List of the Best Comic Book Stores in Melbourne Victoria

When it comes to finding a great comic book store in Melbourne, you need to look at the options available to you. You’ll want to find one that has a variety of comic books and offers a wide selection of titles, from old-school favorites to new-school releases. In addition, you’ll need a shop that provides an excellent customer service experience.

All Star Comics

All Star Comics is a Melbourne comic book store that is located on Lonsdale Street. It is a friendly place for people to browse comics and other pop culture memorabilia. The store is run by Mitch and Troy, both of whom have a lot of experience in the comic book business. They are a great team, and have made it their mission to provide a welcoming, fun environment for people to get their comic fix.

They stock a large range of comic books, including single issues and series collections. They also have a large trade section and a kids’ section. Aside from comics, they have a range of figurines from the 1960s and 1970s.

All Star Comics is one of the few Melbourne comic book stores that has taken advantage of social media to promote their store. Their shipping list is posted on their website every day, and they allow customers to make special orders through their Facebook page. These days, comics are a lot more accessible and engaging, and this store has done an excellent job of providing a warm, friendly atmosphere for anyone to enjoy.


If you love comics and pop culture, there are several good comic book stores in Melbourne Victoria. They offer everything from figurines to TV merch. Some of them even host comic related events and art classes.

One of the oldest comic shops in Melbourne, Minotaur is located in a large basement beneath Elizabeth Street near Flinders Station. It’s known for its sci-fi and manga collections. In addition to comics, it sells movie and DVDs. And if you’re looking for figurines, it has a great selection of items from the 70s.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They’re also famous for regular events like drink and draw sessions. Among the comics they carry are DC and Marvel back issues, as well as independent publishers. You can also pick up a few cool posters and graphic tees.

The owners of Classic Comics, Mitch and Troy, have 20 years of experience working in comic book retail. They have three locations in Melbourne. At their Bourke Street shop, they stock a small action figure contingent.

Classic Comics

Classic Comics in Melbourne Victoria has three stores. The two-level store on Bourke Street has a small action figure contingent, while the quaint second-floor location on Liverpool Street is more of a niche comic book retailer. It also has a decent online presence.

Having said that, the best part about this store is its friendly owners. Troy and Mitch make the most of their space, and they’re happy to help with your comic book queries.

They also have an extensive trade section, with plenty of figurines and toys from the 60s and 70s. They’re not as big as some of their rivals, but they’ve got a pretty good back issue selection. Their website is also a wealth of information.

Another comic book shop in Melbourne is All Star Comics, located on Lonsdale Street. This is a great comic store, and they offer some excellent comic book events. On top of this, they have a pretty large trade and kids section. There’s even an occasional chat with a comic book artist.

Collectors Edge

If you’re in Melbourne, you’ll definitely want to check out Collectors Edge. This comic book store offers a wide selection of comic books, collectibles and other related merchandise. The staff is very knowledgeable, so they’ll be able to help you find what you’re looking for.

Collectors Edge is located in Essendon, a suburb of Melbourne, and it has a lot to offer to any comic book fan. They have a huge selection of comics and related products, and they even offer comics overseas. In addition, they have daily deals, a large show bag filled with superhero swag, and a plethora of other cool things.

Collectors Edge is one of the largest comic book stores in the state, with two locations in Melbourne, and they’ve got a big range of products for you to choose from. Check out their website for more information, or contact them directly to make an order.

Besides its extensive selection of comics, Collectors Edge also provides free comics from the in-store vault, as well as a few other cool things. For example, they’re doing a four-day comic book celebration, offering a variety of deals and freebies.

Top Titles

If you’re into comics, pop culture, and all things geeky, it’s worth getting familiar with some of the best comic book stores in Melbourne. These local establishments are run by knowledgeable enthusiasts and carry a wide range of merchandise. In addition, many host events like art classes, creator signings, and gaming nights.

One of the oldest and most revered comic book stores in the country, Syber’s is a great place to pick up a second-hand science fiction or true crime novel. You’ll also find an extensive collection of war history and fantasy novels.

Another stalwart of the Melbourne comic scene, Minotaur has a huge basement underneath Elizabeth Street near Flinders Station. It’s a good spot to pick up comics, figurines, DVDs, and manga. Its selection is relatively extensive and tends to be quite expensive.