List of the Best Chocolatiers in Melbourne Victoria

If you are looking for the best chocolate shops in Melbourne Victoria, then you have come to the right place. This list will tell you all you need to know about the top chocolatiers in the state. So, don’t waste any time and start reading!

Haigh’s Chocolate Company

Haigh’s Chocolates is Australia’s oldest family-run chocolate company. Founded by Alfred E. Haigh in 1915, the company is still family-owned and operated today. They produce a variety of chocolates and truffles, as well as a wide selection of pre-packaged chocolates.

Visitors can take a free guided tour of the factory. The tour includes watching confectioners creating chocolate. Afterward, guests can try a tasting.

The factory features a range of cocoas from around the world. Its chocolates include apricot, pistachio and Turkish delight.

While Haigh’s has stores in many cities across Australia, there are other chocolate makers that you might want to check out. Here are some:

Hunted + Gathered: This Melbourne-based chocolate collective sources cacao beans from co-ops in Central and South America. Their products are made with no more than five ingredients. You’ll find chocolate bars, drinking chocolate, hot chocolate mixes and plain truffles.

Darren Purchese & Cath Claringbold: Originally a retail store in South Yarra, Darren Purchese and Cath Claringbold have expanded to an online business. Their products are handmade and use no preservatives.

Koko Black: The black-chocolate range is made in Melbourne using premium natural ingredients. There are over 100 chocolates in the collection. These are perfect for gifts.

Atypic: This bean-to-bar chocolate company uses ethically sourced cacao from the surrounding South Pacific islands. They also offer a workshop.

Schoko: This online-only retailer carries milk, dark, and ruby chocolates. They also carry white chocolate, as well as other confections.

Koko Black

Koko Black is one of the top chocolatiers in Melbourne, Australia. The company was founded by Shane Hills, who learned the art of chocolate making from Belgian chocolatier Dries Cnockaert. He moved to Melbourne in 2003 and has since opened stores in six cities in Australia.

For over a decade, Koko Black has produced luxury gourmet chocolates. The company uses Australian ingredients to craft a wide range of handmade chocolates. These include the signature blend, made from 54% dark chocolate and milk.

The company also offers a range of specialty hot chocolate, including orange, cinnamon, chilli and hazelnut. It has a cafe that serves chocolate-filled dishes and private functions with a minimum of 60 people.

Koko Black was founded by Shane Hills, who has spent a few years travelling and learning the art of chocolate making. He is passionate about sustainability and the use of local ingredients.

Koko Black sells over 100 varieties of handcrafted premium Belgian chocolate. These are beautifully packaged and designed to please. You can purchase these in bags or in gift boxes. If you want to bring the deliciousness of these artisan chocolates to the office, you can even order chocolate shavings.

Attica is a popular Melbourne-based restaurant, featuring a carefully curated tasting menu. In addition, they offer a degustation box that combines the best of both worlds – Attica’s signature dishes and the philosophies of Koko Black.


Bibelot is a gelateria and patisserie, which is a great destination for all things sweet in South Melbourne. It offers a variety of pralines, macarons, cookies and more. The ambiance of the store is beautiful, and its interior design is reminiscent of a traditional French patisserie.

At Bibelot, the chocolate is handcrafted. Owner Tad Lombardo has a background in engineering, and he’s honed his craft to create artisan chocolate. He sources the finest couverture from all over the world. His chocolate is made with Valrhona, Cacao Barry, and Felchlin.

In addition to its high teas and causas, Bibelot also has a range of sandwiches and biscuits. There’s also an impressive selection of macarons and desserts, which you can buy for takeaway or enjoy at the patisserie.

Aside from its chocolate, Bibelot also has a coffee bar. They serve hot chocolate, coffee and milkshakes. You can also try their signature cookies and cream bar or their “Delice de Chocolat”, which is a chocolate cake with a pecan spongy layer and dark chocolate namelaka.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated chocolate experience, you can visit the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie. This establishment has a cafe and daily tasting sessions. These chocolates are sourced from the nearby South Pacific islands.

Another popular chocolatier in Melbourne is Burch & Purchase. They make everything from tarts to cakes. And if you want to go big, they churn out an Explosive Raspberry Milk Chocolate Cake.

Monsieur Truffe

There are many chocolate shops and boutiques in Melbourne. They are a great place to stop for a coffee, a pastry, or a handmade confection.

Monsieur Truffe is a cafe and chocolate shop located in Brunswick East, Melbourne. It is open Mon-Sun.

The store sells a variety of molded chocolates, giandujas, and biscuits. They also offer chocolate workshops. Guests can also purchase a sampler of chocolate for $25.

For those interested in making their own chocolate, the company offers workshops at its Brunswick factory. They make chocolate from the cacao bean, using small-batch steampunk machinery imported from Europe.

Customers can choose from a wide range of single-origin bars, including Peru, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador. They can also purchase truffles, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.

In addition to its chocolates, the company also offers cakes, cookies, and vegan and gluten-free products. They are committed to using organic ingredients.

They make the chocolate on site, and their beans are sourced from all over the world. Their chocolate is wrapped in environmentally friendly packaging, and they use recycled paper for their labels.

The company is owned by Thibault Fregoni. He is an engineer from New Jersey who turned his passion for chocolate into a full-time career. After starting out in a stall in Prahran Market, he began his own chocolate-making company, Monsieur Truffe.

Since then, his company has expanded to a factory in Brunswick, with more than 100 stockists throughout Australia. While they make a variety of chocolates, their specialty is their bean-to-bar production.

Yuki Nakamura

A small-scale chocolatier, Yuki Nakamura makes use of traditional recipes and techniques. He also produces an impressive assortment of well-balanced flavours. If you’re looking for a special gift, Yuki Nakamura’s sultry creations are worth a try.

The small-scale chocolate producer is located at a Vic Park store. It’s been called one of the eight best stores in the world. There’s also a shop in the State Buildings. Their website is worth a read, especially the ecommerce section. They produce about 2500 pieces of chocolate per week.

A new shop recently opened in Kobe. The shop displays a range of colorful chocolates to delight the taste buds. They even sell some ice cream. In fact, the store is so popular that they have expanded their kitchen to accommodate their customer base.

As far as small-scale chocolate making goes, Nakamura Chocolates is the proverbial chocolate-maker’s daughter. The company was approached by Hon Takasagoya, a Japanese gourmet food manufacturer, four years ago. Hon Takasagoya has a significant investment in the company, and has a longstanding relationship with Nakamura.

Among its many awards and accolades, Yuki Nakamura was the winner of the IGA Royal Show’s Champion Chocolate award, which is a major accomplishment in itself. What’s more, the company is set to double its Western Australian sales in the next couple of years.

Other notable features include the Small Batch Workshop Co., a small-scale maker of creamy couverture chocolate. On the label you’ll find nine bars of the good stuff as well as a plethora of other confectionary goodies, including snakes, frogs and a fancy-looking chocolate-coated popcorn.

Baker D. Chirico

Baker D Chirico is one of the most popular artisan bakeries in Melbourne. They make a wide variety of breads and pastries. One of their best sellers is the cannoli. The shop is located in Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Melbourne. Their bakery is open seven days a week.

The shop has a modern yet warm and homy vibe. They have sleek knee high tables and wicker baskets. There’s also a display with meringues, a couple of loaves, and a fancy hat.

Some of their specials include custard filled Italian bomboloni, savoury crostatas, and flaky croissants. The bakery even makes a good fruitcake. However, their most notable item is their 24-hour fermented sourdough. This particular bread is so good that it sells out every day!

The store is designed by the Italian design firm Fabio Ongarato Design. Its undulating plywood gives the illusion of a dynamic space. Also, the cafe’s chopping board-sized countertop is designed to last over time.

Baker D’s main draw is their selection of premium breads and pastries. They use the latest in artisan baking equipment, such as a custom made dough mixer and a high-end baking machine. They’ll also offer wholesale to the inner north, and will make use of local ingredients and suppliers.

As well as their famous breads, they have a selection of small cakes, pastries and cookies. The best thing about the shop is the staff. They are all food enthusiasts, nutritionists and reviewers, so they know a thing or two about good grub.