List of the Best Interior Designers in Melbourne Victoria

If you are looking for some of the best interior designers in Melbourne, then you have come to the right place. Here are just a few names to check out. Whether you are planning a new home or just re-designing your current one, you can find the help you need with these professional firms.

Susi Leeton

Susi Leeton Architects + Interiors is a creative exploration. Founded by Susi Leeton in 1997, the practice specialises in residential and commercial projects. Their design work encompasses all aspects of the architecture and interior design disciplines. They work closely with their clients to ensure design continuity within a strict budget.

With a holistic approach to designing, they believe that every detail is carefully considered. The studio believes that furnishings and textiles are just one element in creating a harmonious environment.

Susi Leeton is also known for her sculptural staircases, which have a baroque flair. She enjoys exploring architectural form, light and nature. Her home is a romantic oasis that incorporates sculptural elements. It also has a striking pool and beautiful landscaping.

Susi Leeton has spent much of her career developing her own aesthetic. She enjoys creating spaces that reflect both the culture of her client and their everyday lives. Some of her favorite artists include Jonny Niesche and Sally Gabori.

In recent years, Leeton has expanded her practice into the realm of interiors. As well as exploring both the urban and rural realms, she has also been gaining international experience. Having worked in Rome and Singapore, she has been exposed to the world of high-end architecture.

Christopher Elliott Design

Christopher Elliott Design has a reputation as a leading Melbourne interior design studio. They are renowned for their innovative approach to designing spaces. Their process ensures that every detail is meticulously considered.

The studio specializes in designing a wide range of projects, including hospitality, commercial, and residential spaces. Christopher Elliott Design offers a number of services, from lighting and building design to styling and interior planning.

Christopher Elliott Design has a team that works in a highly collaborative manner. This ensures that each project is approached as an opportunity to do something different.

They also strive to provide the best possible result. Each project is approached with optimism, and each detail is carefully thought through. Whether it is a small update or a new build, they aim to offer a unique and memorable experience.

Christopher Elliott Design was founded in 2005. Its team of professionals share a passion for design. In order to achieve this, they collaborate with industry experts. These include architects, builders, and interior designers.

The company has a wide range of clients. Some of the biggest names in the Melbourne business have utilized their services.

MR. Mitchell

If you’re looking for the best interior designers in Melbourne Victoria, then you’ve probably heard of the MR. MITCHELL team. They’re a team of award-winning professionals who are well connected across the design industry. Their expertise is evident in the many designs they’ve delivered.

One of their projects features white terrazzo floors and bespoke furniture. The home has low ceilings that draw attention to expansive views. Another project features a modern style that blends indoor and outdoor spaces.

Andrew Mitchell has more than 20 years of experience in the interior design industry. He founded MR. MITCHELL in 2000.

As a designer, he draws on his experience to demystify the design process. In addition to his work, Mitchell sits on the boards of a number of organisations. His passion for empowering small business operators is evident.

Mitchell’s career in the arts began when he was introduced to the field by Dulcie Boling. During the ’80s, Mitchell got caught up in the exuberance of the time.

After a marriage breakdown, he started rebuilding his life. During this period, he joined several arts boards and became director of the Malthouse Theatre.

Studio Tate

Studio Tate is a design firm with a focus on intelligent, sophisticated interior architecture. They have a wide variety of projects. This includes new builds, fit-outs and refurbishments. Their approach is to create designs that are intelligent, emotive and layered.

The practice is led by Principal Interior Designer Alex Hopkins and business partner Carley Nicholls. Together, they lead a team of designers, architects and craftsmen who provide complete design services for large scale projects.

In addition to its extensive design portfolio, Studio Tate has been recognised for its many design awards. One of their most notable achievements was designing the WIN Award winning Green Gables project. It was also the first Australian project to receive a gold medal in the International Design Awards’ Interior Accessories category.

The studio is committed to responsible design, and provides pro bono work for non-profit organizations. Its design is informed by an eco-conscious perspective.

The firm has a discerning eye for detail. Each commission is custom made.

The practice is inspired by travel, the arts and international architecture. For example, their bathrooms incorporate hand-glazed tiles in powdery sage hues. These are complemented by brass hardware and clients’ objects.


When you are planning an interior design project, you might think about hiring an interior designer to guide you. Interior designers bring their own special flair to the project and can help you achieve a stylish, beautiful result.

Melbourne is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, attracting an abundance of talented designers from all over the world. Whether you are working on a commercial or residential interior design project, you can find some of the best designers here.

Mim Design is one of the leading interior architecture firms in Melbourne. Their creative work is based on a passion for materiality, form, and quality. They are a studio dedicated to providing bespoke design solutions for their clients.

BayleyWard is an award-winning architecture practice that combines social, environmental and innovative design. It works with clients to create custom human environments that are unique to their needs and lifestyle. The studio is opening its doors to the public and inviting visitors to participate in its workshops. These workshops demonstrate the social impact of procuring rammed earth.