Best Op Shops in Melbourne

If you’re looking for the best op shops in Melbourne, there’s a whole host to choose from. From the Sacred Heart Mission to the Storehouse Thrift and even the Chapel Street Bazaar, there are many options to choose from.

Sacred Heart Mission

Op shops are a great way to score some deals and support your local charity. The Sacred Heart Mission Op Shop in Fitzroy, Australia, is an op-shop worth checking out. You can find it on Brunswick Street, opposite BlackCat Gallery.

Aside from the op-shop, Sacred Heart Mission also runs an online store, where they stock a variety of retro homewares, luxurious items and old gaming consoles. If you want to donate to a good cause, donating to op shops in Melbourne is a worthwhile venture.

There are plenty of Melbourne op shops, but only a handful remain open. Many of them have closed due to the current restrictions on op shop donations. Luckily, the Sacred Heart Mission Op Shop has opened its doors to the public. They accept donations of household goods, as well as furniture.

In honor of National Op Shop Week, the Sacred Heart Mission is holding a sale. For every item you purchase, $4 will fund a nutritious meal for someone in need.

The Sacred Heart Mission Op Shop has a long history. It opened in a grand church hall over a century ago. The store features a range of quality formal wear, furniture, hats, oriental style fans and more.

Aside from its op shop, the Sacred Heart Mission has many other charitable programs, which include active sports and movies. It also provides a 24-hour registered nurse.

For example, it has launched an online op shop, which combines its eBay and Instagram stores.

Toorak Opportunity Shop

The Toorak Opportunity Shop in Melbourne is a unique op shop. In addition to selling pre-loved items, the store is a charitable outlet that donates to many community organisations.

In the past four years, the store has donated more than $11,000 to ACRATH, an organisation that helps people who are victims of human trafficking. Despite its small size, the shop offers a wide range of merchandise that is in great condition.

As well as clothing, the store sells items such as furniture, kitchen gadgets and more. Compared to other Melbourne op shops, the price is a little higher. However, the quality of the products is superior.

Another good reason to visit the Toorak Opportunity Shop is that it is run by volunteers. They make sure that every item is in top condition before it’s piled up on the racks.

Another good reason to visit this store is that they carry some of the most famous designer labels. Some of their stock is even dry cleaned. This means that the clothes are in excellent condition, and they’re also priced much cheaper than in other areas.

Another way that the store supports ACRATH is through its PeopleWorx program, which helps people find jobs. It’s also a great way to develop your retail skills.

Sacred Heart Mission thrift stores are some of the most popular second-hand businesses in Melbourne. Their shops sell a variety of items, including homewares, footwear, and leather products. These shops are also known for their discounts on antique items.

Chapel Street Bazaar

The Chapel Street Bazaar in Melbourne is a treasure trove of vintage and secondhand goods. It has over eighty stall holders selling their wares. These vendors have a passion for selling unique and unusual products. They have something for everyone.

This is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Melbourne. Not only does Chapel St Bazaar offer a wide variety of items, it also offers a great time. You can shop for all kinds of different items, such as vintage jewellery, biker jackets, military relics, toys, and even advertising memorabilia.

There are several good op shops in Chapel Street. Shag Vintage Shop is a favorite of vintage lovers. Here, you’ll find 80s sweaters, retro headwear, and colorful boots.

If you want to get the most bang for your buck, you should check out the Vintage Market. There are several shops here, all of which sell vintage collectibles.

If you’re looking for a new look for your wardrobe, you’ll be pleased to know that Shappere is also a popular store. This boutique features bright and bold shirts for men and women. In addition to their clothing lines, they also stock leather belts and colourful shirts.

MCM House has also caught the eye of fashion bloggers and designers alike. It has a very curated selection of homewares, fashion, and even outdoor furniture.

FinerRings is another local jeweller, which started as an online business. Their products are made from high quality materials such as gold, silver, and rose gold. Some of their wares have been featured in fashion magazines, and they’re a favourite among celebrities.

Hunter Gatherer

Hunter Gatherer is one of the best op shops in Melbourne. It’s located in the CBD and has an amazing selection of items. These include clothing, jewellery and homewares.

If you’re looking for second hand clothes, this is the place for you. The store has a wide variety of fashions and a good selection of preloved designer bags. They have several locations, including the CBD and Fitzroy.

Hunter Gatherer is also the place to go if you’re after quirky trinkets. They have a great selection of upcycled hats made from vintage fabrics. You can also purchase new clothing, as well as accessories.

The store is run by the Brotherhood of St Laurence, which is an organisation that helps disadvantaged and vulnerable people. This organization operates over 27 stores in Melbourne.

Hunter Gatherer is also known for their upcycled clothing. Their selection is a mix of vintage and contemporary. They have a great selection of men’s clothing, as well as women’s clothing.

Hunter Gatherer is an iconic store that has been in business for more than 80 years. Their Royal Arcade location is the longest standing of their many Melbourne stores.

The Hunter Gatherer op shop in the Royal Arcade is the place to go for vintage frocks, European-style leather shoes, and Swedish clogs. You can also find a curated collection of vintage, on-trend, and retro inspired clothing.

Hunter Gatherer also sells a wide range of other interesting products, from a large range of upcycled fashions to quirky trinkets. Buying used clothes can help prolong a garment’s life.

Storehouse Thrift

A Storehouse Thrift op shop in Melbourne is a unique store that is committed to supporting local community groups and organizations. The stores partner with like-minded businesses and organisations to offer a wide range of items.

Founded in 2006, Storehouse Thrift is a retail branch of Teen Challenge International Victoria. All of the profits are donated to the organisation, which aims to provide hope and treatment for drug and alcohol addicts.

This quirky thrift store has two locations in Fitzroy. It offers unusual items that are made from recycled materials and damaged donations. There is a seasonal trend section where you can find unique pieces that are only available during certain periods.

Another store that is well worth a visit is Shag. The store features eclectic, wacky, and incredibly blingy items. They sell a variety of secondhand fashion, including vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories. You’ll also find homewares, jewellery, and other funky trinkets.

Another store to look into is Retrostar Vintage Clothing. This is a Melbourne-based vintage store, which specialises in vintage clothes from the 1940s to the 1990s.

Another top-notch op shop in Melbourne is the Red Cross. Their Collingwood store has an impressive collection of designer labels and leather jackets. Among other things, they have an enormous selection of children’s clothes.

The St Vincent de Paul Society has over 100 op shops throughout Victoria. These stores are great for shopping for preloved fashion, books, and homewares.

Stop Staring Boutique

While there are many op shops in Melbourne, the Red Cross is the city’s premiere designer clothing destination. As well as clothing, the op shop also sells homewares and electrical goodies. Aside from a decent selection of high end fashion, there is an entire section devoted to brand new Gorman outfits. The store also boasts a sizeable festival wear section. It’s a great spot to pick up a fur coat for the winter weather on its way.

While you are at it, you should check out the Stop Staring boutique which sells a slew of high-end designer shoes, clothing, and accessories. They even have an impressive online store. Besides being a good place to score a bargain, it’s also a fun way to support a local business while making a socially conscious purchase. You can also participate in their nifty op shop challenge.

Other op shops you might want to look into include Mio Tesoro, Brotherhood of St. Laurence, and Posh Opp. Shops like these are great places to find designer items at discounted prices. This particular establishment also makes a surprisingly impressive selection of quality vintage items.

Buying second hand is a good way to extend the life of your wardrobe while keeping your wallet happy. Not to mention, it’s a great way to support your community. Whether it’s through a reputable secondhand retailer or a not-for-profit op shop, you’ll be sure to have a great time while doing your part for the environment.