List of the Best Chinese Restaurants in Melbourne Victoria

If you’re visiting Melbourne, Victoria and are interested in a Chinese cuisine, you’re in luck! You can find a wide variety of different flavors, as well as different types of restaurants. To help you make your decision, here’s a list of some of the best Chinese restaurants in the area.

Simon’s Peking Duck

Simon’s Peking Duck is an iconic restaurant in Melbourne. It is named after legendary duck chef Simon Lay, who once owned it. His former restaurant has since moved to Box Hill, but he’s making his comeback in a new venture in the form of a Peking duck shop.

For a modest $60 for three courses, you can sample the best of the Peking duck world at Simon’s. The restaurant offers an array of dishes, including a special Signature Roast Duck Banquet. You can order a whole Peking duck, or have it cooked to your specifications. If you don’t fancy paying a hefty price for a roast, they also offer a takeaway menu.

A Peking duck is a Chinese dish that has been around for centuries. It originates from the ancient city of Peking, now known as Beijing. Traditionally, the duck is prepared in a hanging oven, which allows the fat to drain out.

One of the most common preparations involves using a small knife to slice the skin off the duck. This provides a crisp skin that is perfect for slicing on top of pancakes, but it also requires the use of a lot of fatty duck.

Dainty Sichuan

The Dainty Sichuan group has opened several Chinese restaurants in Melbourne, Victoria. They offer a wide variety of meats, noodles and seafood. These Chinese dishes feature hot and spicy flavours.

There are also some fast food outlets in the group. Their Noodle Express brand debuted at the Emporium food court.

A new branch will open on Lonsdale Street in the CBD. It will have about 250 seats. This restaurant will follow the format of the Box Hill branch. Among the dishes to look forward to are Kung Pao Chicken, Chongqing chilli chicken and Spicy Mud Crab Tower.

For drinks, there are plenty of choices. You can choose from a selection of Chinese teas. There is also a karaoke bar.

The restaurant also offers a great wine list. Whether you’re looking for a traditional drink or something more adventurous, the waitstaff will be able to advise you.

The food is also very good. One of the most popular dishes is the Cumin Lamb Ribs. Another popular item is the Stir-Fried Green Beans. If you’re a fan of hot pots, check out Dainty’s lamb-rib stew, which arrives in a bubbling cauldron. The other dish to look out for is Dan Dan noodles, which are silky noodles served with a spicy soup.

Shanghai Dumpling House

Shanghai Dumpling House is a cheap and fast eatery that serves delicious dumplings in a variety of flavours. They offer delivery in Melbourne, so you don’t have to get off your couch. This is a great place for your mid-week lunch, or if you’re looking for a special treat.

The dumplings at Shanghai Dumpling House are some of the best in town. You can order from the menu, or you can use the Uber Eats app to get a recommendation.

There are a wide range of dumplings on the menu, including pork and chine wontons with hellfire chilli oil, vegetarian zucchini and sea urchin dumplings, and prawn sui mai with black vinegar and chilli dressing. They also offer chocolate and milk chocolate dumplings.

In addition to their extensive range of dumplings, Dumpling House serves noodles and other Chinese food. Their signature sauce is tasty and very flavoursome. A bowl of noodles is only $6.80, while a bottle of wine is a little more.

Other dishes on the menu include hot and sour soup, which is a great way to kickstart your metabolism. The Xiao Long Bao are a popular dish, and are filled with a combination of pork and ginger.

8 at the Point

There are many excellent Chinese restaurants in Melbourne. Some of the best ones are based on regional cuisines. These include Cantonese, Sichuan, Anhui and Jiangsu. Each of these cuisines has its own distinctive flavours, and a meal at each will offer a different experience.

If you’re looking for authentic Chinese food, 8 On The Point is one of the better choices. Located next to Crown Casino, the restaurant offers contemporary Chinese dining and local produce.

It’s no wonder the place has been a favorite in the area for years. The food is excellent and the service is top-notch. In addition to its tasty Chinese fare, 8 On The Point also serves a wide variety of Asian-fusion dishes.

For a more casual meal, head to the Shanghai Village. You’ll find friendly and welcoming staff, and some of the city’s most mouthwatering Chinese cuisine.

Another great choice for a more casual lunch is the France-Soir. This upscale restaurant has been around since 1986, and it’s known for its duck a l’orange. Plus, it’s BYO, which makes it easy to bring your own bottle of wine.

One of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Melbourne is the Golden Dragon Palace. It has consistently been rated the city’s best Yum Cha.

Hawk Chan

There are a number of great Chinese restaurants in Melbourne, Victoria. You’ll find everything from traditional dim sum to contemporary fusion cuisine. Regardless of whether you are a fan of seafood or beef, there is something for everyone.

Some of the best Chinese restaurants in Melbourne, Victoria have been around for decades. One such establishment is Flower Drum, which features a five-course specialty feast. It is one of the best places to visit when you are in the city.

Another must try is Shark’s Fin, a popular Chinese restaurant that serves up an impressive array of traditional dishes. Their mackerel dumplings are particularly mouthwatering.

For something more casual, you can always pop into Tim Ho Wan. This place has been a local favorite for years. In addition to the dumplings, you’ll find other items such as crispy skin roast duck and soy sauce chicken rice.

If you’re looking for a more affordable Chinese restaurant in Melbourne, you might want to try Shanghai Belt Noodles. This yum cha chain has been serving up all-you-can-eat food for more than 20 years. They also have a huge menu.

The other Chinese restaurant in the list of the best Chinese restaurants in Melbourne, Victoria is the Spice Temple. Located in an underground restaurant, it boasts an impressive food and drink menu.

Crystal Jade

The Crystal Jade Chinese Restaurant in Melbourne Victoria is a local favourite. This reputable restaurant serves authentic Chinese food, with an eye to fresh, local produce. A great place to dine with friends or family, it is a great choice for Dim Sum lunch or dinner.

Located in Chinatown, it is one of the best places to experience a traditional Chinese meal. A popular place for weekend dim sum lunches, it has a sophisticated atmosphere and friendly service.

The menu features traditional dishes as well as some modern twists. Try the Xiao Long Bao. It’s a popular dish from the far west of China. Another must-try dish is the Wok Friend Snow Crab in French Foie Gras Pate.

Crystal Jade is also a favourite for its Dim Sum. Served in steamers, these dumplings are made with fresh ingredients. The restaurant also offers a range of other dishes, including prawn and coriander.

Other than its delicious Chinese food, Silks is famous for its Yum Cha, a dish consisting of rice, a drink and a selection of noodle and rice dishes. With dishes from all over the region, Silks makes meals on site every day.

Another popular place to get a yum cha is Golden Dragon Palace. This is an upscale eatery in a posh shopping mall. Known for its high quality food and ambiance, this restaurant is perfect for a date or business dinner.