List of the Best Camera Hire in Melbourne Victoria

If you’re planning on taking photographs of your friends or family and are looking for a place to hire a camera, look no further. You can find an amazing range of cameras in Melbourne to suit all tastes. From simple film cameras to the latest digital cameras, there are a number of places to hire a camera in Melbourne.

Melbourne Camera Hire

The company also has a snazzy website and a snazzy store. To make the most of their products, be sure to check out their mobile app. It’s a great way to keep track of your stuff.

While they’re not the only ones, they do have a decent selection. There are many other places to go to get your photography needs met, however. Some of the other notable names include Ted’s Cameras, Borge Andersen Photography, and the Camera Exchange.

They all have something to offer. Their local camera stores have all the equipment you need, plus the personnel to explain it all. That’s why they are one of the best places to go to get your photographic fix.

However, the company’s main claim to fame is their cameras. If you want to try out a new lens or get your hands on a camera for a day, you can’t do much better than the guys at Melbourne Camera Hire. With a large variety of different models on hand, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

Michaels Camera Hire

If you’re looking for a place to get your hands on some photographic equipment in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. Michaels Camera Hire has been serving the local community for over 105 years. Known as the largest camera specialist in Australia, Michaels Camera Hire specializes in digital and film equipment. You can hire a range of cameras, as well as lenses, audio gear and tripods.

Michaels started out as a pawn shop and gunsmith, and has a rich history of service to the Melbourne community. Today, the store has a museum, which contains a unique collection of vintage and antique cameras.

As a family owned business, Michaels has been a staple in the camera industry for almost 100 years. They offer a wide selection of digital and film equipment, including DSLRs and lenses, along with tripods and audio gear.

Michaels Camera House is located at 269 Elizabeth Street, in the heart of the city. With expansive windows along Lonsdale Street, the building is period-style. The building has four levels and offers a variety of options for customers.

A visit to the store is a must. Not only does the store have a wide variety of products to choose from, but you can learn about the benefits and disadvantages of each. Whether you’re planning to shoot a wedding, or a commercial, the proprietors can provide all the information you need.

Offshoot Rentals

Offshoot Rentals is one of the most trusted camera hire companies in the city. Established in 1989 as Original Cine, the company has been around for a while and boasts a sizeable stock of professional film production gear. They are also well-equipped to take on any project thrown their way. Whether you are looking for an Arri Alexa Mini, a broadcast monitor or a video camcorder, you can be sure to find what you need at a price you can afford.

The company’s website is also worth a look. Its most recent incarnation has undergone a full makeover, including a brand new 408 sqm high clearance building in Preston. This location is the company’s flagship store and a worthy place to visit. Previously occupied by an earthmoving equipment rental company, the company has leased the building from Gray Johnson. To sweeten the deal, the company will make available a one-month rent-free period. Besides, they know you’re busy.

In addition to its core offerings, the company offers a wide range of services including product videography, event photography and live streaming. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, it is no wonder that the company is one of the most reputable in the country.

Offshoot Rentals has the requisite knowledge and resources to get your project rolling on time and on budget. From a full mechanical service to the latest in cinematography, they are the experts when it comes to providing professional quality production gear at the right price.

Hillvale Photo

Hillvale Photo is one of Melbourne’s most dynamic photo labs. It’s an independent photo lab that processes both black and white and colour film. And it also has a great selection of film stocks.

The lab offers black and white and C-41 colour film. In addition, it sells film and related supplies. Whether you’re just starting out with analogue photography or you’re an experienced professional, the lab can help you achieve your goals.

For photographers looking to develop their own film, there are several darkrooms in Melbourne that provide processing services. Those who are looking for a quick turnaround may consider the Peninsula Camera. This lab processes 35mm and 120 film. They also offer printing and repairs.

There are also a number of drop boxes around Melbourne. If you’re unsure of where to go, you can visit the Melbourne Camera Store. This store is located in Elizabeth Street City. Their service hours vary. You can drop off your film anytime during business hours.

Another film developing lab in Melbourne is Vanbar Imaging. They accept 35mm, 120 and large format film. One of their features is that they can develop colour film in an hour. However, they don’t process E-6 slide film.

While most of the shops mentioned above only process black and white film, Hillvale Photo offers a full range of services. Its equipment is of high quality and it works just like a fine-tuned machine.

Ted’s Camera Hire

Ted’s Camera Store is a Melbourne based retailer of photography related paraphernalia. The company is owned and operated by the aptly named Ted Todd. They offer a variety of services including camera hire, movie tripods, and camera operators. You can get in touch with the staff through their website, email, and phone number.

Ted’s has been around for about half a century. Their flagship location is located near South Melbourne Primary School and the former MAP Coffee headquarters, both of which have now been transformed into public spaces. The store has two car parks, and plenty of storage space.

The store has a large selection of digital cameras, DSLRs, lenses, and camera accessories. If you’re looking to make a video, they have an in-house movie tripod, and you can even rent a camera operator. One of their best features is their short-term hire option. With this service, you can grab a camera for a weekend and not worry about buying it. This is a useful feature for those who don’t own a camera, but don’t want to fork out the cash to buy one.

The company offers a free ‘how to take better photos’ class. This is a great way to learn the ins and outs of your camera, and you can use the information to take better shots on your own. Other perks include a discount on photo prints and an in-store photo lab that accepts 35mm colour film.