If you have ever wondered where to find the best record stores in Melbourne, you’re in luck. We’ve created a list of the top record shops in Victoria, and have ranked them based on a number of factors.

Greville Records – Prahran

Greville Records is one of the oldest record stores in Melbourne. It has been in business for almost 40 years, and is a must-see for music lovers.

The store has a vast collection of vinyl and CDs. In fact, it has over 30,000 records for sale at any given time. You can even find vintage posters and box sets.

If you’re looking for a unique gift, you might be interested in the record store’s collection of rare music paraphernalia. They also have a listening station.

There’s a lot to be said for the record store’s coffee bar. But for music lovers, the real reason to visit is the extensive selection of rare and interesting records.

In addition to selling vinyl, the shop offers a range of CDs and DVDs. You can check out the latest hip-hop beats from the US and UK. And for a more exclusive experience, the store has a dedicated stage for private gigs.

Another cool thing about the record store is its extensive collection of fusion and rockabilly. Not only is the store well-stocked with these classic styles, it’s a popular stop for touring musicians.

One of the more unusual features of the shop is their stacked floor-to-ceiling collection of records. Each is grouped by genre, making it easy to locate your favorite albums.

Alley Tunes Records – Hawthorn

Alley Tunes Records in suburban Hawthorn is a record store that’s also a cafe. This record store has been serving Melbourne since 1994. It is one of the best places to go for a wide range of music. The coffee is top notch and the food is delicious.

Alley Tunes carries an excellent selection of new and used records. They’ve also recently started buying in club-ready titles. Their repurposed wooden shelves are decorated with warm earth tones. If you’re looking for a unique piece of vintage vinyl, they’re worth a visit.

Lulu’s is another great record store in Melbourne. It carries a wide variety of music, from jazz to indie to hip hop. The store also hosts occasional live gigs.

Vicious Sloth is a staple of the Melbourne music scene. They stock an extensive range of second hand vinyl, which can be a real treat. One of the best parts of this record store is their $5 bargain bin. Several big names have played here, including Metallica and Henry Rollins.

Another good record store in Melbourne is Dutch Vinyl. This store sources vinyl from all over the world and has an extensive online catalogue. Throughout the year, the store hosts record fairs.

Wah Wah Records – Collingwood

The city of Melbourne is the world’s best place to shop for vinyl. It has an eclectic music scene with a record store for almost every taste. Whether you’re into hip-hop, funk, electronica, pop, soul or rock, you’ll find it here.

One of the most popular places for vinyl slinging is Radical Records in Dandenong. Open Wednesday through Saturday, this specialized shop offers an extensive variety of metal, progressive and hard rock. They also have a full stock of second-hand records.

Another record shop that offers a wide range of genres is Wax Museum. This Melbourne institution is located in the Campbell Arcade under Flinders Street. Their inventory is hand-picked by owners on their digging missions to Tokyo.

If you’re looking for a little more local flavour, check out Alley Tunes Records, which is just north of the city in suburban Hawthorn. The shop is also close to the main train station.

Another record store in Melbourne is Skydiver, which is owned by three prominent DJs. It opened in 2011 and carries an extensive selection of vinyl, cassettes and tapes. In addition to straightening, flattening and flattening service for warped records, Skydiver hosts a special evening once a week, allowing customers to enjoy music in a variety of genres.

Vinyl Space – Collingwood

Melbourne is one of the most popular cities in Australia for people who love music. It is home to many record stores and clubs and has a bustling music scene. Vinyl records are also starting to make a comeback in the city. Here is a list of the best vinyl record stores in Melbourne.

Heartland Records is a record store that champions all sorts of underground music. They carry a vast range of different genres, from indie pop to electronica. Their collection features a mix of new and used titles. They have a dedicated listening station and a private gig stage. You can also shop their jewellery and vintage clothing.

Licorice Pie has been a mainstay in the second hand vinyl business for over 20 years. They offer great bargain finds in the dollar bins, as well as a curated selection of new releases. With over 15,000 titles in stock, they are a great destination for music lovers.

Searchers used to specialize in second hand books, but now they focus on vinyl. They have an impressive collection of ’80s disco and funk, as well as a wide variety of local classics.

Aside from their regular vinyl fairs, Dutch Vinyl has a huge online library of rare vinyl. Located on bustling Johnston Street, they have a daily arrival of new vinyl and they host in-store events throughout the year.

Vinyl Revival – Fitzroy

In the last few years, vinyl records have enjoyed a revival in popularity. Some say that it’s the physicality of the medium that has helped its resurgence. Others attribute the trend to nostalgia.

One store in particular exemplifies this revival: Vinyl Revival. Located in Brunswick Street Fitzroy, it’s an ideal stop for music lovers and audiophiles alike. This little shop is packed with a hefty range of vinyl and associated equipment.

They also stock turntables, phono pres, and amplifiers. They also sell a variety of accessories, from speakers to headphones. The store also provides tech tips and hints, as well as free events.

It’s a great place to find new and used vinyl. The owners are also experts in all things music. Their collection includes everything from classic rock to hip hop and electronica.

They have a plethora of new and secondhand releases, as well as an impressive library of books and magazines. There’s also a cafe and bar that serves coffee, sandwiches, and European wines.

While it’s not quite the big daddy of all record stores, it’s a great place to start. There’s even an in-store gig on occasion. You’ll even find the official Record Store Chart on the OCC website on Sunday nights.

Rocksteady Records – Mebourne CBD

Rocksteady Records is one of the newest additions to Melbourne’s thriving vinyl scene. Located in the art deco Mitchell House building in the central business district, this music store stocks an array of independent local and big name acts. It also has a large selection of music books and music-related posters.

If you’re a fan of funk, soul, reggae and disco, you’ll want to head to Rocksteady. In fact, it’s a must-visit for any music lover. Founded by Pat Monaghan, a veteran record dealer who has worked in the industry since the late ’80s, this store is dedicated to supporting the local musical scene.

Aside from its vinyl, Rocksteady carries a huge selection of music-related books, posters, CDs, and a host of other music-related merchandise. Its fittings are also very relaxing, making this store a great place to hang out.

In addition to vinyl, you’ll find music-related merchandise from brands all over the world. The store also hosts exciting in-store events and offers flattening services for warped 12″ records.

Another great place to check out is the Vinyl Revival, Australia’s largest consumer turntable specialty store. You’ll find a large selection of new and used vinyl, as well as electronic, dance, and world music.