List of the Best Pet Groomers in Melbourne Victoria

You have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the best pet groomers in Melbourne Victoria. Whether you want to go with a reputable dog groomer that is certified and has a long history in the field or you simply want to find a great place to get your dog’s nails clipped and its fur washed, you will need to know where to start.

Doggy Dooz Dog Grooming

Doggy Dooz and Dog Diversity Grooming School is a one stop shop for all your canine grooming needs. This dog related business has been in operation for almost two decades and has a wide range of products and services to suit your every need. The company has earned a reputation as one of the more dependable pet care providers in the state. If you’re in the market for a quality pet grooming service you should give them a call today. With a highly trained staff and an assortment of pet care services to choose from, you’ll be well on your way to a pampered pup in no time.

Aside from the aforementioned grooming services, Doggy Dooz and Dog Diversity Grooming & Embroidery provides a slew of accessories and supplies aplenty. You’ll find everything from the aforementioned ode to pooch to a variety of collars and leashes aplenty. There are also plenty of options in the dog kennel department. They even offer a slew of puppy introductory programs to get the ball rolling. Located in Seddon, Victoria, Doggy Dooz and Dog Diversity – Grooming & Embroidery is an exemplary family owned pet oriented business that’s on the ball in more ways than one.

Fur The Luv Of Dogz

Fur The Luv Of Dogz is a dog grooming establishment that is not your average joe. They offer a range of services and a few novelty items. From nail clipping to toothbrushing, this business is designed to make your dog feel their best. If you’re looking for a new pet groomer in Melbourne, look no further.

As the name suggests, they offer a wide range of services for dogs of all sizes and shapes. A puppy wash and trim will set you back around $75, while a full body bath and trim is closer to $200. You can also expect to pay for shampoo, ear cleans, and matts. While you’re at it, you may want to consider a flea wash.

For the pampered pooch, you’ll find a staff of four that are dedicated to making sure your pet is in a squeaky clean condition. They’ll even take care of any necessary pet grooming in between baths. Among their impressive list of clients are celebrities and the military, so your pup is in good hands. Plus, they’re open on Sundays.

Aside from their grooming services, they offer doggy daycare and pet products for your furry companion. In addition, they’re not a chain. They’re a family business and the icing on the cake is their commitment to quality.

Murphy’s Paw

Murphy’s Paw is one of the top dog groomers in Melbourne Victoria. They offer a range of stylish options for your dog. Their staff is dedicated to the care and welfare of your pet.

The team at Murphy’s Paw works with your dog’s personality to help them look their best. Their services include a variety of breed-specific haircuts, nail trims and other stylings. These are all provided for a low price.

As well as professional grooming, Murphy’s Paw also offers an extensive selection of high-quality dog products and accessories. You can get a dog bedding, collars and toys, as well as dog food and treats.

Murphy’s Paw caters to all sizes of dogs, from a small Chihuahua to a large Golden Retriever. Their team is trained to work with your dog’s body shape.

They will give your dog a clean, fluffy and well-groomed look. All of their products are non-toxic and are free of harmful ingredients. Alternatively, they can do a DIY grooming course to ensure you can keep your pet in tip top condition.

A basic wash and tidy starts at $50. This includes a shampoo bath, face and paw/pad groom, nail trim, and ear cleaning.

Wagging Washes

When it comes to dog grooming, it’s not just about shaved legs and poopy bags. Your pooch deserves the same treatment as your pet human. Plus, you don’t have to leave the comforts of home to enjoy it. If you’re looking for pet grooming services, look no further than Wagging Washes in Mont Albert, Victoria. They’ll give you the good stuff for a fair price.

A dog’s best friend deserves the best of the best. You’ll be treated to a range of services including a full bath, nail trim, teeth brushing, and a full blowout. What’s more, if you can’t make it to the groomer, they’ll come to you. It’s no wonder they’re considered the best groomers in Melbourne. Their clients include celebrities, politicians, and a few lucky cats. If you’re looking for a pet grooming service that’s big on service, small on cost, and has the sexiest staff around, look no further.

The above-mentioned oh-so-tame dog groomer is a worthy addition to the list of worthy pets in your neighborhood. In fact, a quick Google search will reveal a whole lot of competition. But, Wagging Washes makes it easier to find a pet groomer.

Paws of Distinction

Paws of Distinction offers a professional dog grooming service in Melbourne, Victoria. They have been providing this service to dogs for three years. The team at this facility offers a friendly environment and exceptional grooming services.

Their expert groomers use hand-scissoring techniques to highlight the natural features of your pet. They also provide breed-specific haircuts and specialist stylings.

Using only the finest products, Dogs Empire offers a range of services to suit your pet’s needs. From a standard bath and trim to a full groom, their professional team will ensure your dog leaves with a smile.

For your convenience, they also offer a pick-up and delivery service. Whether you’re looking for dog grooming Melbourne has to offer or a groomer in Sydney, you can count on their skilled and experienced groomers. This includes a specialized advice service to help you decide what type of grooming would work best for your dog.

With an open salon policy, your dog can socialise and play while in their care. A full groom package is available for a discounted rate. This includes shampooing, bathing, nail trimming and ear cleaning. It also includes a grooming of the face, paws and pads.

Wen’s Dog Grooming Salon

Grooming a dog can be a great way to boost your pet’s overall health and happiness. When done properly, a grooming session will not only help to keep your dog clean, but also to cut down on shedding and fleas. In addition, a good groomer can give your pooch a shiny coat and improve its overall appearance.

A Melbourne grooming salon called Wen’s Dog Grooming has a whole suite of services for dogs. They offer bathing, nail trimming, and coat brushing. The groomer, Wen, has over seven years of experience and can offer you a quality 5-star grooming experience.

Wen’s offers a variety of pet grooming options for both large and small dogs. She can clip, trim, and shampoo your dog and make sure it leaves with a healthy, trimmed, and shiny coat.

As well as providing a wide range of grooming services, the salon also offers dog grooming supplies. These include combs, brushes, and dog shampoos. There’s also a selection of dog toys and collars, and a full range of treats.

While the lockout has put a damper on Melbourne’s pet grooming industry, it has reopened just a week ago. As a result, many businesses will be overrun.

Beanfeet Grooming

It has been six days since the state government introduced stage four restrictions on dog grooming. As a result, many dog owners have not been able to get their dogs clipped. There have been reports of fur becoming matted during the lockdown, and more than two thousand people have signed a petition calling for the service to be reinstated.

Vets have also expressed their frustration with the lockdown. They said it had led to dogs suffering from a variety of discomforts, including skin problems. The RSPCA branch told the government that pets could suffer adverse side effects if they were not properly cared for. And the president of the Australian Veterinary Association has warned that vets were struggling to provide urgent grooming services.

Owners of dogs due for a clip say the lockdown has meant that their dogs have suffered from a range of health and hygiene issues. Some reported that their dog’s hair became matted during the lockdown, and others feared their pets would experience adverse side effects. Many owners made last-minute appointments to ensure they could still get their pets groomed.

A family-owned business, Beanfeet Dog Grooming and Doggy Day Care provides expert pet care. In addition to regular grooming, the service offers doggy day care and boarding. Pet owners can also purchase high-quality products for their pets.