Best Cooking Classes Melbourne

If you want to learn how to cook, but don’t know where to start, you should consider taking a cooking class. You’ll get the chance to make a meal that’s been prepared by someone who’s experienced in the culinary arts, and it’s a great way to get some new recipes to try at home.

Free to Feed

Free to Feed is a social enterprise in Melbourne that works to provide employment opportunities to asylum seekers and new migrants. This is achieved through classes, events and catering. In this way, it breaks down social isolation and helps individuals build relationships within the community.

At a Free to Feed cooking class, participants will have the opportunity to learn about different cuisines and cultures. Classes are led by instructors who have come from a variety of backgrounds. The instructors must be excellent cooks and have a good level of spoken English.

These cooking classes are aimed at creating a cultural exchange between the community and asylum seekers. The classes are structured to engage people and create life long connections.

Classes are held in cooking schools and cafes. The instructors share stories of their personal experiences as refugees. Guests can also participate in team building activities. A meal is included in the price.

The food is sourced from native plants and greenery. The dishes include freshly baked flatbreads and sweet mint tea. You will also be able to taste traditional recipes, such as Iranian and Kenyan food.

Free to Feed has also developed a range of food initiatives, including the Open Table community project. It uses rescued food to promote community and fight food waste.

In addition, Free to Feed provides regular cooking classes in its Thornbury location. Asylum seekers and new migrants are encouraged to join these classes, which provide an immersive experience. There are a variety of classes, from basic kitchen skills to master classes.

La Cucina di Sandra

Sandra del Greco is one of Melbourne’s most sought-after cooking instructors. She is a native of Pescara, on the Adriatic coast. Her love for Italian food is evident throughout her house and her cookbooks.

After working as an accountant for many years, Sandra decided to turn her love of food into a business. She opened La Cucina di Sandra in her home in Richmond.

At La Cucina di Sandra, you can learn how to cook authentic Italian dishes, or enjoy an event in her kitchen. You will also have the opportunity to meet other enthusiasts who share your passion for the food.

One of the best things about Sandra’s cooking classes is that you will have an experience like no other. Each class is held in Sandra’s home. It is a unique foodie experience, and you will be taught to prepare a three course meal.

These classes are perfect for a group of friends or work colleagues who want to get together for a fun and informative evening. If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion, a team building event, or a corporate Christmas party, Sandra’s Cooking Classes can provide a great solution.

When you take a cooking class with Sandra, you will be guided to cook original Italian dishes using top quality ingredients. The recipes are easy to follow, and you don’t need a high school chemistry set to master them.

Otao Kitchen

Otao Kitchen is a premier cooking school in Melbourne, Australia. Established in 2014, this culinary institution specializes in Asian cuisine. They have a variety of classes to suit your interests. From dumpling making to salsa, you can learn the art of making the most of the ingredients in your kitchen.

Otao Kitchen has won numerous accolades for their culinary excellence. With its year-round events calendar, a class can be taken at your own pace and convenience. Its classes are also offered in the form of online masterclasses.

As with any class, a cooking class offers the chance to learn new cooking skills and to interact with a knowledgeable instructor. There is a wide range of classes to choose from, including one that is specifically geared to vegans. This is a great opportunity to add some zest to your culinary repertoire.

The best part is that you get to try your hand at the end of the day. You will receive a glass of bubbly to start off your experience, and a delicious meal to savor.

Otao Kitchen’s motto is to teach you about the cultural fusion in the kitchen and give you a taste of what Melbourne’s multiculturalism has to offer. Its founder, Ha Nguyen, hails from Vietnam and has an undeniable passion for food. He is one of the most pleasant people I’ve met in my time in Melbourne.

Pip’s Cooking School

Pip’s Cooking School isn’t far from the Moonee Ponds train station. They offer a wide variety of culinary programs from one pot wonders to high tea prep. Their one on one cooking classes are for those who want to get into the culinary game without taking up your home’s entire kitchen. This is a fun way to learn a thing or two while socializing with other foodie types. For the more adventurous they can take their culinary skills to the next level by booking a cooking session at their partner restaurant, Bella Vedere.

The Pip’s Kitchen website is easy to navigate and they are quick to respond to inquiries. They offer a range of bespoke programs and cater to all ages and palates from a toddler’s appetito to a sextuplet’s appetite. They also have a small but dedicated catering team that can take care of the bulk of your culinary needs. You can find a list of menus and pricing options on their website. Some of their more popular offerings include a four course meal, a five course meal, and a six course meal. There are plenty of reasons to book a meal at this top notch dining establishment, but you’ll want to make your reservation as soon as possible. On top of that, the team at Pip’s have won awards in various cooking competitions including a silver medal in the coveted Michelin Guide restaurant competition.

Front Cooking School

The Front Cooking School is a privately owned culinary institution located in Melbourne. Among the many educational offerings, the company provides state of the art facilities with top notch equipment. Besides cooking classes, the institute also offers hotel management courses. They boast of having the best chefs around. Aside from the obvious chefs, the school has also got a good group of support staff. It’s no wonder that this college is ranked among the top institutions in the industry.

In order to keep up with the competition, the school has introduced a suite of novel and innovative training programs. Among its many courses, the most noteworthy ones include the Certificate III in Patisserie, the Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management and the aforementioned certificate III in Commercial Cookery. This institution has three campuses in Melbourne. The most obvious is the one located in the city’s CBD. Moreover, students are provided with meals for three meals a day. Similarly, the company’s other campus in Brunswick is home to a more modest number of students.

Another notable fact is that the aforementioned campus is actually a part of the Acknowledge Education association. Not only does this accrediting body provide a high degree of credibility to the institution, it also provides the best quality education in the business. Despite its small size, the institution offers a wide array of courses and certificates.

William Angliss Institute

The William Angliss Institute for cooking classes is a leading Australian provider of specialist education and training. This Government-endorsed training provider provides courses to local and international students in Australia and abroad. It delivers a range of accredited traineeships, degrees, diplomas and certificates.

The Institute offers a variety of food related courses, including hospitality management, patisserie, artisan skills of chocolate, pastry and cake making, plated desserts, meat processing and culinary management. These programs provide a balance of industry insights and business skills to prepare you for a rewarding career in the food industry.

Students are able to take advantage of an expert teaching environment, industry-based students and paid industry placements. Students gain real-life experience while developing their leadership and management skills, so they can create memorable experiences for guests. During their studies, students learn the latest techniques in state-of-the-art training kitchens.

Graduates are highly sought after for their professionalism and access to industry opportunities. They work in luxury accomodation institutions in world-class destinations, where they develop their skills and knowledge to create amazing experiences for their guests.

In addition to the academic rigor of the course, practical sessions give students the opportunity to build their skills and get one-on-one time with their trainers. In the food industry, creativity, energy and passion are essential ingredients to success.

The William Angliss Institute for cooking is a great way to explore a career in the food industry. Students have access to courses that include patisserie, pastry, pastry and cake making, plated desserts, artisan skills of chocolate, pastry and breadmaking, and meat processing.