List of The Best Facials in Melbourne Victoria

If you are looking for the best facials in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top treatments available in the state, including everything from the CryoGenic Resilience Facial at The Skin Boutique to the Gua Sha Facial at Chuan Spa. Plus, we’ve included a couple of our favourite spas where you can find a variety of treatments at.

Me Skin and Body

Facials in Melbourne are a great way to keep your skin healthy and rejuvenated. Many of them come packed with fast-acting treatments and ingredients that deliver instant results. A good one can have a lasting effect on your complexion, and they can even help improve relaxation. There are a few facials that you can try out in Victoria, including those at the Me Skin and Body.

The most popular treatment at this beauty salon is the Camera Ready Facial, which involves a deep cleanse and a special hydrating infusion. The therapists also offer a facial massage and a foot bath.

Another excellent treatment is the Ultimate Glow Facial, which includes a heated sauna, a river stone snail shower, and Vitamin C ingredients to rehydrate and brighten problem skin. It’s a great treatment for those who have dry or damaged skin, and it’s also the best all-rounder on the menu.

Liberty Belle Skin Centre

Liberty Belle Skin Centre is one of Australia’s leading skin clinics, offering a range of non-surgical cosmetic technologies to help you achieve the best results. Owners Andrea Moss and Dr Chris Moss have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of skin rejuvenation. This makes Liberty Belle a unique skin clinic.

Located in Toorak Road, Liberty Belle Skin Centre is a purpose-built compound dedicated to aesthetics. The facility offers services including body contouring, facials, laser treatments, plastic surgery, and more.

Liberty Belle has a team of professional clinicians who are trained in the most advanced skincare technologies. They also offer a number of non-surgical cosmetic therapies, such as tattoo removal and skin tightening.

One of the most popular treatments at Liberty Belle is their “Glow Facial,” which gently warms and exfoliates your skin. After a thorough cleansing and treatment, the therapist will use customised serums to stimulate collagen production.

Take Off Skin & Body

Take Off Skin & Body in North Melbourne offers a large array of professional services to pique your interest. Their menu includes everything from spray tans and medical grade peels to IPL hair removal. The best part is that they take the time to learn about your skin’s needs and give you quality skincare products that are worth the price tag.

Among their list of offerings is a bespoke facial that is tailored to your needs. This treatment is a great way to treat your skin and relax your mind. A glass of champagne is also included in the package.

Another must try is the Little Company, a local favourite for northsiders. The spa’s signature facial boasts a combination of Manuka honey formulations and a relaxing massage. They even have 1000 thread count sheets on their heated massage beds, making for a comfortable experience.


Located in Chapel Street, Melbourne, Herbario is a skincare clinic renowned for its holistic naturopathic treatments. It is also a favourite of many local celebrities. As well as its facials, the clinic offers a range of body treatments.

The clinic’s herbal formulations are derived from a variety of phytonutrients and are rich in antioxidants. The treatments are also effective in combating congestion caused by metabolic imbalances.

Aside from their skincare treatments, the Herbario team also offers detox treatments. These are 90 minute sessions that help to remove chemical and other pollutants from the skin. This is achieved by using botanical formulations and a blend of essential oils and natural extracts.

The Valli facial is a two hour treatment that utilises traditional European herbal medicine. It will help you to restore your facial complexion and improve the overall health of your skin.

Divine Rose Gold Facial at Miss Fox

The Divine Rose Gold Facial at Miss Fox in Melbourne is a worthy contender in the beauty department. Touted as the best in town, this pampering experience features an all-natural fusion of sexy mane and tail, complete with a plethora of perks aplenty. This facial is a good way to ward off the blemishes and bring out the best in your skin. Using the right products and ingredients, it’s sure to leave you with a healthy looking glow.

Aside from the requisite pampering, the company also offers a range of treatments designed to tackle the tougher stuff, such as those pertaining to acne. Located in the heart of the CBD, this holistic beauty spot aims to deliver a spa experience that’s as upscale as the clients they treat. Their menu of treatments includes both prescription and non-prescription meds for a myriad of ailments, along with a host of other services. They’re also quite adept at recommending the right products for a given customer’s needs.


Facials are a great way to revitalize your skin. They are also a relaxing way to unwind. If you are looking for a facial in Melbourne, there are a variety of options. Depending on your skin type, you can choose from treatments that exfoliate, moisturize, and massage.

Sarah Mamo offers facials in Melbourne that leave clients feeling relaxed and refreshed. She works with her clients to ensure they are happy with their results. She also offers an upper body massage and a specialized massage for the face. These treatments are perfect if you’re getting ready for an important event.

Miss Fox offers facials, full body massages, and other services. The spa is located on Little Collins Street in the heart of the city. You’ll receive a champagne welcome and a private change area. Their massage beds are covered with 1000-thread count sheets.

CryoGenic Resilience

Choosing the right facial can have a big impact on your appearance. It can be a great way to make your skin look and feel younger. A professional can advise you on the best treatments for your particular needs. The good news is, there are many great options to choose from.

The RATIONALE CryoGenic Resilience Facial is the best of the bunch, especially if you have a sensitive skin type. The treatment utilises LED light therapy and includes a serum packed with antioxidants and other natural ingredients. This is a great option for those seeking to boost collagen production and reduce inflammation.

In addition to a facial, you can opt for a hydrating and relaxing massage. The facial gurus at Miss Fox offer a full body massage to complement their clinical spa treatments. You can expect a nourishing experience that’s reminiscent of a trip to the spa in Hollywood.

EpiNova Photosonic Facial at The Skin Boutique

The RATIONALE EpiNova Photosonic Facial is the perfect marriage of photosonic technology with a dose of clinical magic. This treatment is usually prescribed as a series of four to six treatments a month apart. Each session includes a multivitamin infusion, enzyme reactivation, and a light therapy that alights on the multi-tasking. What really sets this treatment apart from its competitors is that the results are visible and audible. As such, you can’t help but feel better about your skin courtesy of this nifty new facial treatment.

It is a fact that the skin boutique has an extensive list of skincare treatments for every conceivable skin type and budget. From anti-aging and laser treatments to facials, lash extensions and brow grooming, you can rest assured that you’ll be in the best of hands. Besides the standard offerings, the beauty and wellness center boasts a host of innovative treatments aimed at enhancing your sexiness, boosting your self-confidence, and treating your medical ailments.

Gua Sha facial at Chuan Spa

If you want to achieve a brighter, firmer and luminous complexion, a Chuan Spa facial can help you. This treatment incorporates ancient Gua Sha techniques and healing jade stones.

It is a holistic experience that promotes relaxation and enhances emotional and physical wellbeing. The treatment is designed to balance the body’s five elements.

Guests have the option to choose from a range of signature treatments and other TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatments. For those who don’t want to opt for a full facial, a facial massage can also be arranged.

A facial starts with a short breathing ritual and ends with a face mask and hydrating ritual. Each guest is assigned a private therapist.

The massage is a traditional Chinese treatment that promotes the circulation of the body’s life force, or ‘Qi’. The 60-minute treatment is designed to relieve tension and induce deep states of relaxation.

Reflections facial at The Skin Boutique

The Skin Boutique, located in North Williamstown, NJ, is a skin care boutique that offers a wide range of services. Owner Carolyn carries a wealth of knowledge about acne, and she is also very relatable. After receiving a facial from her, I was left with a lasting impression.

The facial is a complete package, requiring cleansing, exfoliation, and massage. It is designed for acne-prone and congested skin. It uses a cocktail serum containing vitamins and hyaluronic acid to moisturize and rehydrate. This is followed by a mask that leaves the face looking and feeling fresh and glowing. In addition to the facial, the owner of the Skin Boutique recommends a putty knife to remove heavy foundation.

Another option is the Fire and Ice Facial. With no peeling, no downtime, and no pain, this facial helps to reduce fine lines and promote overall rejuvenation.