List of the Best Surf Schools in Melbourne Victoria

There are a number of great surf schools in Melbourne. These schools can offer you a wide variety of options, from a simple one-hour lesson to a comprehensive surf course that will give you all the skills and experience you need to enjoy your new passion.

Torquay Surfing Academy

The Surf Coast in Victoria is a great place to learn to surf. There are a number of surf schools and instructors offering various lessons. Torquay is one of the best places to start learning.

Torquay has been a surfing epicenter since the 1960s, and some of the world’s best surfers call the region home. Some of the most famous surf companies have a presence here, including Quiksilver, Billabong, and Rip Curl.

Torquay and Bells Beach are not only surfing hot spots, but they are also a popular tourist destination. In fact, you may be familiar with these beaches as the setting for the 2013 movie Blinder.

There are a number of surf schools in the area, but Torquay Surfing Academy stands out among the competition. They have an impressive team of instructors, and offer lessons suitable for beginners and advanced surfers alike.

Their lessons are designed to be fun and safe, and they teach all the basics. Beginners can sign up for a two-hour lesson for $60. These lessons include all the essential equipment. Depending on your level of expertise, you’ll learn the basics of paddling, riding waves, and controlling a board.

The best way to learn to surf is to take a lesson from a qualified and experienced surf instructor. Torquay Surfing Academy offers both private and group sessions. If you have more than a few people in your group, they can create a multi-lesson package for you.


URBNSURF is a high performance center for surfing in Melbourne Victoria. It provides surfers of all levels with a safe, convenient and authentic surfing experience, particularly for beginners. With a focus on high-performance training and surf-specific programs, Urbnsurf is proudly Australian.

In addition to URBNSURF’s high-performance training, the park will also be a host for various events. These include night surfing and action sports. Professional and amateur competitions will be held. URBNSURF also have a fully-stocked surf shop and a concept retail store.