List of the Best Pet Training in Melbourne Victoria

There is a wide range of pet training services in Melbourne. From puppy school classes to dog obedience, you will find something for your dog.

Art of Dog Training

The Art of Dog Training is an Australian business that aims to provide dog owners with personalised training sessions that can help with specific behavioural problems. These sessions are taught by Michelle McClurg, an experienced dog behaviourist and owner of The Art of Dog Training.

Michelle is a certified trainer through the National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia. She has worked with dogs all her life, and is trained to teach owners how to manage their pet’s behavioural issues.

For a personalised dog training session, Michelle can set up an appointment for a day or a few hours. Contact her by phone, or send an online message.

K-9iQ is one of the most trusted and reliable dog training companies in Melbourne. They offer training to dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. With an unmatched experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust your pet with them.

Good Dog Behaviour & Training is a professional company that aims to provide quality dog training services to Melbourne pet parents. They are equipped with a variety of training programs, including puppy classes, behavioural modification, and group obedience classes.

Command Dog Training School is a professional dog training facility that has been serving Melbourne since 1989. Their trainers are nationally accredited, and they offer convenient training and a variety of specialized services.

Good Dog Training Tips is a behavioural modification program that uses reward-based techniques. They address unwanted behaviours such as destructive chewing, jumping on people, and lead pulling.

K-9iQ Dog Obedience And Dog Behaviour

K-9iQ Dog Obedience And Dog Behaviour is one of the leading dog training companies in Melbourne, Victoria. They offer a wide range of dog training services, including obedience and lifestyle dog training, puppy training, and behavioural modification.

They use positive reinforcement in their training, such as rewarding your pet with toys or a treat. The result is an obedient and calm pup.

The company offers a number of services, such as group classes, private consultations, and mobile training. Typically, each consultation will address common dog problems, such as mouthing, dropping, or anxiety.

The company’s founder, Melanie Hastings, is an ex-police officer with a long history in dog training. She also has qualifications from the National Dog Trainers Federation.

This dog trainer uses reward-based training systems to help dogs and owners understand each other. They also have a special socialization program for dogs, which teaches them not to be aggressive with other dogs or animals.

They have many dog training courses, such as puppy kindergarten, basic obedience, problem behaviour solving, and socialization. These services are suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Unlike other dog training services, K-9iQ is affordable. They charge fixed rates for their consultations and dog training programs.

They have a well-designed website with a variety of information on their dog training products and services. They offer a free consultation for potential clients.

Their site is easy to navigate and the short, easy-to-read text makes it clear what the company does. For example, their “Dog Blog” is a concise and useful guide to training a dog.