safari Park in Werribee, Victoria, is an African-inspired playground unit. Inspired by the Werribee Open Range Zoo, this large, custom-built timber unit has a wildlife theme.

You can also play on a giant slide, twirl down a giraffe’s swing and get close to the Big 5. Located next to the Petting Kraal, the Village Playground is designed as an African village.

Other areas to explore include the Lorikeet Landing, which is home to colourful rainbow parrots. This is free to enter.

Cruikshanks Park

Melbourne is home to many playgrounds and parks. They’re a great way to spend an afternoon or an evening. Playgrounds are also part of an ongoing city-wide program to make sure they’re safe and accessible.

Cruikshanks Park is one of the best. It’s a large, lush green park that’s filled with lots of trees, walking tracks, and creek crossings. Plus, it’s pet-friendly. That means you can bring your dog in without worrying about him spooking or bothering other people.

Located on the north-west corner of the park, the David Rockwell Playground is a great place to spend an hour or two. This playground features a variety of interactive components including a rope climb, a spray shower, and a miniature metal and rope dome. There’s also a five-post swing set, wooden beams, and a mini-petrol station.

Another good playspace is Wombat Bend. Set on the banks of the Yarra, this is a fun, educational, and free playspace that kids will love. The area is also a great picnic spot.

You’ll also find a nature play area at Wombat Bend. And, it’s all surrounded by beautiful native gardens.

Hays Paddock Park

Hays Paddock Park is one of the most popular recreational parks in Australia. It is located in the eastern suburb of Kew. The park is also a great spot for family picnics.

This park is known for its inclusive playground, which is ideal for children of all ages. Playground equipment includes wide wooden ramps, slides, and see-saws. Other features include an interactive sandpit and rope-climbing structure.

Another feature of the play space is its bushland theme. Sculptures of native animals and insects can be seen around the play area. There are also signs to help teach children about these creatures.

As an added benefit, the park is dog off leash. If you have a pet, you can take it for a walk on the walking and cycling tracks.

In addition to the playground, Hays Paddock is also home to a cafe and a sports hall. You can hire the hall for an event. A large carpark makes parking easy.

The play space at Hays Paddock is a great place for a family picnic. You will find picnic tables and a barbecue inside the play area’s perimeter. During hot days, the covered sandpit area is particularly popular.

Rye’s Up! Community Playground

Rye’s Up community playground was built in 2012 by locals in the city’s foreshore. This is a large, wooden play area, featuring a range of features, including a rock climbing wall, a boat hull-shaped boat, and a mermaid.

The best part of this is that it is open all day, 365 days a year, so you can stop by with your family whenever you’re in the neighbourhood. It is located between the community centre and the pier, which means there is no need to stray far from your car.

What makes this playground a standout is its seaside theme. It is a fun and educational experience for kids. There are plenty of slides, a balance beam, and a mini-slide. These are accompanied by a few other features, like a pirate ship and a mermaid.

Another good reason to visit this particular playground is that it’s located right next to the main shopping strip in Rye. You can enjoy a coffee or a burger at the adjacent cafe, which is known for its homemade cakes.