There are plenty of places to go water skiing in Melbourne. But if you’re not a big fan of the city, there are some other areas where you can get your fix. If you’re up for a short drive from Melbourne, there’s plenty of great quiet options for you to consider. Read on to learn more about some of these spots.

Lake Eildon

Lake Eildon is a beautiful lake in the state of Victoria, Australia. It is located north-east of Melbourne, and offers plenty of activities for water sports enthusiasts.

As well as being an ideal spot for water skiing, it also offers a wide variety of other activities. Visitors can enjoy canoeing, bushwalking, and fishing. In addition, the area is home to several historic sites.

The lake is surrounded by rolling mountains and open woodland. It is fed by clear mountain rivers, which makes it an ideal location for wildlife. Some species of animals that can be found in the lake include Murray cod, tench, carp, and perch.

Lake Eildon is located in the Central Highlands region of Victoria, and is approximately 200 kilometers northeast of Melbourne. It is easily accessible by the Maroondah Highway, which connects Melbourne with Bendigo.

Lake Eildon is home to many waterskiing destinations. There are three major water ski venues in the area. Hazelwood Pondage, Lake Nillahcootie, and Lake Mulwala are all great places to try water skiing.

If you’re interested in booking a charter for your trip to Lake Eildon, you can contact the office of Eildon Lake Charters. They can arrange a range of excursions, from day trips to overnight stays, to meet your needs. You can book a tour by calling their office or by submitting an enquiry online.

Another popular spot for water skiing is Lake Nagambie. This picturesque lake is located off the Goulburn River.

Lake Eppalock

Lake Eppalock is a popular spot for water sports enthusiasts. The lake offers a great place for boating, swimming, and fishing. It is also a wonderful destination for families. There are a number of public ramps and picnic areas.

Located between Bendigo and Heathcote, Lake Eppalock is the ideal location for boating, fishing, and water-based activities. There are a number of great spots to fish, including Kirrang Point, Bo Bay, and Mangan’s Lane.

The lake provides a variety of aquatic species, including trout, carp, and redfin. Lake Eppalock supplies water to Bendigo and Ballarat. It also has a large area of land for grazing.

In June 2017, construction work was completed at the lake. This included the installation of subsurface drainage, vehicle parking formalisation, and a new spillway. These upgrades have helped reduce congestion during peak summer periods.

Lake Eppalock has a catchment area of 2,124 square kilometres. A total design capacity of 349,900 ML/year is available. GMW manages 24 lakes and delivers 70% of Victoria’s stored water.

The water is treated at the Eppalock Dam. Goulburn-Murray Water monitors the lake for blue-green algae. The agency published a recreational guide on the lake in February 2012.

Visitors can enjoy a range of outdoor activities at Lake Eppalock, including bushwalking, cycling, and water skiing. The site has an open-air cinema, which is perfect for viewing movies while enjoying the night sky.

Lake Nillahcootie

Lake Nillahcootie is located in northern Victoria. It is near the townships of Mansfield and Bonnie Doon. In addition to boating, visitors can enjoy swimming, sailing and jet skiing.

The lake itself is relatively shallow compared to other major irrigation storages in Victoria. This, paired with its location in an area known for fishing, makes it an ideal spot to recoup after a long day on the water.

The lake is named after the lake itself, not the name of the city in which it is located. The name is derived from the Indian word nilla, which means ‘blue house’. There are two spillways on the lake. One is a rock and earth fill embankment dam, while the other uses the ‘fuse plug’ principle.

The best time to visit is during the spring or fall months. These are the months when water levels tend to be higher, and fishing and swimming are at their peak. Be careful, though, because low water levels can be dangerous.

Aside from the obvious water sports, the lake also has a large grassy area and a boat ramp. Several picnic spots are available. You can bring your dog to the picnic area as long as it is on a leash. Unlike many other lakes in Victoria, you can’t bring your own sleeping bag or tent to the lake.

The boating and fishing scene here is managed by Goulburn Murray Water, the largest inland boating authority in Victoria. Visitors are advised to follow all safety advice, and to be cautious at all times.