If you’re looking for a new pet for your home, you might be wondering where to go. After all, there are many stores across the city that offer a variety of products and services to keep your furry friend happy. Here’s a list of the best pet shops in Melbourne to give you a few ideas.

Tom & Captain’s

Tom and Captain’s pet store in West Melbourne is a hive of dog related goodness. Aside from the usual suspects, you’ll also find a bevy of knowledgeable sales persons ready to give you a hand. The aforementioned store carries a plethora of toys, treats and baubles, in addition to the requisite pooches. The dog and cat friendly shop has a slew of dog related products and services to keep you and your best paws contented for a lifetime. Some of the most noteworthy include: a dog and cat friendly pet care provider; a dog and cat friendly boarding facility; and a dog and cat friendly daycare center, among other pet related services. You’ll also find a number of dog centric activities including an impressively sized training program. This list of aces is just the beginning. Among other noteworthy notables are a highly trained dog and cat oriented staff, a large fenced area for dog and cat free play, as well as a supervised dog and cat free play area.

Edgecliff Pets

The Edgecliff Pets store in Sydney, Australia offers a wide variety of pet supplies and accessories. This is one of the most popular and reliable pet stores in the city. In addition to the products available, the staff are ready to assist with your needs. They will also go the extra mile to get you the items you want.

As well as selling top quality pet supplies, Edgecliff Pets keeps snacks and other items on hand for your pets. Their team also provides you with expert advice. You can find a number of high-quality collars and leashes on their shelves. Whether you are looking for a new pet collar, or you just need to purchase a treat, you can rest assured that they will provide you with the best possible service.

For your pet’s convenience, Edgecliff Pets will also deliver your order to you. So, you won’t have to go through the hassle of driving all over town. Just let them know what you need, and they’ll do the rest.

Edgecliff Pets stock a wide variety of premium dog food and treats. They also have an extensive selection of dog grooming equipment and supplements.

My Pet Warehouse

Aside from its high-end flagship stores, the company has a number of reputable satellite retail outlets scattered about the metropolis. In addition to its pet supplies, the company also offers a slew of services including pet grooming, dog boarding, puppy training and veterinarian care.

The company does not have the best customer service, but its employees are generally fun to work with. Although a slew of low-key techies do the legwork, the company’s management does not make enough of an effort to provide for better work/life balance.

Despite its oh-so-affordable price tag, the company isn’t short on quality, with a number of its stores offering free pick-up services for your canine companion. Among the company’s offerings are several notable brands, including Purina, Royal Canin and Blue Buffalo. Other than being a decent place to shop for dogs and cats, the company’s store offerings include a good selection of toys and accessories for children.

It’s no wonder that the company has been named Australia’s best pet supply retailer for the past four years. Among other things, the company offers the best deals on pet food and accessories.

Beaumont Hills Pet Shop

One of the largest pet stores in Melbourne is located in Beaumont Hills. With a vast selection of pet products, pets, and accessories, this pet store is a good choice for anyone looking for a new pet.

The store’s staff are ready to answer any questions you might have, and they are happy to recommend products that will keep your pet healthy and happy. It is also possible to sign up for an adoption program, and the shop supports a number of animal charities.

One of the most notable features of the shop is the fact that it is run by a family. Not only does the shop provide a wide range of pets and supplies for animals, but they also offer puppy school, a reptile course, and dog training. They are conveniently located in Kings Park, and they are easy to reach from all over Sydney.

Kellyville Pets has been in business for over 30 years. The store is family-owned, and it is one of Australia’s most recognizable independent pet retailers.

Upmarket Pets And Aquarium

The Upmarket Pets and Aquarium is a worthy entrant in the pet retail fraternity. Despite the name, the establishment actually focuses on a broad range of pet related topics. Their store is a one stop shop for all your pet related woes. They have been in business for some time, so you can expect quality products and service.

The establishment is a little on the small side, but the staff are more than willing to provide advice. Aside from a plethora of fish, the store also carries an impressive line of exotic and domestic pets. You’ll also find the best dog training and dog walking services in the state. While the establishment is not the cheapest around, the quality of their pet care is more than worth the price tag. And if you are looking for a more affordable home away from home, there are plenty of other options in the suburbs.

On a more prosaic note, the Upmarket Pets and Aquarium is a worthwhile excursion, especially if you have the inclination to spend a few hours shopping around. There is no need to travel all the way to Sydney when you can do it all in under an hour.


Scratch is an Australian dog food company that started out of the desire to have better pet food. They offer dry food, wet food and a personalised subscription service. The company uses locally sourced ingredients, including kangaroo meat. And it’s also an eco-friendly brand. It has a goal of using carbon neutrality to offset the greenhouse gases caused by its operations.

In the past year, the dog food company has sold 160,000 bags of dog food. And their grain-free kangaroo has been a popular choice. This kangaroo is free from harmful additives such as fillers and preservatives. It has a fixed immune system that is compatible with dogs, and it helps to improve gut health.

Not only does Scratch have a clever dog food subscription service, they also offer a unique pet cafe. Located in Melbourne, the cafe will sell healthy treats for your four-legged friend. At the same time, it will provide a fun environment for your dog to play.

The company has also applied for B Corp certification. The certification is reserved for companies that perform well in the social and environmental domains.

Noah’s Ark Pets

The Bible says that Noah rescued animals from the flood. God did not state how he did this, but the animals did come to Noah. In fact, human societies have interacted with animals for centuries. Animals are not just important pets, but they are also source of artistic inspiration. As a result, the Noah’s Ark is a reminder of the importance of animals.

There are many reasons to visit Noah’s Ark. The facilities are modern and comfortable, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Unlike other animal shelters, you don’t need to make an appointment for emergency care. They will administer the appropriate treatment as quickly as possible.

You can help Noah’s Ark save even more animals by becoming a sponsor. Donating $25 per month will help keep the shelter running and caring for the animals. Sponsorship forms can be filled out online. If you don’t have a credit card, you can still help by mailing in a membership form. Your donation will help feed, house, and vaccinate the animals.

In addition to veterinary care, the Ark also offers a dental check. Since gum disease is so common in dogs, it is important to prevent it. Dental problems can cause pain and bad breath for both humans and animals.

Pablo Pets

If you are looking to treat your pooch with a little luxury, you may want to consider Pablo Pets. They sell a range of stylish collars and bow ties. They also offer a full pet grooming service. This is one of the most unique pet shops in Melbourne. It also has an online store where you can order your favourite products.

While you are there, why not check out some of their other offerings. The store also offers an extensive range of pet food and treats. There is also an impressive array of pet accessories and toys on display. One of their more interesting gimmicks is the Bendo bowls which is a mid-century modern inspired bowl. You can also find matching leads and custom collars for your pooches.