Best Internet Service Providers in Melbourne

When you are looking for the best Internet Service Providers in Melbourne, you may want to consider some of the options available to you. Some of the options include Belong, Dodo, Spirit Telecom, and Tangerine. These options will all provide you with a high speed Internet service that you can depend on. Whether you want to enjoy streaming services or download large files, there is an option for you.


Dodo is one of the largest broadband providers in Australia. They offer a wide variety of services and plans to suit everyone. You can opt for a fixed wireless plan, a mobile sim plan, or a bundle.

If you’re after a high speed NBN connection, Dodo has the right plan for you. Their FTTN network can offer speeds of up to 100Mbps. The company also has a range of optional extras, including Fetch TV. These services can save you money.

In addition to their internet services, Dodo is also an energy provider. Its power and gas packages are competitive. You can save up to $120 per year by bundling them with your broadband.

Dodo Broadband offers a full package of services, from ADSL to the latest NBN technology. They have a range of plans to choose from, as well as the ability to customize them to your needs.

Dodo offers an internet portal that allows you to see your billing and usage information. The company also has phone support and kiosks in shopping centres.

For those who prefer to bring their own modem, you can also purchase a Dodo modem for $10 a month.


Optus is one of Australia’s top Internet service providers. It provides broadband, pay TV and mobile services to tens of millions of subscribers.

The company offers a wide range of plans for home and business users. They have fixed line and mobile services as well as pay-TV and entertainment packages. Depending on your needs, you can choose from several different plans, including unlimited data and call packs.

For customers who prefer a home wireless plan, Optus offers SubHub. This allows subscribers to bundle multiple platforms such as Netflix and Spotify, and receive a discount on the cost of each subscription. Additionally, a 5% discount is offered on two subscriptions, and you can also bundle your streaming subscriptions with the NBN.

Currently, Optus has a number of fixed-wired, mobile and home wireless plans, with entry-level prices ranging from $50 to $129 per month. In addition, customers who sign up for a 24-month contract may enjoy unlimited data. A prorated modem fee will apply if you cancel within the first 36 months.

Those interested in a faster connection can try the Optus Ultra package. With this plan, you’ll receive unlimited data, Fetch TV and a selection of Premium Channel Packs.

Telstra Corporation Limited

Telstra Corporation Limited is a full service domestic and international telecommunications company based in Australia. Its products and services include digital data networks, information services and retail. The company has a significant market share in wholesale and retail, voice, mobile, and internet.

Telstra’s retail network has expanded to 100 stores within three years. In February 2011, Telstra announced strong sales momentum. They also launched a new digital development program. During September 2013, they revealed that 40% of their transactions were completed online. This included an account services portal and a live chat workforce that grew by a third.

As a full service domestic and international telecommunications provider, Telstra offers long distance calls, mobile and landline services, and internet. Telstra’s products are available through a network of more than 3,500 transmission sites. Aside from the main fixed line network, the company operates a range of 4G-capable devices.

Telstra has an ambitious customer service agenda. In October 2013, they announced a growth of their Live Chat workforce to 600. At the same time, they also claimed that more than 2.5 million users had downloaded their 24/7 app.

The company provides services over Internet protocol networks, hybrid fiber coaxial cable broadband, and transaction networks. Its services include local and long distance calls, as well as Internet access, video, and voice over IP.

Spirit Telecom

Spirit Telecom is one of the most reliable and fastest internet service providers in Melbourne. It’s a business that is based in South Melbourne. The company provides a range of high-speed internet services to both businesses and consumers.

Its network is installed in significant buildings across Australia. In addition to its own network, Spirit has access to other networks through reseller partnerships and agreements. Several of its offerings are also provided by the NBN Co.

Besides high-speed Internet, Spirit also offers a range of IT and management services. For instance, Spirit offers MSP (Managed Service Provider) services to Australian businesses. They can provide high-speed B2B internet solutions and cloud-based business solutions to SMBs. Moreover, they can bundle voice and internal networks with their internet offerings.

Spirit Telecom has recently expanded its coverage to more areas in Australia. Specifically, they are targeting the Trident & Neptune Group and other regional markets.

Spirit is working with the Victorian Government on a Connecting Regional Communities program. This is designed to close the urban-rural digital divide.

They have a strong portfolio of business-to-business assets and can offer services from several fibre network providers. In addition, they can cross-sell into schools, hospitals and aged care facilities.


If you are looking for a reliable and affordable NBN connection, then Tangerine could be a good choice for you. Its customer service is great, and it also provides great value for money. You can even get a discount on your first month’s bill.

Tangerine has won three WhistleOut awards. They have also been named Money Magazine’s Best of the Best, in the category of nbn. And they are one of the fastest growing NBN providers in Australia.

Tangerine offers a 14 day free trial for customers to test out their NBN services. You can then sign up online or through the phone. In some cases, you may need to wait up to three weeks for your new service to arrive.

Tangerine also has a lot of support options, including a live chat and an email address. Most of the time, you can do your customer service enquiries via the web.

The best NBN plans from Tangerine will offer you a static IP address, a reliable connection, and great speed. Tangerine’s plans are also flexible, allowing you to choose from four different NBN tiers.

As one of the cheaper NBN providers in Australia, you will find that there are no set up or installation fees with Tangerine. Plus, you will be given the option of bringing your own modem.

Sky-Speed Internet

When it comes to choosing the best broadband package in Melbourne, knowing what to look for can be the most important step. There are many options available. You can choose from cable, DSL, or fiber-optic providers. However, if you are located outside of the metropolis, you may have to turn to satellite or fixed wireless internet.

The internet service providers in Melbourne should be able to provide you with a dependable connection. This is especially true if you live in a rural area. But while mobile coverage is generally poor in these regions, satellite or fixed wireless networks aren’t always the solution.

A good Sky-Speed Internet package will provide you with the ability to enjoy all of the benefits of a modern internet connection without any of the annoyances of a traditional connection. In fact, it is one of the most reliable and secure options on the market.

One of the best ways to gauge how well you’ll be served is to perform an online speed test. This is a free tool that you can find on the websites of your preferred providers. While your results won’t be as impressive as they would be if you were to use a more sophisticated testing service, they’ll give you a decent idea of what to expect.


Belong Internet Service Providers in Melbourne offer a range of competitively priced broadband plans. The plans include fibre to the node (FTTN) and ADSL2+ technologies. These offers also come with unlimited data.

Belong also offers mobile services, which are delivered in a no-fuss, customer-friendly fashion. They are powered by Telstra’s network, which provides the highest level of service.

Belong also runs a carbon neutral strategy. It offsets all of its emissions in accordance with a government-backed Climate Active program.

Another good thing about Belong is that it has an online portal for customers to manage their account. This allows them to track their orders, make payments and even manage their mobile devices.

As a subsidiary of Telstra, the company uses the backhaul of the largest telecommunications network in Australia. This makes the service available in most capital cities.

In addition, Belong’s broadband plans are easy to read, and customers can cancel anytime without penalty. Despite being a cheaper cousin of Telstra, Belong still offers a number of features, such as home phone line rental.

Overall, Belong is a great choice for consumers who are looking for an affordable broadband plan. You can choose between a flexible or a standard speed tier. Moreover, you can choose a 12-month contract or a month-by-month plan.