List of the Best Dessert in Melbourne Victoria

If you’re looking for a place to get a great dessert in Melbourne, there are some great options to consider. There are a few places in the city that you should try, including Balha’s Pastry, Cannoleria, LuxBite, and Uncle Tetsu’s.

Cannoli Alla Siciliana

Cannoli Alla Siciliana is a traditional Sicilian dessert. It is made of sweetened ricotta and coated with pistachios. This is a treat that is perfect for any occasion. Originally, it was served at a Sicilian carnival.

Several Italian grocers and diners serve this dessert. In addition to Sicilian flavours, you can get cannoli in Nutella or Oreo flavour. Some shops even have giant birthday cake tubes filled with cannoli.

Tony Cavallaro & Sons is a family-owned cafe in Melbourne’s west. The cafe has been running since 1956. His grandfather’s cannolo recipe dates back to the late 1880s. Today, the cafe still uses his grandfather’s recipe. A majority of the products are traditional flavours, but the menu has changed over the years.

Matteo’s Sandwiches is one of the best Italian food spots in town. Known for its quality bread and authentic Italian dishes, the cafe also offers gnocchi and tins of fish.

L Cannoleria is an old-school boutique desserterie, but the bakery has recently opened to the rest of the country. Their cannoli are made to order, and they are available for delivery to Sydney.

Uncle Tetsu’s

If you love sweet degustations, you’ve probably already heard of Uncle Tetsu’s Dessert. The Japanese bakery chain has expanded throughout Asia and into the US, Canada and Australia. And now they’ve landed in Melbourne.

Founded in 1990, the company’s founder, Tetsushi Mizokami, started his business in the ward of Hakata-ku in the city of Fukuoka. Originally focusing on baked goods, the company now produces a wide range of Japanese cuisine.

Although a cheesecake is at the heart of the company, it is just one of the many delicious baked goods. Other products include doughnuts and Madeleines. You can also find cakes, cookies, tarts and other desserts.

While Uncle Tetsu’s products are mainly Japanese, the brand has an extensive presence in China and Canada. They’ve even opened a store in Hong Kong.

Uncle Tetsu’s Melbourne shop has expanded to include matcha flavours. It originally sold its famous Original Cheesecake and muffin-sized honey madeleines.

These are the fluffy, golden brown delights that are the signature of the company. They’re light and airy, and have been compared to French toast. However, they’re made with just six ingredients.


Cannoleria is a cannoli specialist that serves ricotta-filled treats, including a chocolate ricotta cannoli, in a fried, sweet shell. It was dreamed up by Giorgio Linguanti, who has a Sicilian heritage.

The cannoli are a classic Italian treat. You can get them in mini or large sizes. They come in many varieties and are also available in a gluten free variety.

The stall is located in the CBD, next to the Italian community. There’s a dedicated maturation room, which allows the cannoli to be prepared. In addition to serving a variety of cannoli, the stall sells a selection of Italian cheeses.

If you’re looking for something a little different, then head to the Cannoli Bar. It serves Cannoli Alla Siciliana, which has pistachio dusting. This cannoli is a perfect representation of Italian cuisine.

Cicco is Zetland’s newest foodie hotspot. Their cannolis are made using the best local ingredients. These are crispy on the outside, with creamy ricotta filling inside.

Lune is a butter-rich bakery. They have a variety of cakes and pastries, including Pain au chocolat.

Messina Gelato

Gelato Messina is one of the most popular desserts in Melbourne. Their ice cream is made from only the highest quality ingredients. Using their own produce, they are known for their flavours. In 2014, they won the world’s best ice cream title. They’ve also won awards in Australia and the USA.

The best place to try Messina gelato is at their flagship store in Fitzroy. You can taste their 40 unique flavours. And you can even take a hands-on class at their Sydney studio to learn how to make their signature gelato.

Messina has more stores opening in the next few years in Melbourne. These include Roseberry, Miranda, Tramsheds Glebe, Newtown, Bondi and Surry Hills.

Some of the artisan cakes available are the Honey flavour, the Hazelnut Praline Crunch and the Macadamia and Mango flavour. Each is handmade in the store and come in single or takeaway portions.

Messina also offers cooking classes. A seven-course dessert degustation is $130 per person.

If you’re not a fan of the sweets, they’ve got plenty of other options for you to choose from. There are also sorbets and baked Japanese cheesecake.

Balha’s Pastry

If you are in Melbourne, you will find that the city is filled with a slew of great dessert shops. These range from global sweets to local delights. Balha’s Pastry is a popular Middle Eastern dessert shop. This is a family business that has been serving delicious Lebanese sweets since 1991.

Located in the heart of laneway, Balha’s Pastry is the best place to get Middle Eastern treats. They have a variety of sweets and a cafe style seating area. You can enjoy coffee and drinks while you indulge in your favourites. Among their sweets, you’ll find classic baklava, ice cream, biscuits, and more.

The bakery is owned by Michael James and Pippa James. It’s been open for over 25 years and offers a variety of traditional and modern dishes. Their baked goods are made fresh daily.

Their desserts are also made from 100% fruit. There are a variety of sugar-free and vegan options. You can order a selection online or review your order before you make the purchase.

Aside from their sweets, Balha’s is known for its friendly service. You can even learn how to make a fatira, a puff pastry strudel, with Tarik Afiouni.

Ichigo’s Strawberry Shortcakes

It is no surprise that Strawberry Shortcakes are one of Japan’s most popular desserts. The Japanese specialty uses fresh strawberries and cream. These shortcakes are usually made with two to three layers of light sponge cake topped with whipped cream.

Depending on the quality of the berries, the strawberry shortcake can vary. A more traditional version has a strawberry sauce layered over the cream. Another is a lighter version which includes only whipped cream and a single sliced strawberry.

Patissier Inamura Shozo’s strawberry shortcakes are made with fresh, zingy strawberries. They are also a compact size.

Chef Yamashita Masataka, who previously worked at Flor Patisserie, is a cake lover. He has trained at the Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka, Japan. His Ichigo Cake, which is a spin on traditional Japanese eats, has big flavours and texture.

The Japanese sponge is light and moist. This is a great option for those who are looking for a healthy dessert.

Nakajima bakery makes a wide variety of cakes and pastries. Their shortcakes are not cheap at Y=1,200.

Black Star Pastry’s Strawberry Watermelon Cake

Black Star Pastry is a Sydney-based patisserie that sells a variety of baked goods, including its signature Strawberry Watermelon Cake. The dessert has become an iconic cake in Australia. It is also popular in Hong Kong and China.

The Sydney based bakery has four outlets across Sydney. Their flagship store is located in Newtown. Located in a vibrant neighbourhood, it is only a 5-10 minute walk from Newtown Station.

Black Star Pastry’s Strawberry Watermelon Cake was first created for a wedding in 2009. Now, it’s one of the most adored desserts in Australia. Besides its visual appeal, it’s creamy and has a wonderful crunch from the watermelon.

Black Star Pastry’s Strawberry and Watermelon cake was designed by pastry chef Christopher The. It’s a multi-layered confection made with two layers of almond dacquoise, layered with watermelon slices, topped with slivered pistachios, and finished with fragrant dried Iranian rose petals.

Originally developed for a friend’s wedding, the cake became an instant cult favorite. Since then, the cake has become an unofficial national treasure. Known for its unique design and rich, fruity flavour, the dessert has been featured in magazines and on TV.


LuxBite is a little more than a retail cake shop. It is a patisserie that fuses traditional French techniques with a bit of Asian flair. The desserts are not just good to look at, they are also mouthwatering to taste.

This small shop on Chapel Street has a limited seating, but its menu is not short on tasty morsels. Here you’ll find a smattering of gluten-free desserts, including a rhubarb and duck egg custard version. If you’re looking for a special treat, you might want to try the signature tea set, which is nine mini cakes in miniature tea cakes.

There are several other places to pick up a tasty dessert in Melbourne. For instance, you could try the Tiramisu at Mamma’s Boy, which is layered with chocolate and layered with vanilla. Or you could check out the Red Velvet Cheesecake Pie from the Candied Bakery. But if you really want to impress your friends, you might want to head to LuxBite for its yummiest desserts.

If you’re in the mood for a dessert that’s as much fun to eat as it is to look at, try the Lolly Bag Cake. This confection is made from seven layers of chocolate and a smattering of wild ingredients.