List of the Best Office Fitout Services in Melbourne Victoria

If you are planning to set up an office in Melbourne, then you might want to consider hiring the services of some of the best office fitout companies. These firms can help you with everything from the design and planning of the space to the installation and maintenance of the furnishings. You’ll be sure to find the perfect company for your project.

Splinter Society

Splinter Society Architecture is an architecture and interior design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. They are renowned for their creative residential and commercial projects. Their work incorporates the principles of sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.

The firm’s philosophy is to provide an intuitive and responsive design. They work with their clients to ensure that their home is a place of their own, as well as a reflection of their lifestyle.

Splinter Society’s approach to design is to emphasize the materiality and texture of their projects. This includes the use of natural materials such as wood chipped products, repurposed furniture, and recycled materials.

The practice also employs a creative approach to lighting. Light plays an important role in creating a feeling of intimacy. For example, the main entrance features stone which is activated by the diffused light. It is a perfect complement to the crisp white walls and floors.

A recent project by Splinter Society is a cafe in the Brunswick district of Melbourne. In the former warehouse, the designers created an intimate space with a contemporary design. However, the industrial roots of the building were kept intact.

The architects reused a lot of materials from the old office, including the partitions and storage. Cardboard tubes were also reused for wall linings and to display products in the coffee lounge.

Gray Puksand’s 103 Lonsdale Street fit-out is an example of how they use natural and biophilic materials. The project celebrates the health of its employees, as well as the beauty of its environment. The materials used are neutral colors and patterns that echo nature.

Taylor Knights

Located in Melbourne, Taylor Knights is a leading Melbourne architecture and interior design studio. The team provides original design solutions for both commercial and residential projects. They specialise in sophisticated and refined residential designs.

The practice draws upon the latest technologies and utilises hand-sketching as a part of the design process. They focus on quality, a commitment to service, and a good understanding of how a building can be made to last.

They offer an impressive array of services, including project management, landscaping, furniture design, and bespoke residential renovations. Their clients include individuals and families as well as small businesses. As with all of their projects, they seek to achieve their goals in an efficient and effective manner.

The firm’s approach to architecture is based on the concept of’respect for the natural world’. This includes an emphasis on green building, renewable energy, and sustainable materials. It also involves a close collaboration with other consultants, builders, and tradespeople to ensure that each project meets the client’s expectations.

One of the company’s recent projects is a new house located in a sunny backyard. The house is designed to complement its natural surroundings and features an open plan living area. To make the most of the site’s natural qualities, the firm implemented a low-volume, highly efficient addition. In terms of design, the team chose a Kadinsky Upward (Empor) print as a centrepiece.

Contour Interiors

Contour Interiors is one of the most experienced and innovative companies offering office fitout services in Melbourne Victoria. Their in-house team of interior designers takes into account aesthetic and functional aspects of an office space. They identify opportunities to improve functionality, save money, and boost productivity. As a result, Contour has set the bar for the most innovative office design in Melbourne and other cities in Australia.

The team at Contour has decades of experience and knowledge in designing office space. Using the latest in technology and leading-edge techniques, they can provide the most suitable solutions for your business’ needs.

Aside from implementing the latest design trends, the company also offers workplace consultancy and bespoke commercial fitouts. In order to deliver the most effective workplaces, Contour’s Melbourne office fitout specialists take into account the work habits of employees, their cultural and technological preferences, and the DNA of the business.

Moreover, they provide the highest quality of service and deliver projects on time. This includes providing post-fit guaranty. Choosing Contour to handle your commercial fitouts in Melbourne gives you peace of mind.

One of the best ways to increase office productivity is to hire the right commercial interior designers in Melbourne. An interior fit out includes new walls, flooring, ceilings, and other upgrades. Having a well-designed office makes your clients and suppliers more likely to do business with you.

Robson Rak Architects

Robson Rak Architects is a small design firm that works with local manufacturers and suppliers to create unique, bespoke pieces. Their portfolio features both residential and commercial projects. They place an emphasis on innovative, sustainable design and client value.

The designers’ passion for creating warmth and well-being spaces is reflected in their design process. The materials chosen are also based on their ability to endure. Whether the project is inspired by a program, site or client, the team uses their holistic approach to create a space that nourishes users for years.

The architects also use local craftspeople to produce entry furnishings. These include the dining table topped with pink marble, commissioned through local makers. In addition, they restored marble fireplaces and ornate cornices.

Robson Rak’s approach to architecture is to make every building a unique, harmonious and balanced experience. Through subtle details and a refined material palette, the designs create an overall sense of opulence.

Robson Rak Architects is based in Melbourne, Victoria. Kathryn Robson and Chris Rak are the duo behind the firm. They specialize in historic renovations and contemporary family homes. The designers take on the task of blending the traditional with the contemporary, bringing a new design language to historic buildings.

The team at Robson Rak Architects are committed to transforming the Victorian and Edwardian homes of the past into modern family homes that are designed for today. Their approach is to preserve the original architectural details of these structures while updating them with modern amenities.

Elenberg Fraser

Elenberg Fraser is a multi-residential and hospitality architecture firm based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The firm’s portfolio includes projects across the Asia-Pacific region. This includes hotels, tourism and leisure, residential, and office fitout services.

The firm’s latest residential project aims to create a vertical village in Melbourne. Elenberg Fraser has a long track record of designing human-centric projects. One of the most recent is a residential development on the corner of Melbourne’s CBD. It will combine traditional Victorian terrace style with a modern family home.

Aside from its stunning architecture, this development also features a variety of external flourishes. Each room reflects a different view of the city landscape. There are also dedicated spaces for hobbies and social gatherings.

The foyer of the building also has an intriguing art installation. An array of slim LED light fins are placed in the ceiling. These lights glow according to internal programming.

Hotham House is a heritage-listed Victorian-era terrace in East Melbourne. Elenberg Fraser has restored the exterior of the building and incorporated a new layout. With a wrought iron fence, bluestone pavers and patterned tiled entryway, the building boasts a sense of heritage.

As well as an award-winning architecture and design practice, Hudson Architects is also an award-winning company that focuses on architecture, interiors and furniture. Their work in the UK includes some highly creative projects.

In Melbourne, the firm is currently delivering around 42% of the city’s apartments. They have a number of projects in the pipeline. Currently, the firm is working on a 42-storey residential tower on City Road.


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