List of the Best Coffee Beans in Melbourne Victoria

If you live in Melbourne, Victoria, you may be wondering which of the many coffee shops in the area has the best beans. The good news is that it’s not hard to find.

Patricia’s Coffee Beans

Patricia’s Coffee Beans in Melbourne is one of the best kept secrets in the city. This boutique coffee shop started roasting its own beans in 2016. They were founded by Pip Heath and Bowen Holden, who named the cafe after their grandmothers.

Patricia Coffee Roasters was designed by Holden and Heath to be unique. Its interior has a European flair. Aside from its coffee, the coffee menu features a number of tasty bakery treats.

The coffee at Patricia Coffee is prepared by a team of baristas who churn out consistently high quality coffee. They give tasting notes, and offer a variety of coffee blends.

Patricia’s coffee menu offers a range of options, including black, white, and filter. Their coffee is sourced directly from farmers. You can get a cup of coffee for $4. And if you’re feeling fancy, you can also buy coffee beans.

The cafe is open daily from 7am. Its front door faces a row of commercial rubbish bins. Upon entering the cafe, you’ll find a counter with a sharp looking brogue. If you’re standing, you’ll have to sit in the standing room.

Patricia’s Cafe is small. There’s only a seating area for about 12 customers. As such, it’s always packed.

Patricia’s Coffee Beans in Melbourne serves delicious seasonal espresso blends, and is known for its coffee. In addition to their own coffee, they source their beans from several local roasters. Those who are fans of pastries will be happy to know that their selection includes brownies, cookies, and doughnuts.

Located in Melbourne’s CBD, the coffee bar at Patricia is small and pocket-sized. But it’s a great place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Axil Coffee Roasters

Axil Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster. They offer a range of bespoke blends and a bespoke chocolate flavour. The company promotes a sustainable business model that is both socially and environmentally responsible.

Founded by husband and wife duo David and Zoe Makin, Axil Coffee Roasters is not just a roaster. They are also a cafe and wholesaler. There are currently eight stores in Melbourne, with more coming online in the near future. It is a business worth exploring if you like high quality, ethical coffee.

The coffee is roasted locally in Hawthorn. They produce a range of different beans from around the globe. Each cup of coffee has its own unique flavour profile. This includes a dark chocolate and nougat flavour. They also produce cold drip and batch brew.

The company has a dedicated team of coffee connoisseurs who travel to the various coffee growing regions to select the best blends for each store. Their coffee is also served in a unique tulip cup.

The business was conceived as a way to promote direct trade between farmers and their customers. The company has an unorthodox business model, allowing key staff to purchase a stake in the business.

While the business may seem a bit confusing at first, the Axil staff are more than happy to answer your questions. They have also come up with a nifty menu, featuring crowd favourite brunch dishes. You can also subscribe to the Market Lane Coffee service and enjoy their wares at Queen Victoria Market.

The World Barista Championship is a great place to see some top notch competition. They feature 47 competitors from across the world. It is judged by taste, technical skills, and presentation.

Dukes Coffee Roasters

Dukes Coffee Roasters is a great Melbourne coffee roaster that offers both single-origin beans and blends. It is a great place to find great coffee on the go. They have a store on Flinders Lane and another location in Chapel Street, Prahran.

The cafe specializes in innovative and sustainable roasting techniques. Their coffees are made from beans from around the world. In addition to their roasted beans, they also sell brewing gear.

The cafe serves a limited menu. However, they have a good selection of espresso and filter coffees, American-style iced coffee, and pastries from local baker Mosaic.

Their Espresso blend has butter and almond undertones. They also offer Sans decaf, which has notes of honey and chocolate.

The cafe is located in a laneway in Ross House on Flinders Lane. It’s a little unassuming and not very hip, but it is definitely a good choice for coffee.

One of the things that makes this cafe special is its emphasis on sourcing beans from small cooperatives all over the world. This is done to help provide sustainable and ethically traded coffees.

They’ve got a range of roasts, from a bold, rich Sans decaf to a nutty, subtle Stellar. The cafe has several other locations all over Melbourne, so you can choose a spot to enjoy a cup.

South by Dukes has a similar feel to the cafe on Chapel Street, but is much larger and brighter. The marble bar and American oak make for a nice ambiance. They also serve some sweet treats, like cookies and a variety of sandwiches.

If you’re a fan of espresso-brewed coffee, you will love this place. While they don’t roast their own beans, they do source them from some of the best roasters in Melbourne.

Rumble Coffee Roasters

Rumble Coffee Roasters is a Melbourne based specialty coffee roaster. This team of dedicated coffee enthusiasts is focused on transforming the industry from the inside out. They are dedicated to providing the world with high quality, sustainable coffee.

Rumble Coffee is known for their bold espressos, filter coffees and single origin blends. Their core group has a decade of experience in running some of Melbourne’s finest cafes. With a passion for transparency, the Rumble team is committed to ethical business practices.

Founded on a no bullsht policy, the Rumble team is committed to quality over quantity. This is reflected in the cafe’s setting. The Rumble Espresso Bar is located in front of their roastery. It provides visitors with an opportunity to witness the entire roasting process.

The bar’s menu offers a wide range of accompaniments and condiments. In addition to a selection of coffee, guests can order a variety of hot chocolate, alternative milks, and chai.

Rumble Coffee is committed to transparent sales and pricing. This is done to ensure that growers are paid a living wage for their labour. Additionally, Rumble is committed to responsible waste management and recycling.

There is also a subscription service that allows customers to receive a selection of premium coffees and filter blends. These blends are tailored to suit the customer’s preferences.

In addition to their cafes and espresso bars, Rumble Coffee Roasters is a wholesale supplier to a number of Melbourne cafes. They source the beans for these locations from the best coffee growing regions around the world.

Rumble Coffee is also committed to supporting local farmers. They encourage customers to support local businesses and pay their fair price for top quality products.

Seven Seeds Coffee

The Seven Seeds coffee roastery is located in Carlton, Victoria. It has been serving Melbourne since 2007. They are a wholesale specialty coffee roaster, as well as a cafe.

Seven Seeds Cafe is owned by the pioneering duo, Mark Dundon and Bridget Amor. Their goal when opening the café was to source directly and explore the brewing techniques and practices that work best. Today, the cafe offers a wide range of single origins, as well as a selection of seasonal roasts.

The roastery is housed in a converted 1950s warehouse, which is adorned with an industrial chic fit-out. The cafe has a small, yet loyal customer base.

The menu features a selection of breakfast and brunch dishes, as well as sandwiches. The coffee is also available as an espresso or filter option. You can purchase a brew kit at the cafe or a subscription to their online coffee sales platform.

Seven Seeds is open Monday to Sunday. They serve single origins, seasonal roasts, and decaf. For breakfast, try their jalapeno French toast, or their char siu pulled pork baguette with chipotle aioli.

Seven Seeds is part of a transparistee trade colloquium, which promotes sustainable, ethical, and transparent coffee sourcing. They are part of a small group of companies, including Five Senses, ST ALi, and Small Batch Roastery, that are certified B Corporations. This means that they balance profit with environmental responsibility.

Whether you are a fan of cold drip coffee or prefer to enjoy your brew over an espresso, you can enjoy a cup at the wide variety of Melbourne coffee cafes. Many of these places also feature a subscription service, where you can receive a certain amount of coffee each month.