List of the Best Dog Groomers in Melbourne Victoria

If you live in Melbourne, you probably want to make sure that you can bring your dog to the best groomer in town. Luckily, there are plenty of pet groomers in Melbourne that can help you with all of your pet grooming needs. These groomers will ensure that your dog gets the care and attention it deserves.

Wen’s Dog Grooming Salon

Wen’s Dog Grooming Salon in Malvern, Victoria offers a range of grooming services for dogs. They provide bathing, blow drying, coat brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and more. All their grooming services are aimed at providing the best possible grooming experience to the dogs.

Aside from providing the best grooming experience, their dog grooming is also designed to keep your pet happy. In fact, they have trailers that come equipped with temperature controlled hydro tubs.

In addition, they offer a variety of other grooming services such as bathing and tick removal. If you want to see your pet in a better light, visit them today. Their services are available Monday to Sunday.

Other notable offerings include a spa bath, a mini-grooming session, a luxury wash, and a pet shampoo. For $35, you can have your dog bathed and conditioned. This includes shampoo, a blow dry, and a sanitary trim.

While you are at it, you can also purchase a variety of other dog supplies such as treats, toys, and accessories. The salon also provides pick up and delivery service.

One of the most important things that you can do for your pet is to provide them with proper care and grooming. Aside from having a more attractive appearance, they are also less likely to get caught up in unwanted scents. As such, a well-groomed dog is a happier and healthier pet.

Puppy Land Pet Grooming

Puppy Land Pet Grooming in Melbourne Victoria provides a range of high-end dog grooming services. Their goal is to provide dogs with a comfortable environment and ensure that they look their best. They also take the time to understand that dogs are a valuable family member.

The owners, Natalie West and Nicky Renwood, are passionate about improving the pet grooming industry. They are committed to providing an industry-leading, online learning platform for dog groomers.

In addition to pet grooming services, they also offer a wide variety of products. This includes products to treat and prevent rashes and parasites, as well as a variety of shampoos.

Puppy Land offers four different grooming packages. Each package includes a shampoo bath, nail trim, haircut and style. You can choose which of these you want for your dog.

All pets entering the facility must show proof of their vaccinations. If they have a matted coat, they may be charged extra.

They also offer an ear cleaning and gland expression service. The basic groom package is $50 and includes a paw/pad groom, face trim, sanitary grooming, ear cleaning, nail trimming and a blow-dry.

As well as offering a full grooming package, Murphy’s Paw also provides specialist stylings. Their team has a strict training program.

The grooming salon is also cage free and restraint-free. To make your experience more pleasant, they play soothing music and use aromatherapy oils.

Pink Poodle Dog Grooming

If you’re looking for dog grooming in Melbourne Victoria, you might want to check out Pink Poodle Dog Grooming. This establishment has been in business for nearly four decades and provides quality products and services for pets of all shapes and sizes. They use non-toxic products and give dogs one-on-one attention.

As the name suggests, they offer the best of the dog grooming industry. Their top-notch services include bathing, ear cleaning, a coat brushing, and a blow dry. The facility also offers deep-sea mud bath treatments for your pet.

However, the most interesting part of their offerings is their one-on-one customer service. You can expect to receive top-notch service from the owner, Tiaan, who is a highly-trained professional groomer. He understands that your pet deserves the highest level of respect. In fact, he uses positive reinforcement tactics exclusively.

One of the things that set Pink Poodle Dog Grooming apart from the rest is their commitment to satisfying consumer demands. While most grooming businesses are geared toward profit, Pink Poodle is committed to providing quality products and services. That’s why they won’t sacrifice your pet’s health for your wallet.

The company also makes a splash with their creative dog hair coloring and treatment options. These treatments are all-natural and chemical-free. What’s more, they’re available in single and multi-package deals. For example, you can get your dog’s paws steamed with a mud bath and rubbed with a hot mug of mulled wine.

Kloud9 Pet

Grooming your pet can make it healthier and happier. You can also improve its appearance. Choosing the right dog groomers in Melbourne Victoria can help you achieve all this. Whether you want to wash or brush your dog, these five grooming salons will provide you with the best services.

Kloud9 Pet Spa offers high-end pet grooming services. Their professional staff has years of experience and uses gentle animal handling techniques to protect your pet’s health. They also sell dog grooming products and supplies.

Located in South Melbourne, this modern dog salon and spa specializes in chic pet styling. It offers a range of services including bathing, quick wash, deluxe bath, full groom, ear cleaning and nail trimming.

Wen’s Dog Grooming Salon is located in Malvern, and provides grooming services to all parts of Melbourne. The facility has a heated mobile hydro bath and a wide range of grooming styles.

‘Groom-Me by Lisa-Marie’ is a cage-free grooming salon that caters to individual needs. With a sanitary wash and trim, you can get a clean, squeaky-clean dog. In addition to its standard dog wash, the salon offers dispersing aromatherapy oils.

Another popular pet grooming service is Cheeky Paws. This pet grooming service in Melbourne is known for its stress-free and gentle environment for your pets. They have electric lift tables and playpens that hold your pet while you wait.

Doggy Dooz Dog Grooming

Doggy Dooz Dog Grooming and Dog Diversity Grooming School is a yin and yang pet grooming business that is both a full service dog grooming salon and a training academy. Aside from the obvious grooming services, the salon offers a wide variety of dog supplies. Some of the more bling bling items include a full line of grooming equipment, professional grooming tools, puppy starter kits, grooming brushes and mats, and shampoos to keep your pup looking their best. The salon is open to dogs of all sizes and breeds and welcomes new clients with a complimentary poodle pampering session.

The Melbourne pet grooming establishment has an award winning reputation for chowing down on a variety of pet services, and is a one stop shop for all things canine. They also offer puppy introductory classes to help your pooch get acquainted with the grooming process. Among the many benefits of bringing your canine companion to their salon is a friendly and knowledgeable staff who are dedicated to making you and your best friend feel at home. One of their most popular offerings is their pet grooming specials. Whether you need a full body grooming, a spa treatment, or a nail trimming, the grooming experts at Doggy Dooz have you covered. Besides, they also carry a full line of pet food and accessories, so you’ll never be short on something to feed your best friend.