List of the Best Dog Trainers in Melbourne Victoria

Do you live in Melbourne and want to train your dog but aren’t sure who to turn to? Thankfully, there are some excellent dog trainers in Melbourne to choose from! Here are a few to start with!

Sankiri Dog Training

Sankiri Dog Training is a well-established dog training company in Melbourne, Victoria. Owner and trainer Lorraine McLennan has 20 years of experience working with dogs. She works with pet parents to train their pets in a structured and professional manner.

The company offers both group classes and one-to-one training sessions. They can help your dog with any behaviour problems. A majority of these behavioural issues can be resolved in just a few sessions.

The company also offers home consultations for dogs who have specific behavioural issues. These can be helpful for mouthing, chewing, jumping, and other unwanted behaviors.

Besides their training services, they offer a puppy education program. This involves teaching your dog real-life skills and confidence building.

Several dogs have benefited from Sankiri Dog Training. Their testimonials prove that the company is capable of what it claims. Moreover, it is a dog training company that cares about its clients.

The company’s website includes links to courses and seminars, making it easy to schedule a class or a session. In addition, you can also make an appointment through the phone.

The company is run by a husband and wife team, both of whom have over 20 years of experience. Michelle has a certificate in dog behaviour and training from the National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia.

Barking Mad Dog Training

Barking Mad Dog Training is a Melbourne based dog training facility. Their services include behavioural consultations, puppy and reactive dog training. They also provide dog minding and pet walking services.

Barking Mad is owned and operated by Fiona Ross, a qualified dog psychologist. She has over fifteen years of experience in the animal field. Having had a love of dogs since childhood, she knows firsthand the impact a dog can have on your life. As a result of her dedication to animals, Fiona launched the Fiona Ross Dog Training Company.

The company’s dog training services have been hailed as the best in the city. They provide affordable puppy classes, a puppy training package, and positive reinforcement dog training.

One of the most interesting aspects of the company is that they have a Facebook page where dog owners can share their updates. You can join the group to stay in touch with other dog owners in the city.

Aside from its pet training services, Barking Mad has also branched out to provide dog grooming, dog boarding and dog minding services. They also offer a unique puppy class that you won’t find anywhere else.

They are also one of the few companies in Australia that can offer an exclusive fitness program for your dog. The fitness program is supervised by a qualified personal trainer and veterinary nurse.

Command Dog Training School

Command Dog Training School is one of the largest professional dog training companies in Melbourne, Australia. Their services include dog training in Malvern, St Kilda, Oakleigh, Doncaster, Blackburn, and Abbotsford. You can find out more about their programs by visiting their website or contacting them through phone, email, or the online form.

The Advanced Obedience Course is a good choice for dog owners who want to learn more about how to manage their dog’s behaviour. This course involves a variety of lessons such as off-leash heeling, object retrieval, non-verbal distance commands, and come. These lessons are taught by CDTS instructors who are experienced, hands-on trainers.

They also offer in-home training for puppies and other behavioural issues. Most behavioural problems can be solved in a matter of a few sessions.

Another great program is the Super Dog Training Package. It includes ten days of training and two private follow-up lessons. The curriculum covers basic obedience commands as well as discouragement of mouthing, housebreaking, and other common canine behaviours.

Having a trained dog is the perfect way to spend time with your furry friend. Whether you have an active dog or one that likes to lay around all day, you’ll love spending quality time with your best buddy.

Emily Larlham

It would be an understatement to say that Emily Larlham is an expert when it comes to training dogs. In fact, her name has been associated with the creation of Progressive Reinforcement Training, a method that is designed to train dogs to be polite while also being obedient. She has also published over 350 free in-depth dog training tutorials to help pet owners learn the proper way to train their canines.

The aforementioned process uses treats, key words, and toys to train pets. Her dogs have won the Guinness World Record for the most tricks performed in one minute.

Among her many accomplishments, Emily has also been known to write articles and post free dog training tutorials on her website. She believes that by posting these free tips, she will influence the way people treat their canines. Among her most popular free resources are her YouTube channel ‘Kikopup’ and her blog, ‘Dogmantics Dog Training’.

Although Emily Larlham has not been awarded a formal education in the field of dog training, she has nevertheless gained significant expertise from her professional experience. For example, she was involved in a program called the Born Free Foundation, which is an international animal protection organization that works to prevent animal suffering and protect endangered species.

Positive K9 Training

Positive K9 Training in Melbourne Victoria has an excellent team of dog trainers. Their services range from puppy training to group obedience classes. They also provide private lessons for dogs that have specific behavioural issues.

They work on various behaviour problems such as aggression, pulling on leash, jumping, etc. Their techniques include reinforcement-based training and reward-based training systems.

Their services include basic obedience and puppy training, home consultations, private and group classes, and socialization retreat. The experts are proficient and they have over 20 years of experience.

Positive K9 Training in Melbourne Victoria is a good choice for pet parents looking for a professional training facility that uses positive methods to help train dogs. The dog training centre was established by Chris Loverseed, a veteran of the dog training industry. He has been in the business for over 10 years and he is committed to providing a stress-free environment for all dogs.

Good Dog Training Tips in Glen Iris has a professional trainer that is accredited with PIAA, the Professional Institute of Animal Athletes. This training provider provides dog training in a 10-km radius of Glen Iris. Its trainer is an internationally certified professional dog trainer who specializes in behavioral science.

Kindergarten Puppy Training

A good puppy class can provide enrichment opportunities for your dog, and help prevent common behaviors that occur at puppyhood. In fact, a lot of problems can be corrected in just a few sessions, so it is important to find a trainer who can help your dog learn and develop the right skills.

When looking for a puppy class, make sure to choose one that allows for personal attention. You can also look for trainers who will limit the number of dogs in the class. This way, your puppy will be able to feel comfortable with the environment.

The Victorian Dog Training Academy is a top-quality training facility in Melbourne. Their training programs are based on humane and proven strategies. They can work with dogs of all ages and breeds.

K-9iQ offers private, affordable training services. They offer a variety of options for dog owners in Melbourne, and they are accessible to pet parents of all financial statuses.

Melanie Hastings is a qualified dog trainer who runs seminars and consultations around Melbourne. She has over 20 years of experience, and she is certified through the National Dog Trainers Federation. Among her services is her pet education program, which teaches real-life skills to your puppy.

Trained Tails

The best dog trainers in Melbourne Victoria offer a variety of services to help you train your pooch. These specialists can work with your dog to address behaviour problems such as destructive chewing, lead pulling, and excessive barking.

Aside from training, the experts at Good Dog Behaviour & Training also provide behavioural consultations, as well as a range of training programs for pet parents in Melbourne. They use proven strategies based on psychology and dog behavior to help you address your dog’s needs.

K-9iQ is one of the most experienced dog trainers in Melbourne. Their team of trainers uses reinforcement-based methods to help dogs develop their skills and learn new ones. This company has trained over 100,000 dogs. It’s affordable, reliable, and accessible.

Serenity Canine Academy offers a range of training and rehabilitation services. Their main focus is positive reinforcement with reward-based training systems. You can contact them on their website to find out more.

Barking Mad Dog Training offers private consultations and home dog training. The company can address a wide range of dog behaviour issues, including reactive and anxious behaviour.

All Dogs Are Good offers a range of training options in the Goldfields and the surrounding regions. They provide group and private sessions for both puppies and adult dogs.