List of the Best Home Decor Retailers in Melbourne Victoria

If you’re searching for home decor stores in Melbourne, Victoria, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best home decor stores in the state to help you find the products you need for your next home decor project.

Great Dane Furniture – Fitzroy

Great Dane Furniture is considered to be one of the best home decor retailers in Melbourne Victoria. They provide furniture that is inspired by the Australian lifestyle, while also being durable. The store is also a source for high-end Scandinavian homewares.

Great Dane Furniture is also known for their outstanding customer service. They offer bespoke touches and have a great selection of quality products. These include Scandinavian lighting and furniture.

Another furniture store that is worth mentioning is Jardan. It is an Australian family owned business with a strong focus on sustainable sourcing and furniture that is built to last.

As a result of its dedication to sustainability, Jardan is certified with the highest environmental standard with Good Environmental Choice Australia.

Great Dane also offers architecture services. They have a team of skilled artisans that provide property styling. Their showroom in Fitzroy, Melbourne, features contemporary Scandinavian design.

Domayne – Melbourne CBD

Domayne is an Australian furniture and homewares retailer. The store stocks a wide range of products from bedding to kitchenware. You can also order online. They even offer delivery.

They have more than one branch. You’ll find stores in Melbourne and Brisbane as well as in regional areas across Australia. If you’re looking for a unique furniture store that combines high style with low price, you’ll love their offerings.

In fact, they’ve got so much on offer that you could shop for an entire new house in a single visit. Their catalogue in Melbourne VIC is valid from 27/12/2022 to 01/01/2023. And the company has a 60 month no interest instalment plan.

It is no secret that Ikea is making a big splash in the Australian home furnishing market. Not only does it offer affordable furniture, but it has a number of eco-friendly products that are sure to impress.

FrancoCrea – Richmond

The name FrancoCrea might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to home decor. However, this company offers beautiful, sophisticated designer furniture for your home or office.

In fact, they produce gallery-worthy pieces that are inspired by both function and style. With a background in interior design and architecture, Franco is able to combine beauty and function to create meaningful furniture. His team also uses quality materials and techniques to create furniture that is regenerative.

For example, the Mila Chair, designed by Franco Crea, is an award-winning piece. It is upholstered in a variety of high-quality materials and features a traditional hand-stitched quilting technique.

Another example is the Corian tabletop. This is a robust material that can withstand heavy use. It is also durable enough to withstand the rigors of the Melbourne climate.

As with all high-end furniture, it’s important to shop around. Luckily, there are many furniture retailers in Melbourne that carry quality designs. But, before you go shopping, do your homework.

Hub Furniture – Fitzroy

Hub Furniture is a high-end furniture store located in Melbourne. The store represents some of the world’s best international brands and local artists. With over 40 employees, the store offers a variety of services including delivery, installation, and furniture design.

One of the stores that makes the list of the best home decor retailers in Melbourne Victoria is Jardan. This store is dedicated to sustainable furniture designs. Its owners, Nick and Mike Garnham, aim to treat materials with the utmost care. They work with top quality, Australian-made materials and use the highest standards of Good Environmental Choice Australia.

Founded in 1987, Jardan’s furniture is inspired by an Australian lifestyle and is created with sustainable design in mind. As an accredited member of Good Environmental Choice Australia, they strive to create long-lasting products.

Another high-end furniture store in Melbourne is Meizai. This store features a wide assortment of quality, luxury furnishings, lighting, accessories, and bathware.

Grandfather’s Axe – Northcote

Grandfather’s Axe is an award-winning retailer specialising in mid-century designs. The company imports and sells vintage furniture sourced from Europe and Australia. One of their stores is located at 171 High Street in Northcote. They have also opened a store in Sydney. Their website is a good place to start. Unlike many retailers, they take great care not to compromise on the original designer work.

Grandfather’s Axe’s homage to the most iconic pieces of furniture in history is worth a look. Some of the best examples include a gilded 1950s sofa, an oak veneered dining table from the same era, and a 56-set of drawers from Baltic pine. However, prices are on the high side. Those wishing to buy a similar quality piece at a fraction of the price will have to visit their nearest competitors.

Despite the name, the company does not sell anything rainforest timber. Instead, it has a small but well-stocked showroom that boasts the largest collection of vintage and antique furniture in Australia.

Fenton & Fenton – Prahran

If you’re looking for a vibrant and eclectic homewares store, look no further than Fenton & Fenton. This iconic Melbourne store offers a wide range of items including furniture, textiles, lighting and more. They are constantly looking for new and exciting designs to add to their collection.

You can find a unique array of items here, from custom rugs to vintage furniture. They also offer private styling services and informative workshops. There’s even an in-house furniture line.

The Fenton & Fenton showroom has a large selection of bespoke furnishings and accessories. There are also items imported from overseas. For example, you can find gorgeous marble tables in the shop.

There are also a host of unique gifts, from jewellery to kids toys. Some of their collections include pieces from Jos Van Hulsen and Mary Long.

You can also buy art and stationery from the store. It’s not uncommon to spot classic pieces by artists such as Liam Snotle, Billie Justice Thomson or Melanie Macilwain.