List of the Best Spanish Restaurants in Melbourne Victoria

If you are looking to enjoy Spanish cuisine, then you might want to consider one of the top Spanish restaurants in Melbourne. There are several locations in the city that offer great food and wine. Whether you’re after a tapas bar or an authentic restaurant, you’ll find what you’re looking for.


MoVida is a Spanish restaurant in Melbourne that serves a lot of traditional flair. It is known for its flavour and authenticity. The menu features traditional dishes, but it also has a few contemporary touches.

MoVida first opened in 2003. Since then, the restaurant has grown into one of Melbourne’s most popular dining destinations. As well as the original location, the establishment has two other locations in the CBD and a seaside diner in Lorne.

MoVida is owned by native-born chef Frank Camorra. He began his culinary career in Geelong, and it was here that he first learned about Spanish cuisine. His passion for food prompted him to open his own restaurant.

After years of cooking in the city, he is preparing to expand his empire. His new venue, MoVida Next Door, fills a niche for a more relaxed tapas bar.

Meanwhile, a third venue is opening. MoVida Auckland will open in the Seafarers Building. This venue will feature a large wood-fired kitchen and a spectacular view of the water.

Another great spot is the Portello Rosso. Hidden behind a red door, this laneway restaurant is a real gem. With a menu that features authentic Spanish tapas, this Melbourne restaurant has been a fixture in the city for many years.

Despite its small size, Portello Rosso is not one for the faint of heart. To make sure you don’t miss it, make a reservation!

Whether you are in the mood for a simple meal or a more elaborate affair, Melbourne has plenty of Spanish restaurants to choose from. Check out our listings for more information.

And don’t forget to leave room for dessert. Some of the most popular tapas include sardine and sorbet, calamari bocadillo, and the manchego cheese plate.


Melbourne is a great city to experience Spanish cuisine. There are plenty of restaurants offering authentic Spanish food. These eateries have everything from seafood and meat to pastries and desserts. The cuisine features flavours from all over Latin America, and has a local twist.

One of the most popular places to go for Spanish cuisine in Melbourne is Bomba Cafe. It has a rooftop bar, great drinks menu, and robust food.

In addition, it has a large dining room that is perfect for an intimate evening. The restaurant is open all day and offers a wide variety of dishes.

Another great place to get Spanish food in Melbourne is La Pinta. This tiny local tapas restaurant has a cool atmosphere.

Tinto is a cozy and relaxed restaurant that focuses on quality. Their wine list is impressive. They also have a small courtyard for customers to sit outside.

The owners of this restaurant are a father and son duo. You can also get paella here. The paella is considered one of the best in the world.

Portello Rosso is a fine dining Spanish restaurant. It has been serving real Spanish cuisine in Melbourne for a decade. Aside from tapas, they also serve a variety of wines and beers.

MoVida is the original tapas bar in Melbourne. It opened 19 years ago. Today, they have four locations, each with its own unique style. Each location features new and interesting flavours, and a chill ambience.

The menu at MoVida Next Door is a bit more sophisticated, with a few more upscale dishes. You can order off the menu if you prefer. Located next to the Supreme Court dome, this location has a pleasant atmosphere.

Las Tapas bar

Whether you are a Melburnian or a visitor to the city, you will be sure to appreciate the range of Spanish cuisine. From paella to croquettas, and even sangria, there is plenty to choose from.

Aside from Spanish restaurants, the Melbourne city is full of eateries that serve a wide variety of foods. This is thanks to the large number of people who live in the city. Whether you are looking for a casual dining spot for a drink or you want to eat a full meal, you are guaranteed to find something to suit your tastes.

MoVida is one of the most well-known and popular tapas bars in the city. Known for its cool and trendy ambience, this establishment is often the place to go for drinks and nibbles. The menu at this restaurant features some great dishes that will please the palette, including the ‘Ode to Spanish Food’ and the ‘Sweets of the Month’.

While it may not be the cheapest place to eat, this restaurant has some of the most scrumptious food around. Some of the best items include the ‘Coca’, which is a crisp pastry with caramelised onions and goat’s cheese. There is also the ‘Pan fried potato omelette’, which is served with a sweet and sour sauce.

Las Tapas is a great choice for a night out, but the quality of the food isn’t just limited to its evening hours. If you visit on a Wednesday, you can get a $100 grill for two.

Tinto is a favourite with locals. It has a small courtyard and a bar. You can enjoy a variety of plates, including the ‘Bomba’, which is a mixed grain salad with juicy pork belly. They have a ‘Chef’s special’, which changes frequently.

Napier Quarter

One of the best places to try Spanish food in Melbourne is the Napier Quarter. There are a number of restaurants in this area. Here are a few of them.

The Napier Quarter is a small gem of a neighbourhood. It is a great place to try some of the best paella in the world. They use local ingredients to make the dish. You can also try their boiled egg and salsa verde.

Another good spot for Spanish food in Melbourne is the Anada Cafe. Their menu changes daily, and they have a killer Spanish wine list. This cafe has a large a la carte menu and banquets.

Ilaria Osteria is a modern osteria in Melbourne. Their restaurant is stylish with a tiled floor, a high-table booking-free zone in front, and a wine list featuring Italy to Portugal.

There is also a tapas bar called Authentic Tapas Bar, which opened in 2006. Decorated with old bottles and Portuguese and Spanish memorabilia, it has a serious Old World wine program.

If you are in the mood for a more casual dining experience, you can head to Bar Liberty. Located in a heritage-listed building, they serve both wine and food. Besides their incredibly extensive wine list, they also have a bourbon and sour beer selection.

Another restaurant with an excellent wine selection is Bar Lourinha. Located in Little Collins Street, they have an Iberian and Mediterranean flair. And they serve a range of food, including seafood by the kilo, noodles, and Peking duck.

While you might not be surprised to see some of these spots on the list, if you’re looking for a unique dining experience, there are plenty of places in the Napier Quarter.