List of the Best Road Trips From Melbourne Victoria

The best road trips from Melbourne Victoria include exploring the Great Ocean Road, the Bellarine Peninsula, Port Campbell National Park, the Yarra Valley and Wilson’s Promontory. These road trips from Melbourne Victoria are perfect for people who want to get out of town and explore new areas. Whether you are planning your first vacation or your tenth, these road trips from Melbourne Victoria are sure to make you feel refreshed and recharged!

Wilsons Promontory National Park

If you’re on the road and looking for a destination to keep you occupied on a long weekend, consider a visit to Wilsons Promontory National Park. This national park is situated on a secluded peninsula in the southern tip of mainland Australia. It’s home to white sandy beaches, scenic hiking trails, and a number of native Australian wildlife.

As one of the best places in Victoria to see the wild, Wilsons Prom (as it’s known by the locals) is a wonderful place to spend the day or overnight. With more than 20 hiking trails and numerous native animals to observe, it’s no surprise that the area is popular.

Located just over three hours from Melbourne, Wilsons Promontory offers a unique opportunity to experience the natural world. There are a variety of hikes and walks, all of which wind their way through the rocky mountaintops and secluded beaches. The park is also home to many native animals, including the Wallaby.

One of the best things to do in the area is to climb Mount Oberon, which gives panoramic views over the surrounding islands. A hike to Mount Bishop is also a great way to view the entire park.

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road is one of the most iconic and beautiful drives in the world. It hugs a coastline of incredible beaches and seaside cliffs. There are so many things to see along the way that you will need at least a couple days to check everything off your bucket list.

Along the way, you will pass through a number of coastal towns and villages. You may also be lucky enough to spot wildlife, such as koalas and whales. If you’re into surfing, you’ll want to visit Bells Beach, which is known for its powerful point break. The beach is popular with professional surfers, who try to catch the same waves as the pros do.

The Twelve Apostles is a famous landmark on the Great Ocean Road. This edifice is a limestone structure that juts out into the ocean. Even if you don’t want to go into the cave, you can see this amazing rock formation from various viewpoints.

The Grotto is another must-see site on the Great Ocean Road. It’s a limestone structure that sits on the shoreline cliffs. However, the visibility of this wonder can vary depending on the weather.

Bellarine Peninsula Taste Trail

The Bellarine Peninsula Taste Trail is a food and wine trail in Victoria. It features farmgate producers, local cafes, and decadent foodie institutions. Whether you’re looking for a road trip from Melbourne or a day out, this self-drive epicurean adventure is sure to delight.

For wine lovers, Bellarine wineries produce award-winning cold climate wines. Their cellar doors offer tastings of their wines, gin, and whisky. Wineries in this region also produce unique blends of beer.

If you’re looking for something more active, the Bellarine Rail Trail is a bike ride through the coastal countryside. Passing local cafes and produce stalls, it’s a relaxing route that’s great for cyclists. Alternatively, take a ferry over the bay from Queenscliff to Point Lonsdale.

The region is known for its fresh seafood, cured meats, olive oil production, and a variety of boutique wineries. Some of the best restaurants in the area feature produce from the region.

Winemakers in the region also produce Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Their award-winning vineyards offer inspiring food with a view.


One of the best road trips from Melbourne Victoria is to explore the Dandenong Ranges. This beautiful region of Victoria is home to thick forests and towering mountains. It is also a great spot for nature trails, bushwalking and even an overnight stay.

The best time to go is in spring, summer or autumn. If you don’t want to drive, there are many public transport options. There are even free walks, including the Balconies walk, which is a short 1km route. You can see some incredible views from the top of the trees.

Another of the best road trips from Melbourne Victoria is a trip to Phillip Island. The island is about two hours from the city. Here you can see some great Australian wildlife, such as penguins and seals. In fact, you can even watch them from a sand dune!

Other popular stops on the route include Port Phillip, Melbourne and Healesville. For those who are looking for some luxury, there is the Puffing Billy, an iconic steam train that travels through the Dandenong Ranges.

Pink Lakes and Little Desert National Park

If you’re planning a road trip from Melbourne, Victoria, you should visit Pink Lakes and Little Desert National Park. These two unique sites offer a spectacular aerial view and are ideal for photographers. Besides, they’re also a great inspiration for an Australian adventure.

The pink lakes of Australia are located in Western and North-West Victoria, outside of Melbourne. They are part of a natural cycle. Their colours change throughout the year. This is particularly true of the iconic Lake Bumbunga.

During the rainy season, you can see an abundance of rainbow bee-eaters. It’s also worth checking out the Loch Iel Reserve, which is nearby. You can enjoy a picnic while gazing at the lake.

There are also salt lakes in South Australia. These are a great way to see the local wildlife. Besides, you can find a wide variety of different plants and trees in this area.

The largest of these inland salt lakes is located in northwest Victoria. Its name is derived from the Aboriginal word ‘tyrell’, which means sky.

Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley is a region of southeast Australia that offers a number of activities for visitors. The best time to visit the valley is in spring and early summer.

Yarra Valley is known for its rolling hills, forests, and famous vineyards. It is also home to farms that produce fresh produce and dairies that offer gourmet treats. There are also many shops and cafes that sell local products.

Yarra Valley is home to many wineries and cider houses. You can visit these cellar doors, and you can even try some of the best wines from the region.

For a more comprehensive tour, you can join an organized Gourmet Tour. This trip includes all entry fees and transportation. Your tour guide will be highly experienced and will customize your itinerary.

Yarra Valley is a short drive from Melbourne. To reach the area, you can either hire a car or use a bus. Alternatively, you can take a day tour that will allow you to see the entire Yarra Valley and the surrounding areas.

Port Campbell National Park

Port Campbell National Park is located along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. The park is home to many quaint attractions, but it is best known for its twelve apostles.

The twelve apostles are limestone rock stacks, which are located in the ocean and reach a height of around 160 feet. They were formed over twenty million years ago and are surrounded by crashing waves.

This is one of the more popular attractions on the Great Ocean Road. It’s easy to see them from various lookouts along the road.

For photography enthusiasts, the Twelve Apostles are a must-see. They are a unique natural landmark that was formed by sea erosion.

There are several places to see the Twelve Apostles. One of the most notable is Wreck Beach, which contains shipwreck remains. Getting there requires 400 steps.

Another is Maits Rest, which is an easy to access rainforest walk. The trail is less than a mile long and takes about 30 minutes to complete.

There are plenty of other fun things to do in Port Campbell. There are local cafes and boutiques, as well as a lovely beach.