List of the Best Coffee Roasters in Melbourne Victoria

If you are searching for the best coffee roasters in Melbourne, you have many options to choose from. The city is home to a growing community of specialty roasters. Whether you are looking for a cold brew, or a single-origin espresso, you can find it here.

The city of Melbourne in Australia has some of the best coffee roasters in the world. With so many great coffee shops opening up every day, it can be hard to choose a place to go. This list will help you narrow down the choices, so you can find the right spot to enjoy a cup of fresh brew.

Everyday Coffee

Everyday Coffee is a micro-roaster that has two cafes in Melbourne. It offers both a filter coffee bar and a full service cafe. You can try their All Day Espresso, which is a great way to start the day.

In addition to great coffee, Everyday Coffee also offers a tasty selection of baked goods, as well as a range of house-made juices. They also have a subscription service, so you can enjoy coffee at their cafes on a regular basis.

For the more adventurous, Everyday Cafe has a rotating roster of top coffees from other coffee shops. But for the real coffee-lovers, they offer an extensive selection of their own blends. This includes an Ethiopian single-origin roast, and a rounded espresso.

Everyday Coffee is located in Collingwood, a suburb in the Fitzroy-Collingwood coffee belt. The company is run by Aaron Maxwell, who has worked at some of the city’s most respected coffee establishments. He has also been a DJ and owner of Skydiver Records.

There are three locations for Everyday Coffee. One is in the City of Melbourne, another in the Fitzroy-Collingwood suburbs, and the third is in a newer establishment near ACOFFEE. Regardless of where you go, you can expect excellent coffee and great people.

Market Lane Coffee Roastery

Market Lane Coffee is a Melbourne-based coffee roaster and retailer. Its mission is to source the best coffee beans from the world’s best growers, and to make the process of drinking them accessible to all. The company aims to create strong local communities, as well as build relationships with hard-working farmers.

In addition to roasting and distributing its own coffee, Market Lane offers coffee courses that teach customers how to make the perfect cup. They offer a selection of classic espresso coffees and filter blends, as well as single-origin varieties.

Market Lane Coffee is a boutique coffee roaster with six locations in Melbourne. They source the best coffee beans in the world, and sell them to passionate customers. The company has developed a cult following.

Market Lane’s coffee is made from high-quality, ethically sourced coffee, brewed in small batches at their Brunswick East roastery. Market Lane also has a subscription service, so you can enjoy their premium brews whenever you want.

Market Lane Coffee is known for their clean, refreshing coffee. Their signature espresso blend, the Small Batch, is famous for its perfectly rounded flavour in every cup.

The company was founded by Fleur Studd and Jason Scheltus. They’ve been spreading the joy of coffee throughout Melbourne since 2009. Today, they’ve become a local favourite with a range of roasts and brewing methods.

The company’s most recent coffee shop, located in the historic Mercat Cross Hotel building at Queen Victoria Market, was designed by Studio Goss. It pays homage to the building’s history while offering a refined approach to coffee.

Square One

Square One Coffee Roasters is a roastery in Melbourne Victoria. It is from the team behind Top Paddock and The Kettle Black. They are also a member of the Bureaux Collective. Dedicated to importing fresh, traceable coffee crops from all over the world, their focus is on the best crops from Brazil, Rwanda, and Guatemala.

In addition to serving customers at their cafe in South Melbourne, they offer green bean buying, bookkeeping and forecasting. Additionally, they have invested in new packaging for whole coffee beans. Their cylindrical canister has a mesh-like texture and is covered with a hypnotic design.

The building also houses a pastry kitchen and green bean storage. The roasting process is unique, taking inspiration from the flavour and characteristics of the coffees they roast. Eventually, Square One will open an espresso bar.

Aside from the roasting, they also work with ethical importers. Their goal is to show everyone that coffee can be appreciated at different levels. For example, their ‘Mucho Gusto’ roast pays homage to the Italian style of coffee.

With a focus on importing quality green beans, they also offer a subscription service. Subscriptions include single origins and blends. This allows you to enjoy a wide variety of coffee at a low price.

Square One also has a retail location, which can be found at 658 Church Street in Richmond. Featuring a cozy brick-rowhouse backdrop, Cafe & Micro-roaster is the perfect place to sample small-batch global coffees.


ST ALi Coffee Roasters is one of Melbourne’s most popular micro roasters. Their aim is to reintroduce coffee tradition to Melbourne. They are known for their high quality beans, brewed in any way you want. The company has expanded their offerings through a new ready-to-drink range.

The St Ali family has been a pioneer in speciality coffee in Australia. With many reputable offshoots, the company is known for its expertise in brewing and its dedication to educating the public.

There is a range of ST ALi coffee available at different locations in Melbourne. One of the coffee shop’s flagship locations is on Yarra Place. It has an extensive menu of coffee, including hot and cold filter coffee, brewed any way you choose. Aside from the menu, the company also offers training classes on latte art and brew techniques.

St Ali has been in business for over seventeen years, and continues to be a trendsetter in the Australian coffee industry. The company has been a leader in direct relationships with farmers and the introduction of specialty coffee. Now, the company is expanding their reach in online and grocery channels.

In addition to its coffee, the cafe serves smoothies, juices, and high quality teas. The shop also offers a wide selection of local craft beer.

If you’re a fan of brunch, the cafe serves inventive brunches. They even offer free cupping sessions.

Undercover Roasters

Undercover coffee roasters in Melbourne Victoria is a unique place to get your caffeine fix. The company has a full line of coffee options, as well as breakfast, brunch, and house baked treats. Their coffee is sourced from the best green beans in the world.

They also offer a bottomless batch brew for $6. It’s a good way to try different flavours.

The coffee is a sweet blend that is inspired by cocoa, cherries, and red wine. This is a clean and smooth drink. You can also order an avo on toast.

Another option is the Mint Mocha. Eclipse mints are mixed into milk chocolate, and the liquid is dropped into the customer’s favorite coffee.

The cafe has a warm, friendly atmosphere. It also offers sensory sessions, allowing members of the public to learn about coffee flavors.

Aside from the Mint Mocha, Undercover Roasters serves a variety of other delicious drinks. Their V60 pour-over is a great choice for those who want to enjoy a high-quality espresso.

Undercover Roasters is open seven days a week, from 7am to 4pm. During their busy hours, the coffee shop is often packed. However, their customer service is exceptional. Whether you need coffee for a business meeting, an event, or just a break, the team at Undercover Roasters is happy to help.

The company is dedicated to ethically-sourced coffee and creating taste profiles that will delight all of their customers.

Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters is located in a converted warehouse in Carlton. The coffee roaster is also the headquarters of Seven Seeds, which includes a cafe and a training facility.

Since the beginning, the Seven Seeds team have been on the cutting edge of the coffee industry. They have a global reputation for producing some of the finest brews on the planet. But, their motto is to get closer to the farmer, which led them to start their own mill in Sumatra. This gave them a closer relationship with their farmers.

In the spirit of getting closer to the source, they have partnered with Weforest, a company that works to combat the deforestation of coffee growing communities. This is done through an aggressive reforestation campaign.

Other than the usual coffee connoisseur favorites, such as their house blend, they also offer an extensive selection of other coffees. They have a plethora of single origins, as well as decaf and brioche toasts. You can order your brewed coffee to go or to be enjoyed at the restaurant.

While the name of this particular item is not particularly noteworthy, the’mirror’ or’middle’ – a coffee that combines two or more sources – is. Seven Seeds’ Espresso Blend is a great option for anyone looking for a delicious coffee that is home roasted and has notes of caramel and fruit.

With their headquarters in Carlton, as well as a cafe and a roastery, Seven Seeds is a coffee-loving dream. You’ll find a menu full of other delights, including brunch, beer, and wine.